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Spicing up your reading list!

Hello my friends!  A few months ago, my good friend and fellow blogger, furcissy, shared his mind-blowing fiction with me.  He has now posted on his new blog eight of the arcs of this on-going story about fs01…a male submissive belonging to the incredibly wicked and sexy, Cassandra.  Even if Femdom is not your style, I encourage you to give these a read.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will learn.

Enjoy…and here is the link:  Femdom Erotica- FS01

Happy reading & writing 🙂

Love, nora

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And they called it puppy love!

I’m sorry my friends…that picture is incredibly misleading and designed to get you thinking this post will be all sexy D/s stuff!!!  When, my new reality is….PUPPY INVASION!!! Some of you know that we lost our fur baby a few months ago.  We shared 14 beautiful years with her.  Well, we were finally ready to bring some new love into our lives and brought home two freakin’ adorable puppies.  Needless to say, my life is a constant mix of training, playing, and snapping photos to send to Daddy right now.  The girls are incredibly sweet and the crate training and poddy training is going very well.  I cannot believe how much reading Cesar Millan’s “How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond” has helped in this endeavor.  I would definitely (not defiantly, furcissy!) recommend giving it a read the next time you bring home a new puppy.

I may not be around as much, at least through the puppy stage.  But I will hop on to see what you are all up to, and what you are writing, as much as possible.

Also…for your viewing pleasure…this is what our girls look like.  Daddy doesn’t allow me to post actual pictures of our lives as apparently you can “reverse image search” a specific photo, which then could then link back to photos I may have posted to my personal social media site (who knew?).  Can’t be too careful.  In any case, these could be twins to my new babies!


Happy Friday and happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

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30 Days of Submission- Day 12

30 Days of Submission- Day 12

Do you include financial submission within the definition of your own submission and if yes, how does it manifest itself? If no, is there a particular reason why? Are you familiar with the concepts of financial submission? Do you have an opinion about financial submission in general?

When I first read this prompt, I almost immediately dismissed it as something not relevant to my life.  However, upon further reflection, and a bit of research, I realized how “un-submissive” my initial thoughts were in this matter.  Why did this prompt make me feel uncomfortable? To address this prompt, I need to first reflect on the way things were in my marriage prior to Daddy and I’s journey into the world of D/s.

When I met my husband, at the tender age of 23, I had a clear understanding of how money worked, how harmful credit cards could be, and my own financial goals for my future.  I feel that I was fortunate to have two parents who taught me about these things and who openly discussed money and common mistakes that people sometimes make.  When I wanted to open my own checking account while in high school, my mom sat down with me and taught me how to balance a check book (I still remember depositing my first pay check from Round Table pizza…I was giddy!).  In my world, this was the normal way of things and I just assumed that most people knew to do this.  However, when I met my husband it soon became clear that not everyone knew how to handle money.  While he was certainly making more than he was spending, my future husband had no idea how to balance his accounts, how to make money-wise decisions, nor did he have clear cut goals with regard to his financial future.  It took some time, but I helped him clean up his credit and taught him what I knew about money.  When we married, we agreed that I would handle our finances…and, it has been that way ever since.

Fast forward to today, where I strive to give my submission to my husband.  Early on in our dynamic, we visited the idea of him becoming more involved in our finances and he shied away from this idea.  A few months in, while I was reading “The Surrendered Wife”, written by Laura Doyle, the topic of financial submission emerged again as the author talks about how entrusting your spouse with your finances is one of the ultimate ways to demonstrate your trust and respect of their abilities.  Again, my husband and I discussed the matter, and he let me know that he has plenty of responsibilities in our marriage and that he was delegating to me the task of managing our finances.

I respect my husband’s decision in this matter.  As you all know, paying bills, balancing accounts, making decisions about money…it is time consuming!  It can also be incredibly stressful.  I guess the importance of this post for me is not so much about the fact that I manage our finances and that my husband would like me to continue to do so…but would I be able to handle giving up that responsibility?

