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TMI Tuesday…sexy fun! #NSFW, 18+

A little TMI Tuesday fun!

Thank you for reading 😊

Love, nora

  1. What is sexy time to you?

I want sexy time all the time!  Typically though, it is Saturday & Sunday mornings or occasionally after work in the early evening.

  1. Who’s sexier–women or men?

That is a tough question!  As a spanko, there is nothing I appreciate more than a sexy naked woman getting a well-deserved spanking on her bare bottom.  But…Jason Momoa is pretty easy on the eyes too 😊

  1. How did you learn to masturbate, and how old were you when you first succeeded?

Wow!  This really takes me back.  I didn’t learn about masturbation until after I’d had sex with my first partner.  It didn’t even occur to me to touch myself down there.  Then came the internet.  Remember dial up?  One day, home by myself, I used the internet to google “spanking” for the first time.  I can still vividly remember the images I saw.  When I realized that I was getting tingly down there, I started to touch myself…and well, you get the picture.  I believe I was 17 or 18.

  1. Do you like taking naked photos of yourself?

It can be pretty thrilling!  A huge turn on for me is to get a request from Daddy for a specific sexy picture…it’s fun trying to get just the right shot.

  1. What is your biggest sexual fear?

Not being able to cum!  Now that would be awful!  Okay… seriously though, having a man cum inside my mouth is still something that I have not experienced because I am afraid…mostly afraid of gagging or throwing up.  I have been given a lot of good advice from other submissives here on WordPress and still haven’t gotten up the nerve to try it.  Daddy worries about my gag reflex and hasn’t forced the issue, but I’m sure he would like to cum in my mouth.

Bonus: To you, what does the ideal penis look like? (feel free to include artwork or photos).

This may sound odd, but most of the sexual partners that I have had, have been uncircumcised.   To me, this is what looks “normal” and ideal.  I also prefer length over girth 😊

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Submissive Positions

Last night was a big step forward in Daddy and I’s re-entry into our D/s dynamic…he decided to teach me a few submissive positions!  As someone fairly new to this concept, I had done minimal research prior to our adventures and discovered that learned positions for the submissive may have several benefits.  Some of these benefits include reminding the submissive of her place, enforcing dominance over the submissive, humiliating/punishing the submissive, helping the submissive learn patience, etc.

In any case, Daddy was reviewing a website that discussed submissive/slave positions, and he found two that he decided to implement.  But first, he sent me to the bedroom to change.  He requested that I return in black lace panties with a matching bra.  I quickly attended to his request, my tummy full of butterflies.  After approving my attire, he then sent me back to the bedroom to fetch both the riding crop and the flogger.

The first position that Daddy taught me was referred to as “kneel and wait”.  This is a basic kneeling position with my arms folded behind my back.  Daddy’s preference is that I be sitting back on my heels, knees together, head down.  He instructed me that I am to always have my eyes open, but my gaze to the floor.  He also told me that when he orders me into this position, I am always to kneel facing him, unless he specifies otherwise. He used the riding crop quite liberally to my bottom to put me in the exact position he wanted, which I learned was pretty painful with my ass cheeks thrust out like this.

The second position that he required me to learn he referred to as “Ready”.  This position requires me to face the wall and bend at the waist with my feet shoulder width apart.  I am to brace myself against the wall with my hands crossed, head down, gaze to the floor.  Daddy said he was calling this position “Ready” as I would be ready to receive punishment or his cock.  He enjoyed using both the flogger and the riding crop while making me hold this position.

Lastly, Daddy ordered me to choose a position that I would like to learn for him.  I asked that he implement the position “inspection” which has me standing feet shoulder width apart, and hands crossed behind my back.  I am to arch my back so that my breasts stand up pretty for him and my ass is out.  Though my head is up, and shoulders are back, my gaze is to be to the floor.

Overall, this was incredibly stimulating for both of us.  Throughout the evening, Daddy would order me into position.  Just thinking about it has my head in that swimmy subspace place….

Thank you for reading!

