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Peaks and valleys

D/s has not been the focus around our household for some time.  Sure, there is the occasional spanking and some sexy time on the weekends, but we’ve mostly enjoyed vanilla as we waited out this storm.  The storm of life that is…work, grief, marital struggles, etc.

But on Sunday… Daddy (yes, I never stopped calling him Daddy…we both like it too much) says to me, “I’d like to sit down tomorrow night and talk”.

Not immediately understanding what he meant or recognizing that gleam in his eye, I innocently asked, “About what?”

Pulling me close, he whispered in my ear, “about me being Daddy again”.

I won’t lie….that immediately got my heart racing and my juices flowing.

Speechless, I watched him saunter out of the room.  And, I felt this incredible wave of pure bliss encompass me, like soft fur on bare skin.

Needless to say, the next day could not go by fast enough.  Finally it was time to go home to the one person on this planet that totally gets me, loves me, and accepts me for me….the only person who could give me my greatest desire….a D/s dynamic within our marriage.

The air was thick with anticipation.  After dealing with all the normal after work stuff, he says, “let’s sit down”.  Such formality!  The mundane was already being rinsed down the drain….

And…he told me what he wanted.  He explained what he’d been feeling and what he had been working on, within himself.  He asked for my consent to be our leader again, to be my disciplinarian, to be “Daddy” and all that entails.  We talked details, worked through some expectations, and came to an agreement.

I couldn’t say yes fast enough, after all, here was the love of my life offering me all of my deepest desires on a platter.

So, here I am…finding myself in a D/s marriage with my husband, once again.  I cannot wait to see where this journey will take us!

Love you, Daddy!

Always, nora

P.S.  Thank you for following me on this journey!

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Crash, into me… #18+, NSFW

I’m no stranger to the orgasm…but this…today….was just sheer ecstasy and I feel compelled to attempt to describe it…

After a lazy morning spent lounging in the sun and water, tanning the best parts of my body… I relaxed under the covered patio, about to enjoy my coffee and a new Nora Roberts’ I picked up recently.  I had barely begun reading, when I heard my husband come out the sliding glass door.  My senses heightened as I heard him slowly coming up behind me.  He bent over my chair, his calloused fingers slipping under the sheer black tank top that I was wearing to sunbathe in, bringing my nipples to quick attention.  As my head fell to the side with a moan, his lips found my neck…his warm breath on my skin making me tremble as his fingers manipulated great pleasure.

“Inside,” he whispered, roughly.  “Now”.

His words fed my yearning submissive side and I eagerly joined him my hands at the button of his shorts.  Somehow, we found our way down the hallway and to the bedroom, ripping off clothes like two over-eager teenagers.  When his fingers finally found that sweet, sweet spot, I purred like a kitten and lightly bit his lip, wrapping my body around his.

What happened next, is almost impossible to describe with words.  Like all of you I am sure, I am a big fan of the orgasm…whatever the type.  Some come on fast and hard, some roll over you likes waves…. but this…this one was sheer, unearthly bliss.  It came on slowly but building steadily.  My body felt like it was humming with electricity.  My mind was lost in a sea of pleasure, my wanton moans filling the space around us.  When the orgasm hit…it was all consuming.  I felt overwhelming pleasure in every cell in my body…this continuous surge through my veins, sending me right over the edge…the sensations, the colors in my mind, the wild abandonment….

After, I laid there in my husband’s arms…unable to focus, completely spent, entirely relaxed…body and mind absent of all stressors or thoughts of this world…

I was free.  It was just what I needed.

“I love you, baby girl,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Daddy, “ I somehow managed to respond, my eyes closing and the world fading to dark….

It was a fucking amazing Sunday afternoon.

Love, nora

P.S.  Hope you all had equally lovely weekends!

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I’m still here…

The last three years have been the most emotionally taxing of my time here on this earth.  Losing my mom and my brother, the heart ache in my marriage, the feelings of acute loneliness are too much at times for this girl to handle.  There have been days where I just wanted to give up and days where I just wanted to walk away.

I find myself wishing, like a child, that someone would come along and rescue me.  But somehow…I have to find it within to rescue myself.

What will that look like?  I know it starts with physical and emotional health.  I know that I need to find my passion.  A lot of my energy goes towards helping people who suffer from mental illness, but at the end of the day, my cup is left empty.  I need to find the beauty in this world again, to see the light around me.

Maybe this is just life.  But, it’s never been my life.  I’ve always been able to find happiness where I was, make the best of whatever I was presented with.  The year that I found out my husband was cheating, and then months later my mom died unexpectedly….it’s like my flame just went out.  I need to figure out how to re-light it, how to get my groove back, how to be me again.

I’ve been gone forever, and now I’m back posting negative crap. Sorry about that.  I continue to follow you all and love reading about your journeys.  Keep those sexy recollections coming!  Or, should I say, cumming?  LOL.

Take good care,