This question brings about great uncertainty for me.  Much of the time, our D/s is centered on kinky sex play, kneeling, spankings, mantras, etc., and I am not knocking that…those things have helped me to change how I speak to my husband and how I see him.  Our D/s has also helped him grow in his confidence, as a man and as a sexual being. Our D/s has taught me about the beauty of not always being in control. But I come back to… could I handle giving up the responsibility of managing our finances?

In all honesty, I am not sure, and I don’t think that I will ever find out as my husband does not have an interest in taking on this responsibility.  He trusts my judgment and my abilities in this area.  He has made it clear that he is delegating this responsibility to me, and in this, he demonstrates his Dominance over me by assigning me the task.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this matter…how do you feel about financial submission in your current dynamic or the dynamic you would like to have?

Thank you for stopping by…and happy writing 🙂

Love, nora


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It’s Sex Toy Friday! #NSFW, 18+ only please

Happy Friday, ya’all!  After coming off restriction, this little girl was given permission to buy a few new toys to spice up the weekend.  After agonizing over my selection, this is what I came up with and Daddy approved my choices!  Thank goodness for 2-day delivery service…Sunday should prove to be a fun day 🙂

Choice #1

Blog pic 80

Surprisingly enough, Daddy and I have not done much with regard to collars.  The first collar we bought was stiff and bulky, though it was lined with a very soft faux fur.  I did not enjoy wearing it though he did enjoy seeing it on me.  Hopefully I will have a better experience with this collar as I love what it represents…plus, it has a leash…I think Daddy will like that!

Choice #2

Blog pic 80.1

I selected this plug as I feel it will bring great humiliation wearing it… plus, I will get to be Daddy’s personal Play Boy Bunny…what’s better than that?

Choice #3

Blog pic 80.2

I am terrified of this lockable penis gag!  However, once Daddy was made aware that there was in fact, such a thing as a penis gag, he insisted we buy one.  Thankfully, Daddy is not a sadist and he allowed me to buy the smaller size.  The larger penis gag is almost 5 inches…this one is closer to 3.  I am a bit nervous about wearing it, but I think it will be an appropriate punishment if I forget to watch my tone or speak out of turn.  From the reviews I read…it makes you drool a lot.  Not looking forward to this.

Choice #4

Blog pic 80.3

I cannot wait to get my hands on this!!! Well, not so much my hands…  I told Daddy that I fantasize about him tying me to the bed face down, spread eagle, and firmly inserting this…and leaving me, while he watches Sunday football.  Perhaps he will even put in the new penis gag…and then he will have filled all my naughty holes for his pleasure (and mine!) 🙂

Choice #5

Blog pic 80.4

We are moving toward ridding ourselves of all our silicone/rubber/latex anal toys.  They just don’t clean up as nicely as stainless steel or glass plugs, even with the antibacterial foam soap.  The glass plugs are also heavier in weight…a much better reminder for a naughty girl.


Well, I stayed within my budget (under a hundred bucks) and I think this will definitely make for an exciting weekend!!!  Thank you, Daddy 🙂

As always, thank you for reading and happy writing…I hope this inspires some shopping of your own!

Love, nora

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Discipline coming my way…

Today, my stomach has been in knots all day, knowing that I have a severe punishment coming tonight.  You see, last week, when I accompanied Daddy on one of his business trips, I behaved very badly.  I won’t go into too much detail, but not only was I disrespectful and disobedient, I put myself in danger.  I have no excuse for my behavior. Too angry to deal with me right away, Daddy told me that I would be severely punished when we returned home.  He has never used the word “severely” with me.  Life happened, and he couldn’t address my behavior when we returned as we had a house full of people, but yesterday I was informed that my discipline would occur this evening.  I know that I fully earned this punishment, but the waiting is awful.  I have no idea what Daddy has in mind.  Well, that’s not exactly true… I have a pretty good idea that I will be soundly spanked, but I don’t know with what, how long, or if that is the only way in which I will be punished.  He started my punishment this morning…assigning me 100 lines which pertained to obeying him, while wearing the glass plug.