Happy writing 😊

Love, nora

P.S. Dominance must be in the air as MissusMistress was just blogging about submissive/slave positions this morning!  If you haven’t already, you should go and check out her blog 😊

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A Sexy Writing Assignment #NSFW, 18+

This morning, my Daddy gave me a new type of sexy assignment…. not to edge myself nor pleasure myself, not to send him naughty pictures of me in humiliating positions, not to insert a glass plug to remind me of his dominance (though that ended up happening as well!)… a writing assignment!  As he is out of town for work, he sent his assignment via text message: By 5pm, you will write about a fantasy you want to happen, or story if you will, about being tied up and taken hostage in your bedroom.

Yes, Sir!  Thank you for the fun assignment 😊


She had felt off all week.  She knew that didn’t give her the right to be so bitchy to her husband, but she just couldn’t seem to help it.  Business had required him to be gone a lot lately and she was lonely.  These thoughts consumed her as she finished her shower, letting the hot water run down her silky thighs.  The steamy water between her legs began to arouse her and lost in thoughts of pleasuring herself, she reached for her towel, shrieking when her arm was caught in a vice grip and she was yanked from the shower.  Her head was covered in the towel she had sought by her captor, rendering her world dark, as she kicked and screamed while being carried out of the bathroom.

She was tossed upon the bed, naked and ass up.  She struggled to get free but was unable to stop her captor from tying her arms behind her back.  Her head still covered by the towel, she struggled to breath between screams.  Her captor was eerily silent, easily holding her in place by her wrists as she kicked.  She felt something latch around one ankle and then the other and then her legs were spread wide apart and she heard the bar click into place.  She was helpless, couldn’t move, as her captor maneuvered her on the bed so that her face was hanging over the edge.  Mid-scream, he shoved his cock in her open mouth, nearly choking her with the sudden intrusion.

He fucked her face mercilessly as she struggled to breath between thrusts.  Head still covered with the towel, she could see nothing but his legs and feet, knees bent as he thrust his cock into her mouth.  As quickly as his cock had appeared, it disappeared, and she felt herself being turned around.  Her legs now hung off the bed, spread with the unyielding bar, arms tied behind her back, her world black from the towel.  She cried out as she felt his hands roughly pull her bottom cheeks apart, his cock seeking entrance.  When he found it, he thrust deeply, eliciting a scream from deep within her.

He paused for a moment, his cock deep inside her, admiring the pretty upturned ass in front of him.  Gripping her hips tightly, he began to find his rhythm.  The room was filled with the sound of her cries and his balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her.  With a groan, he collapsed on top of her.

She struggled to breath under the towel, his body weight crushing her.  She found relief for only a moment when he suddenly stood and pulled out of her, only to forcefully push something hard up into her ass where his cock had been, trapping his semen inside her ass.  She felt him undo the spreader bar and loosen the ties around her wrists.  With a hard slap to her bottom, he was gone as quickly as he had come.

It only took a few moments for her to free herself from the loosened wrist ties and yank the towel from her covered face.  With deep, heaving breaths she looked around the room but she was alone and it was silent.  She stood on shaky feet, feeling the heavy weight of the object he had thrust into her bottom.  Clumsily, she worked to remove it and in shock she stood there, examining a stainless-steel plug.  When she turned it over, her pretty little mouth fell open as she saw two letters engraved into the plug.

Her husband’s initials.

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This morning… #NSFW, 18+

I felt a bit shy as I lay there besides him, waiting for him to wake.  His gentle breathing, his bare shoulder…I felt myself growing wet with desire for this man, my husband…thinking about his fingers inside me.  I was suddenly startled to see that he was staring at me, his hand coming from beneath the covers to stroke my breast.

“Good morning, baby girl,” he said, softly.

“Good morning, Daddy,” I replied, blushing, my heart so full of love for this man.

And that is how our first sexual escapade since resuming our 24/7 D/s dynamic began this morning.

He began by making me edge myself in front of him.  This is something that surprisingly, we have never done.  Under his stare, I fingered my clit and used the glass rod he allowed me to play with.  In my mind, I played out a scene where a young bride receives a sound spanking from her new husband at their reception.  As I felt myself about to cum…. I forced myself to stop.  In the moment, this was incredibly difficult.   I have never edged myself before and hope not to have to do it often…talk about frustration!!!

Now, it was his turn.

