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Nightly Ritual

The further we travel down the D/s road, the more Daddy and I are both learning about how to encourage Daddy’s dominance and how to encourage my submission.  One way we have found to accomplish this is through the establishment of rituals.  One of our nightly rituals includes a foot massage for Daddy.

During the evening at some point, I am to offer Daddy a foot massage.  While he typically says yes right away, he’ll sometimes say yes, but not just yet.  When he decides he is ready, I am to kneel on the floor in front of his recliner.  Then, if I am not already undressed, I am to expose my breasts to him for his enjoyment during his massage.  I then proceed to give Daddy a lengthy foot massage while he relaxes in his recliner.  When I am finished, I give each of his big toes a kiss before requesting permission to once again join him in my chair.  He usually grants me this permission, but sometimes he has me remain on the floor at his feet while we continue watching television.

Wanting to please Daddy, I spent some time researching how to give the best foot massage.  I will share what I have learned for any of you who might be interested.  First, it is important to use some sort of lotion during the foot massage so that your hands glide easily over the skin.  When it comes to feet, creams and butters seem to work best as they are thick and feet are often calloused (though Daddy jokes that he now has the softest feet in the county after two months of nightly foot massages!).  Currently, I am using a lavender scented shea butter.  I’ve heard there are oils that work as well, but I have yet to try that.  Next, consider positioning.  When I massage Daddy’s feet, he is typically in his recliner with his feet up.  He could also be lying on the bed or the couch, but I think the important thing is that the feet are elevated for maximum relaxation.

When I begin his foot massage, I typically start toward the top of the foot and work my way down and repeat.  Sometimes I massage one foot at a time, but as my fingers and hands are growing stronger, I’ve found I can actually massage both of his feet at the same time, one in each hand.  I am sure to always massage more firmly on the soles of his feet which typically causes Daddy to close his eyes in pleasure.  When he has to pause his show because he is unable to concentrate, I know I am doing a good job.  I also make sure that I give his toes some light massaging and some special rubbing around the ankle area.  I sometimes will use my fist to massage the arch of his feet, but now that my hands have gotten stronger I usually just do this with my fingers.  A specific technique that I employ is referred to as the milking stroke.  To do this, you hold the foot in both hands and apply 10 strong pulls on one side of the foot and then the other.  I’ve noticed Daddy really likes this method.

There are certainly other advanced techniques that I will look forward to mastering and one can always continue to work further up the leg (wink wink).  But, for now, I think Daddy and I are both satisfied with incorporating this nightly ritual, no matter where we are.  Daddy was quite pleased when he saw that I brought the foot butter along with us camping a couple of weekends ago.  I love when he tells me he’s proud of me.  He loves when I am kneeling before him rubbing his feet, like his good little girl.  All around, a win win.

Happy writing 🙂


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Musings & Afternoon Coffee

As I think about my life and my current situation, I can’t help but wish my inner child’s wish… that nothing would change again.  Unfortunately, this last year, I have learned that life changes in an instant and we have very little control sometimes in the situations which matter most.  As we approach the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing, I have been on a carnival ride of emotion…up, down, sideways.  And yet, somehow, despite losing my mom, my younger brother, and our fur baby…I am able to find happiness most days.  I am proud of that.  I am also proud of the changes that Daddy and I have made in our relationship.  We are stronger, closer, and more intimate as a couple.  It blows my mind that we found this dynamic, a dynamic that suits both of us greatly, during the most difficult year of my life.

Currently, I am not teaching and I am not working in a clinic.  My time is mostly my own (and Daddy’s).  This has been a special time for me.  One of healing and self-growth.  And I’ll admit, of self-indulgence.  I mostly do what I want, when I want, with the exception of completing tasks assigned by Daddy.  I will miss this time when life changes at the end of the summer and I am once again inundated with clients at the clinic and teaching multiple night classes.  I will miss this relatively stress-free existence, where I exist to serve and please my husband.

Life will change, that is inevitable.  There will be good changes and there will be changes which bring about unhappiness.  I guess all we can do is roll with the punches, make lemonade out of life’s lemons, or whatever cliché you prefer.  Keep on, keeping on!