Without a doubt, I will be a very contrite little girl, standing in the corner, by the end of the evening.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my angst.  The waiting is never fun…

Take good care,


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Reunited, and it feels so good! #NSFW, 18+

This past week was a lonely one, as Daddy was away for work.  However, he promised his little girl a reward for good behavior on the eve of his return.  While I may not have been the most well-behaved girl all week (I forgot to wear my cuffs one night and I ate restricted food one day), Daddy decided that I still deserved a reward.

When he got home, he was feeling a bit exhausted from the long drive, so he decided that I could use a “time out” while he rested.  He walked into the living room with the large glass plug, the lube, and my ankle cuffs.  I felt completely humiliated when he ordered me to lower my slacks and panties and bed over, right there in our front room.  Our large glass plug is nothing short of violating, and I cry out as he puts it in.  He then sits me down on the chair, cuffs my ankles together, and sits down in his chair to take a quick nap.  He orders me to wake him up in 35 minutes.  My only reprieve is he tells me that I may play on WordPress while I wait and that I should be wet and ready for him when I wake him up.  So, naturally I begin to read some of my favorite sexy blogs.  On this particular evening, I begin to read works by Hot Bottoms, Ina Morata, and Whippoorwill, all very talented authors.

I wake Daddy up the minute the 35 minutes have passed.  He orders me to the bedroom and tells me to lie face down on the bed.  I feel quite silly as I make my way down the hallway in tiny little steps as he has not unhooked my cuffs.  I felt like a circus clown trying to get onto the bed (our bed is super tall) with my ankle cuffs hooked and my slacks now tangled around my ankles.  Eventually, I was in the correct position… face down, bottom bare, plug still inserted, ankle cuffs restricting movement.

Daddy came in and went straight to our closet where our toys are kept.  When he returns, my hands are cuffed above my head.  He pulls up the back of my shirt and unhooks my bra.  Although I am technically still wearing my clothing, I somehow feel even more naked with it all pulled out of the way for Daddy’s convenience.  I couldn’t see what he brought with him, but I began to feel the flogger running up and down my bare back and buttocks.  He strikes me with it hard, right between my legs, which thankfully are mostly closed due to the cuffs.  I cry out.  More teasing, more striking… I am seriously getting hot now.  And then I feel a different implement…the riding crop.  Repeat the teasing, the spanking, but now he is concentrating on my sit spot.  He tells me to roll over.  He watches as I struggle to comply as I am restrained.  He begins to tap on my nipples with the crop and soon the tapping becomes striking.  It hurts.  He moves down between my legs, and my lady parts take a good spanking before he sets the riding crop down.  He can see the fear, lust, and longing in my eyes.  He bends down over me and begins licking and sucking everywhere….I almost cannot handle this.  When he brings me right to the brink, he stops.  He removes his clothing and lays down next to me, cruelly pinching my nipples.

He tells me that I am to come like this.  I am lying there next to him, my shirt pulled up, my bra pulled aside, and my panties and pants twisted around my ankles.  He begins to finger me while sucking on my nipples.  He then takes a jelly dildo and begins penetrating me…slowly, and then more quickly.  I feel stretched by both the dildo and the glass plug.  With this perfect combination of stimulation, I don’t last long and then the most amazing thing happened to me.  Now, I have read about other women having multiple orgasms, and I’ve always wondered what that meant for them. I have had more than one orgasm in a session, but this was a new experience for me.  Two incredible orgasms, one right after the other.  I began to cry from the intensity and Daddy held me, whispering in my ear how much he missed and loved me.  He removed my restraints, the rest of my clothing, and pulled the covers up over us.  I’m not sure how long we laid there, but it was the most beautiful moment.  I was sated, loved, cherished.

It took some time, but eventually I was ready to service Daddy and boy was he ready for me.  I took his rock-hard shaft into my mouth and brought him to the brink, finishing with my hand.  More lovely words, more snuggling…and Daddy told me that I was his good little girl.

I cleaned up our love nest and Daddy grilled us some steaks.  It was a perfect reunion.

