The anticipation!

Hello, my kinky friends,

I hope you are having a great start to your week!  I wanted to share a quick glimpse into my Dynamic with Sir…just a teaser.  You see, he is rather busy with work this week and will be unable to speak with me during our regularly scheduled call times.  So…I was pleasantly surprised to start receiving emails titled, “Do not open until Monday”, “Do not open until Tuesday”, etc.  As these emails come to my Gmail account, there is also a short preview that accompanies the title as it sits in my inbox, waiting to be opened. 

I am going crazy with anticipation! 

But I will be a good girl, and I will try very hard not to open the one ear marked for tomorrow.  Here is what I can see on my end.

Do not open until Tuesdaynora, I would like you to conduct an ex…

A what???

What is ex going to spell?  Why did Gmail have to end the preview in the middle of a word???

So, my first thought was an executive something or another…but that doesn’t seem right.  LOL… actually, that seems rather silly….

My next thought was an “experiment”…ooooh, now that sounds SEXY.  What kind of experiment?  Is it a naughty experiment? 

I cannot believe Sir is making me wait until tomorrow to open this email.  I so want to take a quick peak…but I won’t.  That would mean a VERY sore bottom for me, and to be honest…the anticipation and build up is incredibly fun.  This reminds me of being a kid and waiting to open my presents on Christmas morning 😊  

What are your thoughts, my kinky friends?

I would love to hear what you think Sir might be directing me to do…and, it would be pretty fun to hear what you might assign me to do if you were my Dom and busy for the week…. *gives you a naughty wink*. 

REALLY looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a GREAT day!



23 thoughts on “The anticipation!

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  1. He’s so mean Taunting you with those emails. If I were you I’d open them (because I’m a total brat) he’s probably given you something to read and write about. I’m super into politics. And I love figuring out how/why people who disagree with me think the way that they do. So I’d probably make you do some research on political topics. And then make you do a self reflection essay on why your political views are what they are.

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    1. LOL….I wouldn’t say he’s mean….this kind of torture is sooo deliciously sweet! I will be a good girl and not open them, though I have teased him about that very thing. Most of my essay assignments are political, though he hasn’t asked me to articulate why I view things the way I do yet (that is a great assignment, Grace…maybe there is a hidden Domme in there😀). I will open the email tomorrow and write on it XOXO

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  2. My first thought was examination. Maybe a self-examination? Physical, psychological? Then I thought an exhumation and, like, what have you guys been up to? 🙂

    When you figured it was, experiment, that seemed most obvious. An experiment to answer an important question. But what? It could be anything. Sleep well, my friend. Bwahhaahahaha…tomorrow all will be revealed! XO

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    1. Thank you, Marie! He is incredibly attentive and takes his role as my Dominant seriously. He just sent me a quick email letting me know that it is driving him a bit crazy to not have more control over my day (as he normally does). He really likes to be involved, even in just the little details of my life. I now know what the “ex” spells and have read the email that I wrote about yesterday. I will write about it shortly! XOXO

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