Happy writing 🙂


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Interviewing Daddy

As Daddy and I made the 8-hour car trek back home last weekend, we decided that we would write a blog together to pass some of the time.  This was exciting to me as we had never- to this point- done anything like this together and I was looking forward to collaborating.  After considering several topics to talk about, we decided that it might work better if I “interviewed” Daddy and just got his perspective on some matters down in writing.  So, while he drove, I asked questions and wrote verbatim what he said.  Our conversation began with the topic of pain… so here it goes!

nora– How do you feel about giving me pain, Daddy?

Daddy– I’m not a big fan of pain, giving or receiving.  I really don’t get any pleasure from feeling my hand slapping on your bare skin or leaving welts on you.  For me, it’s not about inflicting pain it’s more about the power, the control.  I like feeling powerful over you.  I feel more sexually confident when I dominate you.    It has also helped to build my self-confidence in general.  I feel a lot of responsibility in this new role, I am responsible for you, for us.  I want to be fair and consistent with you.  I do believe that I am pretty fair but I definitely need to be more consistent.

nora– How do you feel when you need to discipline me?

Daddy– When you do something that I have to discipline you for, I first remind myself that I don’t need to get angry because I have the control now.  I remind myself that this is a moment where I can help you change your behavior for the better.  My next thought is when am I going to discipline you, if it will be right then and there, or if I am going to send you somewhere (i.e. bedroom, living room) to wait.  I then figure out what the punishment is going to be and how will I do it.  This might be a spanking, or use of the plug, or spreader bar, corner time.  If I am going to spank you I consider if it should just be a hand spanking or a spanking with an implement, which depends on the severity of the crime.  I like to change things up each time so you don’t know what to expect and it keeps your mind racing and not complacent.  So sometimes I bare you or I may tell you to be waiting for me with your pants and panties down.  I usually determine the length of the spanking by the severity of the incidence.  If it is a first time offense, I am generally lighter on you than repeat offenses.  I generally keep track of the time and how you are crying during your spanking.  Most of your spankings are about 5-6 minutes of continuous spanking.  After your spanking, I typically give you corner time so that you can think through fully and have a full understanding of what happened. During the spanking I also pay attention to if an implement is leaving marks on you as I’m not trying to leave long term marks or bruises on you.  Seeing marks on you doesn’t scare me but it’s not my intention to leave you black and blue.  I’m not saying I would never spank you that hard, if the situation warranted it, I would.  But, my intention is to discipline you, not just put welts on your body.

nora: What has our new lifestyle done for you?

Daddy: It’s given me more confidence, self-esteem, and more self-worth.  I also have more self-discipline and motivation in general.  It’s improved our marriage by far.  We are both happier.  Our roles are more balanced.  Before D/s, you did everything and I just followed along.  Now, even though I am in charge, we talk a lot more about things and you are still involved in decision making even though I have the final say.  There are still things that you are responsible for…finances, cleaning the house, but I pay more attention to those areas of our life too.  Our sex life is way better.  Our sex drives are higher and I am more sexually satisfied.

nora: Why do you like me to call you Daddy?

Daddy: Because it is a position of authority over you, one that you recognize.  I also like that it is personal, a term of endearment.  It’s personal and positive but still authoritative.  I don’t personally care for the term Master though I do like you to call me Sir as well.

nora: Is there anything you’d like to work on?

Daddy: I’d still like to be more consistent.  I always want to be better for you.  I think this will be ever evolving for me.

nora: Is there anything you’d like me to work on?

Daddy: I would like you to be more submissive, and lose the more domineering part of your personality.  I would also like you to be less argumentative and learn to not use your lecturing tone.  I know you are working really hard on these things and you have told me that you would like to learn to think more submissively which I support.


That’s as far as we got with this before we stopped for a break from driving.  From this experience, I learned some things about Daddy that I didn’t know.  I had assumed that on some level, he liked the physical experience of spanking me, giving me pain, but it turns out he really doesn’t.  He likes it on a mental/emotional level, he likes dominating me…but the act of flesh hitting flesh…that doesn’t do anything for him, whereas for me, it is really exciting.  I also got a bit of insight as to what goes through his mind when he needs to discipline me. 

Thank you for participating, Daddy!  Best car ride ever 🙂

Yours always,


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Spanking Fiction, NSFW, 18+ – Mrs. Ashfield’s School of Manners and More- Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Her maid was there to greet her as Clara stumbled in the front door.  The carriage ride home had done nothing to soothe her nerves and she was frantic to find Charles and apologize for all of her misbehavior to this point in their marriage.  She knew that if she didn’t get this just right there would be dire consequences for her.