Daddy…I hate when you have to go away for work, but I sure love when you come home to me.  Thank you for the beautiful evening.

And to the rest of you…thank you for reading!

Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

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Humiliation and D/s

Hello my friends,

As some of you may remember, my Daddy gave me a new assignment a few weeks ago.  The assignment is to find and email him 2-3 articles or blog posts each week regarding domestic discipline (DD) or Dominance and submission (D/s).  He desires me to do this so that he can continue learning new things about this lifestyle, without it taking away from his free time (by conducting the research himself) or his time with me.  I greatly admire the dominance in his delegation and complete this assignment happily each week.

I take great care with what I send my Daddy as I do not wish to waste his time, but I was having difficulty finding just the right piece on the humiliation aspect of D/s.  I turned to a blogger, and great friend, here on WordPress and asked if he might write a piece especially for my Daddy and I on the subject.  My friend, furcissy, is a long-time blogger with a lot of real life experience in this lifestyle.  He and I are both submissives and have done a lot of self-analysis together.  He writes a lot about his own experiences on his blog, he writes Femdom fiction, and he is also a very talented artist.  The piece below, written on the subject of humiliation, is what he wrote for Daddy and me.

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

Love, nora

Humiliation- written by furcissy

Humiliation is a tough one to describe because there are so many moving pieces and a lot of it builds upon itself. I will try to work in how this affects both parties.  My apologies if this is messy, but it is a very extensive subject.

Why does a sub want this?

True submission ends up being rooted in vulnerability.  When a dominant and submissive grow together and/or share specific kinks in common, it becomes difficult to differentiate where there is power/control vs. the sub doing what they want to do.

Exercising true control is the ability to make a sub do what they do NOT want to do.

This is the battle of wills that brings about the real form of submission.  When you submit you give up choice.  You must accept t he choice that has been made for you.  Without this, it feels like a game/role-play.  This is a sticking point for many and it quickly becomes clear who is allowing themselves to experience vulnerability and who is not.

Nora craves this feeling.  She wants it to feel real.  She wants to feel herself sink deep into the submissive mental space.  The hard part is that reaching this space is difficult if we LIKE everything that happens.  To get into deep space, there must be mental resistance and that resistance must be broken.

This can be confusing to both parties, but when you break it down, it becomes a bit easier.

If a sub conveys their feelings accurately about a D/s activity, they will usually end up like this:

  1. I like the feeling and like the process.
  2. I like the feeling and hate the process.
  3. I hate the feeling and hate the process.

What we are dealing with is type B.

The strength of will must be overpowered.  While a sub might hate the act that does this, they may come to crave the outcome.  When you find the right triggers to get them there, they can be used over and over again (as long as you make sure they don’t learn to like it) almost indefinitely.

There are two kinds of humiliation.  The first is the humiliation of accepting an imposed will.  It is the feeling that accompanies the breaking of a sub’s resistance.  It is that internal, “Oh shit, I have to do that?” feeling.  The other type of humiliation is caused by embarrassment and relies on perceived or actual external factors.

Once a submissive has become accustomed to the breaking process, certain types of embarrassment humiliation can be enough to trigger them to that deepest submissive mental space.  Once in that submissive mental space embarrassment humiliation can actually feed itself and perpetuate the mental space and embarrassment with very little work.

An example of this:

Imagine you decide you want Nora to be your puppy. You get a leather collar, a puppy restraint harness, fist mitts, ears, a tail plug, and possibly a head harness or mask.  Attach a leash and keep her on all fours.  Call her a bitch.  Feed her from a bowl.  She would likely resist this.  You could spank her until she says yes.  As soon as she changes to yes, that first wave of humiliation will hit as she realizes she will be treated like a dog and how degrading that is.

Embarrassment humiliation will be pretty easy in this state.  Tell her she has to smile and “pant” when she is happy.  Make sure she shakes her booty to wag the tail.  It remains bearable at this point.  Once she has acclimated, tell her that you will take some pictures to show to her friends that love dogs or that you will take her for a walk in the dog park.  Chances are she will react with a look of anguish as this unleashes the full fury of external embarrassment and she will likely drop even deeper into submissive mental space.  That sort of jolt is traumatic, and if you choose the right one, it will always be at your disposal to trigger her to deeper submission at any time.  The threat is usually enough.

