My D/s Journey with Sir

Hello, my friends!

I thought I’d provide an easy-to-navigate page for those of you interested in Sir and I’s D/s journey together. To provide a bit of context, in December of 2020, Daddy and I decided that it would be beneficial to both of us for me to engage in an on-line D/s dynamic with an experienced Dom. We took our time in the selection process. This page will chronicle my on-going journey with the man I now refer to as “Sir”.

Daddy & I- The Talk

Shopping for a Dominant

Adventures in Dom-Seeking

The Contenders

Mr. Intriguing is Back!

A Trial Run

Directed Spankings & the Lie

The Rules

He Like to Dress Me

Bend For Me

Life Update pt. 1

Life Update pt. 2

The anticipation!

Sir’s assignment

Good girl, nora

Processing difficult feelings

When one door closes

Tied up in knots

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