Adventures in Dom-Seeking

Hello, my kinky readers!

I thought I’d write a little update this morning to keep you abreast (don’t you just love that word!?!) of my naughty activities.  If you’ve been following along, you know that Daddy and I had a long talk and that he has given me permission to seek out an on-line Dominant.  This would be a person interested in providing some of the D/s experiences that I have been craving.

So….many of you suggested FetLife.  I got about as far as the second signup page when I discovered that it required a phone number to create a profile.  Nope!  That is NOT going to happen.  It’s pretty hard to remain anonymous when your naughty moniker is associated with your actual phone number (yes, I realize that FetLife isn’t going to just give my number out freely, but there is always the possibility of hacking, etc.).  Time to explore other options.

I remembered a spanking chatroom that I had visited YEARS ago…way back when Daddy and I were first dating.  Let’s see if that is still around.  It is!  And, it is still free to use the chatroom feature.  Time to put on my big girl panties, create a profile, and put myself out there…

And, I did!  And….it was HUGELY disappointing, at first.  The first time I went into the chatroom, heart on my sleeve, ready to put myself out there, I realized…most of the people in the chatroom were there for spanking fantasy and/or role play.  Now, Daddy spanks me in real life…so, this really isn’t the experience I am seeking.  I am looking for a Dominant! I recognized a few poser-Doms right off the bat.  I chatted with a few people (and was bombarded by requests by a ton of others) and then, feeling like this was a total loss, decided to check the names of present users one last time before leaving.

There was a new name there that was intriguing to me.  It was understated and not silly (like my own username, “naughtiest nora” 😊).  I decided to reach out.  I wrote a simple, “Hello, are you free to chat?”.  Soon after, he responded.  I found myself excited… he wrote with correct spelling/grammar and proper punctuation (this had NOT been my experience with others that day).  We began to chat, nothing too serious.  Unfortunately, he had to go shortly after.  I shared with him that I was enjoying our conversation and that I had a blog if he cared to take a look…and then, he was gone.

Later that day, an email arrived in my inbox.  It read,


We met earlier today at [Name of Chat Room]. It was lovely to “meet” you. I’ve looked at some of the pages on your blog, and you’re obviously immersed in the subject of spanking in a remarkably intense way. There is so much there.

One thing — I realize that I gave the name I use in the chat room, [his on-line chat name] but that’s not my actual name. I once had someone track me down in my real life and create some havoc, and I quit using my name and only returned sometime later, with a new nickname. But my real name is [his real name]. I hope you are not offended by this practice.

Reading a description of your weekly Maintenance Spanking was very powerful. From your blog, it sounds like you and your husband have found a very intense dynamic around discipline, although from your remarks this morning, I perceive that there are still some gaps. Where I tend to place myself mentally is in the role of the disciplinarian. 

Your blog is fascinating.

Thank you for reaching out, and I hope we might talk again before too long.


His Real Name”

When I read his email to me, I was struck by how courteous he was.  I found myself flattered that he had chosen to share his real name with me.  I also appreciated that he had gone to the trouble to locate my blog, read some of it, and retrieve my email address (I had not given my email address to him purposefully… I figured if he was really interested, he would track me down via my blog, demonstrating a certain amount of follow thru).  I was also glad to see that he had mentioned my husband as I saw this as an indicator of respect to my marriage, which is an ABSOLUTE must in any connection I was to build with a Dom.

I wrote him back, he wrote me again, and I soon learned that he was headed off on a vacation with his family.  He would try to write soon, but it would most likely be sporadic.  Feeling a bit disappointed, I decided to return to the chat room and see what else might be available…

That is all for now 😊

Keep it kinky, my friends!



28 thoughts on “Adventures in Dom-Seeking

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    1. Thank you, tipacanoe! I am curious as to why you feel that way, if it’s okay to ask. I’m not fishing for compliments, but truly wondering how you see me and why I might make a good submissive for the right Dom. I hope to hear back😊

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  1. A search for a relationship this potentially consequential looks exciting. You have so much to offer, and this blog gives anyone interested a detailed picture of who you are and what you’re looking for. I would expect you’ll get lots of interested Doms; it’s finding the right one – someone who has the right character and the ability to commit. If they have a blog, you could get a better idea of who they are as well.

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    1. That is a great point, franzcoughka! They will get to know a lot about me (from my blog)… if he had a blog that would be fabulous. The search has been VERY exciting so far!


  2. This sounds like an exciting development. I hope things work out when he is back but if not, I am sure you will find someone to speak to and see wheee things go. Missy x

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    1. Thank you, missy! This is all very exciting for me. You know….when you get to a certain age (I am 41), there is very little in life that still surprises you. But man on man….this adventure is THRILLING!!! Thank you for reading 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Marie! I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket….but I REALLY hope he gets back to me after his vacation. In the meantime…. I will continue to put myself out there. This is EXCITING! 🙂


  3. What an exciting new development! I’m truly so excited for you! I’m glad he respects your marriage. And wants to “fill in the gaps” so to speak with the discipline your daddy already provides. Keep us posted!!

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  4. It is so brave of you to put yourself out there like that, and I am glad that you are being so conscious of your safety and anonymity. As you’ve expressed in past posts, these are uncharted and difficult emotional waters and I’m happy to know that so far it’s going well!

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    1. Thank you, Clairevoyant! These are uncharted waters and Daddy and I want to be as safe as possible. You hear so many stories of on-line dating going awry….not that this is that, exactly….but within the same realm, I suppose. So far, so good!


      1. It is definitely good to be cautious. I met my current (new!) boyfriend online and it is going great so far! So, not all online stories are horror stories 🙂

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                  1. NORA! Last night it happened!!! We were in his car late last night driving home from an adorable drive-in movie theater where, as you can imagine, we weren’t entirely focused on the movie. A bit of context: earlier while we were in the backseat (enjoying the movie 😉 ) I knocked his water bottle on the floor. So, as we were driving home it started to hail and he pulled over. He asked me to reach into the back and grab the bottle, which required me to bend over the center console and down into the floor of the backseat. As a smart man, he took this opportunity to give my bottom a light slap and, as he heard my gasp of delight, he took things a little further! I hadn’t shown my submissive side to him before, but being laid over the car with my head down stuck between the seats, I just couldn’t help myself. It felt so freeing. He is 6’3 and has very big hands, so you can imagine how happy this little girl is this morning 🙂 That’s your update for now! I hope you’re doing well!

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                    1. WOW! I LOVED reading this Clairevoyant! Thank you for sharing this with me. Now…you’ll just have to let him know that you REALLY liked this and see if next time, you might go over his knee instead 😉


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