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Sex, sex, and more sex!

Sex?  Yes please!  It’s what’s on the menu 😊

Daddy and I had a fabulous mini-getaway.  We stayed at a beautiful hotel on the marina and while we did a lot of fun things while there, the sex was the best part.  Having the time to really connect in a physical and emotional way was just what the doctor ordered.

In my last post, I wrote about how Daddy packed along some toys for us as a surprise.  His choices were soon revealed and it was clear that he had one thing on his mind…domination.  He brought the wooden paddle, the wrist cuffs that link together, the anal hook, and a very large steel anal plug that has a handle.  He told me that he was going to violate me to remind me that I belong to him and that he owns both my pain and my pleasure.

First, he allowed me to change into the lingerie I had brought… a maroon camisole trimmed in black lace, and black lace panties which have a cut out in the back so one’s bare bottom can be fondled.  When I came out of the bathroom dressed this way for him, he hugged me tight and kissed my forehead…but then he pulled my head back by my hair and bit my neck.

Picking up the wrist cuffs, he affixed each to my wrists and then linked them together behind my back.  With a slap to my bottom, he ordered me to the chair in the corner of the room.

Now, this particular chair was most obliging.  When I kneeled on the seat, face toward the corner, my breasts perched most magnificently on the back of the chair.  However, Daddy wasn’t quite pleased with my current state of dress….so, panties came right down to my knees and my camisole was peeled up so that my bare breasts now rested on the back of the chair.  Now Daddy was satisfied with how I was presented.

I felt nervous as the size of the steel plug scares me a bit.  But Daddy had other things in mind.  First came a slow and hard paddling.  I felt incredibly self-conscious as the paddle makes a very loud smacking sound.  I felt sure that our neighbors (if there were any) could hear my spanking.  I tried not to cry out, but that didn’t last long.  Soon, Daddy had me in tears and my bottom was stinging terribly.

But as soon as my spanking was over, I felt a bit of dread as Daddy left my side.  I heard the lube.  And then he was coming toward me again.  It happened very fast…my cheeks were spread, and Daddy began to slowly fuck my bottom with the steel plug.  He reminded me that I belonged to him and that I would obey him.  He told me that he could do this to me whenever he wanted.  The humiliation and the violation of my most private place had me begging and pleading with him to stop.  But, he didn’t stop.  Instead, he fisted his hand in my hair and began fucking me harder and faster, with deeper strokes.

Finally it ended.  He left me there on the chair, ass out and panties down, hand cuffed, while he took the plug to the bathroom to rinse it.  When he returned, he told me how proud of me he was that I had endured his lesson in obedience.  He uncuffed me and led me to the bed where he held me in his arms and whispered sweet words of love.  The pain and humiliation was over.

Next, came the pleasure.

Unbeknownst to me, Daddy had one more trick up his sleeve.  Out came the dual vibrator…one part goes up your cunny and the other up your naughty bottom hole.  I am unable to use this toy often as it is a struggle on my own to get it into, and keep it, in both holes.  But Daddy maneuvered this just fine.  He suckled my nipple while he penetrated me in both places, vibration turned up on high.  It was almost too much sensation.


I had the most mind-blowing orgasm.  I was spent.  My eyes closed and I melted against Daddy.  He pulled the comforter up around me and held me…I’m not sure how long.

When he was sure I had recovered, he said, “Now you will suck my cock until I cum”.

And like a good girl, down I went.

Needless to say, it was a great start to the weekend!

Love, nora

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Special Instructions #NSFW, 18+

Daddy is taking me away for the weekend, a quick get-a-way to the coast.  Earlier, as he was packing his suitcase he sent me from the room so that he could pack some naughty things to bring for us without me knowing.  I am under strict orders not to peek inside his luggage.

What in the world did he bring…?  Vibrating things? Leather restraints? Paddles, straps…perhaps the tawse?  Something for my naughty hole…

He also sent me special instructions earlier.  “You will be completely bare, everywhere.”

Yes, Daddy!

Now I am waiting patiently for him to come home so that we can begin our journey…I am smooth and bare, everywhere, as requested.  All this anticipation has me squirming in my chair!  Seeing his luggage sitting there by the door, so innocently…and yet I know that Daddy has planned an exciting, sexy weekend for us.

Hope you all have a good one!  I know I plan to 😊

Love, nora

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Day 2 of Sex & Submission, A-Z 18+NSFW

Hello my friends!

I am a bit late on the A-Z challenge I am afraid, however; I’ve decided to still participate and use it to create daily prompts about Sex & Submission.  I hope you will follow me on this journey and thank you for reading!

Today’s fabulous letter is “B” and I choose “buxom”!!!

Buxom has always been one of my favorite words…the way it makes your mouth form that popping B sound….and it has such a naughty ring to it!  It also sounds a bit old-fashioned and I adore old-fashioned language.

When Daddy and I first met, long ago, he revealed that he was a boob man (there’s another B word for ya!).  He tells this story, from before we officially met, of watching the way my breasts (another B!) moved while I worked, how perfectly round and plump they were under my blouse.  Perhaps that sounds a bit creepy but he was very stealth….I had no idea he was watching me or ogling my bosom (and another B!).  On my frame, my DD boobies (another B!) jiggle quite nicely, at least according to Daddy 😊

I love being Daddy’s buxom girl and I adore buying lingerie to dress up this particular asset.  Corsets hold a special place in my heart and make me feel particularly sexy.

So, there you have it…word of the day…. BUXOM 😊 😊 😊

Thank you for reading!

Love, nora

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Day 1 of Sex & Submission, A-Z 18+, NSFW

Hello my friends!

