About Me

Hello fellow bloggers!

I am nora, a rather old-fashioned, thirty-something year-old woman who is happily married to her husband of many years.  Daddy and I recently discovered the world of domestic discipline and D/s and our marriage is stronger than ever.  While I am a professional in the “real world”, I am happy to also say that in our home, my husband is our loving leader.  He is our head of household as some call it, and I lovingly submit to his authority as this brings us both great peace and happiness.  The journey hasn’t been all roses, but ultimately, we are close in a way that we have never been in the last 14 years.  While it brings a bit of a blush to my face to admit that I am indeed a spanked wife, I am also a very happy one.  I would like to use this blog as a forum to share my experiences and to hear about yours.  I am also finding out that I greatly enjoy writing spanking fiction and I will post my stories here as well.

Happy writing and thank you for stopping by 🙂