Taking it farther, you could mix both styles of humiliation.  Hold up a dog treat and have her beg for it.  Put the treat in her mouth.  Most likely she will hold it there or spit it out.  Look puzzled and respond with something like “Not hungry for your treats?  Maybe we’ll have to get you some exercise out at the dog park to help work up your appetite.”  The treat will vanish in seconds.

I know this is a rather extreme example that will likely never see the light of day but it illustrates things rather easily.  Assuming that Nora reads this, it could probably be used as a trigger sometime in the future.  e.g. if you are shopping and see some puppy play items, they could very easily trigger submissive mental space.

The deepest and most effective humiliation happens when it either caters to our deepest fears or goes completely contrary to how we want to present ourselves.  It works especially well if there are lingering insecurities about them.

Some things that I have gathered about Nora are that she is confident and intelligent.  She respects herself and wants to present herself in such a manner.  She seems to see her confident vanilla side as flawed and it makes happiness more difficult.

Having her dress like a bimbette would shatter a number of these self-images.  This opens up the threat (or reality) of a public outing that can serve as a trigger.  You could also make her speak like an airhead or not let her speak at all, and force her to communicate in gestures and mime.  The latter can be reasonably amusing if you purposefully keep misunderstanding something obvious until she realizes she can’t win.

What I believe she is seeking is to be taken out of the mental space of her “self,” and firmly planted in a submissive mental space where she truly feels like she exists solely for your happiness, pleasure, and amusement.

The submissive ideal mental state is one where they do not think of themselves, they think only of the dominant.  What do they want most?  To please the dominant?  Isn’t that hard work and uncomfortable?  Yes, but it’s nothing compared to the desire to please.  It removes any internal desire and places all of the focus externally.  Embarrassing humiliation forces a sub out of that mental state by awakening their self-consciousness.  All of a sudden, while every rational part of them wants to be pleasing, they start worrying about what might/will happen.  If you mention taking her out to the bar in cuffs and a tail, she will immediately be struck with terror at embarrassment that hasn’t even happened yet.  This can act as a trap.

A dialogue like…

“Do you want to go to the bar in your cuffs and tail?”  “No.”

“Why not, don’t you want to make me happy?”   Pause while her spirit breaks.

“If it would please me for that to happen, why would you want to deny me that?”

Cue the cycle of shame that makes her want to do it but then she thinks about the embarrassment she will experience.  That makes her not want to do it, and her desire to avoid it makes her feel shame, repeat.

To try and summarize this mess…

Humiliation is an extremely powerful tool when used as a control dynamic. It can create trauma or phobia-like fears where even the hint of them will send them spiraling deeply into submissive mental space.  If the sub comes to crave this mental space, they may come to develop a very strong love/hate relationship with humiliation… but the desire to reach that space will likely outweigh MOST humiliations.

What does it do for the dominant is a much harder question.  Mostly it’s about how power and control play into Domspace.

There is a rush from knowing you could use it to make her do almost anything.

There is her devotion in that she will willingly accept unpleasant feelings in order to please you.

There is the knowledge that pushing her that deep will give her a pleasant feeling and turn her on.

There is the ability to play her like a puppet.

You can make her blush and beg and whimper with just a few words.

You can do it for amusement.

Something of note is that while the threat can be powerful, it will become even more effective if you actually force her to experience it sometime.  Taking a picture and hiding it somewhere is also effective.  There is always the threat you will show it to someone.

Something I should also mention is that as control dynamics build, the reason for things can become frivolous.  “Because I feel like it.”  “Because it amuses me.”  “No reason, I’m just bored.”  “Because it puts you in your place.”  If a reason for something unpleasant isn’t important, it will also be humiliating.

I hope this makes some sense and I’m sure I missed a few things, but I tried to articulate as much as I could.