“Where is my husband, Susan?” Clara asked the maid, her fear heard plainly in her voice.  Her eyes were wide in nervous anticipation, and her hair, a wavy mess around her face from her less than dignified experiences with Mrs. Ashfield that afternoon.

Susan, feeling a bit perplexed by the site of her mistress, replied that her husband was relaxing in the salon.  She watched in disbelief as Clara all but ran from the room.  She looked over at the head maid in disbelief, but the older, more experienced member of the staff just smiled, knowingly.  Ms. Bonnie knew exactly what was going on.  She instructed Susan to stay away from the salon for the rest of the evening, unless explicitly summoned by the man of the house.

Clara entered the salon and upon seeing her husband, smoking his pipe by the fire, she threw herself at his feet, kneeling low upon the floor, her cheek resting upon his boot.  Her young body trembled visibly.

Charles glared down at the kneeling figure before him, offering her no reprieve.  No, his pretty young wife had been discourteous to him ever since he had rescued her from her pitiful existence with her parents and she was going to experience the full brunt of his displeasure tonight.  He left her, trembling on the floor and walked over to the wet bar, pouring himself a whiskey.  He let the warm liquid swirl around in his mouth as he surveyed young Clara.  It appeared that Mrs. Ashfield had taught her a thing or two that afternoon, as she remained kneeling upon the floor, not daring to move.  Finally, he simply asked, “Yes”?

Remaining in position, Clara asked for permission to offer her apologies.  Charles seated himself on one of the plush salon chairs and granted this request, instructing her to crawl to his feet first.  He felt his cock twitch as he watched his pretty young wife crawl submissively to his feet and wait for his permission to speak.

“Go ahead, Clara,” he instructed, stroking his beard, gazing down upon her trim figure.

“Charles, I am so sorry,” she began, lowering her gaze to his feet as she spoke. “I have failed you miserably as your wife and I would very much like the chance to make it up to you.  I now see the error in my ways and I know that I have been incredibly foolish.”

Charles said nothing, but waited for her to continue.  Clara took a deep breath and continued on as Mrs. Ashfield had instructed.

“Please, Charles, “ she begged.  “Please discipline me as you see fit, please discipline me harshly and show me what you want me to be.  Please, I’ll do anything,” she said, looking up at him, tears in her eyes.  “I promise, I will do anything.”

In response, Charles lightly cupped her cheek in his hand, staring deep into her eyes.

“Yes,” he responded, lightly slapping her face. “You will do anything and you will do in quickly when instructed.  Is that understood?”

“Yes, Charles, yes…I understand,” she responded meekly, her cheek stinging from the slap.

Charles was rock hard and wanted nothing more than to fuck his young wife right there in the salon, but he knew that he had to establish his dominance over her first.  She was fresh from Mrs. Ashfield’s office and feeling very submissive, but he knew that as the pain in her backside dissipated from her earlier discipline, that her demeanor may change as well.  He wanted to ensure that the impudent, disrespectful wife he had endured for the past two weeks was gone and that firmly installed in her place, was a little girl who would obey his every command.

“Stand up,” he instructed.

Clara immediately rose to her feet, standing by his side.

“Lift your dress up above your waist,” Charles commanded.

Clara obeyed, trembling, fearing the discipline that was no doubt coming to her.

While Charles was pleased with her obedience, he maintained a stern look on his face.  Reaching out with both hands, he yanked her panties to her knees, revealing her young pussy.  He outlined the tawse marks on her thighs with his finger, eliciting a painful moan from his new bride.

“Over my knee, young lady,” he instructed, taking her firmly by the arm.  Soon, Clara was face down over his strong lap.  He was much larger than Mrs. Ashfield, and she hung limply over his knee, feet and arms dangling.  Her bare behind was squarely positioned over his leg where he could best attend to it.

Charles surveyed his wife’s shapely behind.  It was still a warm pink, and was decorated with a few remaining welts.  It was obvious that Mrs. Ashfield had not gone easy on her and neither would Charles.  Tonight, Clara needed to learn that her husband was the head of their household, that he was her master and ruler, and that she had better obey him and obey him quickly.