I am a bit late on the April A-Z challenge I am afraid, however; I’ve decided to still participate and use it to create daily prompts about Sex & Submission.  I hope you will follow me on this journey and thank you for reading!

Day 1 of Sex & Submission, Letter A

I cannot help but think of the scarlet letter when I think about the letter A, but instead of writing about adultery, I’ll continue to brainstorm other “A” words.  Words such as Ass, Anal, Asphyxiation, Androgynous, Articulate (yes, being articulate is sexy!) come to mind…I think I will settle on “ass”…after all, the female ass is ass-tastic! And, some male bottoms are as well 😊


When I hear or see the word ass, my mind is filled with lovely images of a naughty girl’s behind.  Bare, smooth, supple, and hopefully bent over something so that her cheeks are raised, thighs are spread, and everything in between is on display.

The ass can be a region of the body where one experiences much pain & pleasure.  I do enjoy when Daddy spanks my ass (unless it is for punishment) and when he slowly fucks it with a glass dildo (again, except when he does it as punishment).  I enjoy having my ass rubbed, cupped, pinched (not too hard, Daddy!), fondled, oogled, and entered….

As most of you know, I am a hard core spanko.  I was one of those kids who was frequently looking up the word “spanking” in the dictionary, as well as “paddle” and “corporal punishment”.  I started drawing spanking cartoons in my early teens.  So, the ass has always been of the upmost importance to me.  In junior high, during my first ever make-out session, he grabbed my ass and I can still vividly remember how it made me feel.  The first time I ever slept over at Daddy’s, his hand crept down the back of the sweats he loaned me to sleep in, to cup my ass…and I knew he was the man I had to marry…and smartly, I did!

There you have it…the word of the day… Ass.  While I much prefer other descriptives for that particular region of the body….bottom, bum, behind…. ass says it all!

Have a wonderful day!

Love, nora

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TMI Tuesday- Bare all!

One, two, three, four, five things is what we are playing this TMI Tuesday.

Hello my friends! After completing this week’s TMI, I realized my answers are quite morose and I wanted to assure you that I am actually well and for the most part, happy!  I guess we all have 5 things we can complain about, eh? 🙂

Stay tuned for the bonus question…. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Love, nora

  1. Tell us the problem with you in 5 words.

I don’t feel self-confident anymore.

  1. Tell us 5 things you want in life right now.

To feel safe from loss.

To make my husband truly happy.

To complete my professional goals.

For my rosacea to go away.

To feel like myself again.

  1. Tell us 5 thing you need to quit.

Captain Morgan


Loathing myself

Allowing myself to sink into depression

Hiding out

  1. Tell us 5 things that you require in a lover.


Mutual respect

Positive outlook on life


Frequent sex

  1. Tell us 5 things you are tired of.

My rosacea

My sadness

Going through this remodel

Feeling the loss of a friendship

Worrying about the future

BONUS Question

So, the original TMI bonus question this week was, “Tell us 5 things you would never post on social media”.  As someone who writes frequently about sex, dildos, spankings, etc., this question is a bit tame to be a bonus question for me, so instead I came up with:

Tell us 5 naughty things you desire right now:

  •  Being restrained face down on the bed and fucked in my naughty hole.
  •  Having my hands tied behind my back and being face fucked by a hard cock.
  •  Being completely restrained to a saw horse, and being fucked in my mouth and    bottom at  the same time (no idea how this could logistically work for Daddy and I unless we invest in a sex machine).
  • Daddy to take the strap to my hands and then my bottom for my naughtiness before sending me to the corner.
  • Being made to dress like a school girl and having to report to the Head Master.
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How do you score on the BDSM test?

Good morning, my friends!  missvioletgrey23 introduced me to a little thing called the BDSM test today.  I took the test and posted my results below.  It surprised me a bit to see that I was 91% Voyeur and 78% Rope bunny…I will definitely have to give this more thought and see if Daddy and I can somehow incorporate more of these elements into our sexy time together.  I suppose the voyeurism is not too surprising.  I remember being in Amsterdam in my early 20’s and attending a sex show…I can still vividly remember some of the acts of sex that I saw played out on the stage.  Very, very sexy to me.  The rope play…I do enjoy the idea of being completely restrained, however; I am also incredibly claustrophobic and I get to an almost panicked stage if I can’t move at least a little.  But, maybe that is part of the appeal…that total loss of control.  Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out, I am 100% spanko!!!

If you haven’t heard of this test, you might go check it out!  You can do so completely anonymously (though honestly, is anything truly anonymous anymore? You know websites are collecting and storing data on you…).  I’m going to ask Daddy to take this test as well and if he gives permission, I will post his results.

Have a fabulous day!

Love, nora


BDSM Test results

98% Submissive

97% Brat

91% Voyeur

82% Masochist

82% Slave

79% Boy/Girl

78% Rope bunny

75% Degradee

75% Pet

60% Primal (Prey)

55% Experimentalist

48% Rigger

45% Ageplayer

43% Vanilla

42% Daddy/Mommy

37% Exhibitionist

7% Switch

5% Primal (Hunter)

3% Non-monogamist

3% Brat tamer

1% Dominant

1% Sadist

0% Degrader

0% Owner

0% Master/Mistress

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Day 2- Spankin’ good quotes!

One of my favs:

Blog post pic 184

I chose this particular quote because I have always felt that self-confidence is a huge part of what makes someone sexy.  And…I’ve always found Alpha males to be particularly self-confident and sexy….like this guy….

Blog post pic 184.2

If you aren’t watching The Red Road on Netflix, you are missing out on some major Alpha male sexiness!  And, my Daddy has grown out his beard and is letting his hair grow longer…my very own sexy Alpha 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Love, nora