Like many men, Daddy has always fantasized about me and another woman.  While neither of us actually wants to open that particular door, I thought I would try to give Daddy elements of his fantasy.  I quickly synced my phone with our Smart TV and suddenly the screen was full of two beautiful women, both desiring to suck the cock of the handsome man in front of them.

While Daddy watched the three groping, sexy bodies on the screen, I sucked Daddy’s cock.  I licked it, from base to tip, stroked it with my tongue, and sucked it like a lolly pop.  The moaning sounds from the TV only fueled my desire as I fucked Daddy’s cock with my mouth.  He lightly fisted my hair, gently controlling the rhythm of my mouth.

Suddenly, his grip in my hair tightened and he pulled my mouth from his cock.

“On your stomach,” he ordered.

I obeyed, the anticipation overwhelming me.

With great deliberation, he rose from the bed, taking the glass rod I had been playing with earlier and lubing it up.  He then set the rod down, right in front of my face and he took my phone and started a different video.  This one featured a very sexy blond who had apparently spent too much money on shoes and was in dire need of a spanking from her husband.  Over his knee she went, panties came down…

As I watched the video, Daddy fucked my bottom with the rod.  I moaned, cried out, squirmed, but he did not stop.  He whispered in my ear that I belonged to him, that he was my Daddy, and that I would obey him.  He also told me how much he loved me.  But he did not stop fucking my ass until I was almost in tears from the sensation.  Not bad tears…tears of surrender.

He rolled me over and climbed on top and he slowly and gently fucked me.  Our bodies in rhythm together felt incredible (and sweaty!).  Even with the air conditioning on, we were making quite the mess of our sheets.  I was close to climax when he stopped and rolled over on his side next to me.

“Go get your favorite toy”, he ordered.

I all but ran to our toy chest in the closet and pulled out the pink jelly toy.  I returned, laying down next to Daddy.  He slid the toy inside me, commenting on how wet I was for him.  And then he turned his attention to gently suckling my nipple as he fucked my pussy with the dildo.  He knows this is my favorite way to cum…

Not long after, I was cumming…and cumming hard.  And soon, Daddy was on top of me again, inside me, fucking me until he came.

Sated, we lay there….sweaty, a bit out of breath, but in sync.

This is what I have been needing.

I love you, Daddy.

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Asking for what I want…

Hello my WordPress friends!  It has been awhile.  Life has been a struggle the last few months, and I’ve been suffering some depression.  And, to be honest, I am sick of it!  I have been trying to pull myself out of it, but failing miserably…eating poorly, not exercising, sleeping way too much, etc. I’ve been in a terrible self-loathing cycle and I know that I don’t want to be this person!  I miss the me who is happy, cheerful, sees the positive in life…the me who loves mornings, and flowers, and sappy songs & Disney movies. And, the me who loves sex and all things sensual!

Those of you that follow me, know that my husband and I have struggled with infidelity issues.  I won’t go into all that, but in a nut shell, I decided to stay with him.  However; I realize now that while I may have stayed…my heart was closed off to him.  I’ve been so angry.  We haven’t been close emotionally, or physically.  Which is certainly hurtful for him, but hurtful to myself as well.

I decided yesterday that this has to stop.  I miss my husband and the bond we’ve always shared.  I miss allowing my heart to feel love for him, allowing my body to react to his touch.  And so, I asked him last night if I could talk to him about our relationship.

Through my tears, I asked him if we could resume our D/s relationship.  I expressed to him how I thought this might help us get through this difficult time.  And then, I waited to see what he would say.  I feared his rejection, his unwillingness to engage in D/s during such a troubled time in our marriage.  But, he didn’t reject me and in fact, said that he also thought that a power exchange could be helpful during this time.

I feel incredibly hopeful that this will help my husband and I to heal hurts, put the past in the past, and become closer and more intimate than we have been in recent months.  I know it will be challenging, but honestly…life is often challenging, and I am devoted to finding happiness where I am, and learning to love unconditionally.

And…I experienced butterflies in my tummy when he closed the conversation by telling me that we would seal our agreement with a sound spanking.  He then ordered me to remove all of my clothing and lay face down on the bed…and what a spanking it was….

Thank you for reading and sticking with me!

Love, nora