He brought his hand down sharply on her bottom.  She cried out but made no move to evade his discipline.  He tested her again, slapping her cheeks repetitively and then pausing.  While she made small cries of discomfort, she did not attempt to reach back or roll off of his lap.  Satisfied that she would take his discipline, he began to really spank her.  Hard, hot spanks rained all over her bottom and soon her lashes were wet with tears and her cries could be clearly heard throughout the household.  The young maid in the kitchen was beside herself as she heard her mistress getting a thorough, painful spanking from her husband.  Susan tried to busy herself, but the loud, sharp slaps rang throughout the house.

Over her husband’s knee, Clara learned the lesson that she had known was coming all afternoon.  She did her best to lay submissively over his knee, while he continuously spanked her bottom and thighs, letting her know exactly how he felt about her misbehavior.  She regretted each and every instance of insolence and wished she had spread her pretty thighs for him on their wedding night.  Oh how she wished she had focused on being a good wife and that her life had not been resorted to this.

Charles spanked on, determined to make an impression upon his young bride.  He knew that women had to be forcefully shown who owned them and who they would answer to.  He planned on dominating her in many ways that night…ways that would bring her pain, but ways that would bring her pleasure as well.  By the end of the evening, he would have a changed wife sleeping by his side.  A wife who would exist to tend to his needs, bring him pleasure, and willingly obey his every command.  As Clara lay limply over his lap, bottom still in place to receive as much punishment as he wanted to give it, he finally ended her first spanking from her husband with several harder slaps to her lower cheeks.  He wanted her to remember this lesson, to remember the sting that his palm could make on her backside.

Clara sobbed quietly, awaiting further instruction from her husband while she lay submissively over his lap.  She felt shamed, knowing that the household staff had heard her spanking and heard her cries as she was disciplined in the salon.  She vowed that she would do everything she could to please Charles from now on.

“Stand up, Clara,” Charles instructed, sternly, though he gently helped her up off his lap.  She had taken her spanking well, but he wasn’t quite ready to offer her any praise.

“Go and fix me a drink,” he commanded, pleased with the way she scurried to the wet bar.  She returned quickly with his drink in hand.

He took a long, hard sip, watching her as she stared demurely at the floor.  He was consumed with thoughts of dominating her with his cock.  So consumed, he had all but forgotten the second part of the homework assignment that Mrs. Ashfield had assigned.

“Charles?” she began, quietly.


“Please let me show you my appreciation for your taking the time to properly discipline me,” she requested, dropping to her knees in front of him, head bowed.

Clara bj

He granted his permission and continued to sip his whiskey as his young wife knelt forward, releasing his cock from his trousers.  He was bemused at her trembling fingers and the way she took a deep breath before taking his shaft into her pretty little mouth.  He allowed her to try to please him for several minutes before he set down his whiskey and fisted her hair.  He began to pump his cock in and out of her lovely mouth, hitting the back of her throat.  Under his grip, all she could do was try to keep up, but it was very different than her lesson from Mrs. Ashfield.  The taste, the smell…nothing could have prepared her for the savage way her husband fucked her mouth.  Suddenly, her mouth was full of his salty semen and she did her best to swallow it all as Mrs. Ashfield had instructed.  Charles fell back in his chair, catching his breath, all the while watching his young bride on her knees, awaiting further instruction.

“Corner, now,” he managed, pointing to where he wanted her.

She rushed to her feet and into the corner.  She quickly raised her skirts, so that her well-spanked bottom was displayed for his pleasure, as Mrs. Ashfield had taught her.  She leaned forward, putting her nose as far in the corner as possible, her flaming backside jutting out behind her.

Charles nodded his head in silent approval, as he surveyed the lovely figure of his now obedient bride.  As he took another long swig on his whiskey, he thought to himself, now this is what marriage is supposed to be.

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Struggling- A journal entry

Daddy and I had a pretty good weekend, considering that we spent about 15 hours driving, a full day packing up a relative’s personal belongings and moving furniture, and were completely exhausted by the time we got home Sunday evening.  I am incredibly proud of my Daddy…he worked so hard this weekend, and did all of the driving as we were hauling a large U-Haul trailer.  I am feeling that it was the exhaustion that caused the negative feelings I experienced both last night and this morning.

I’ll do my best to explain what I am feeling, even though I put very little stock in feelings.  Feelings are flighty things…in one moment you can feel elated, and the next, devastated.  Feelings are typically fluid…ever changing.  So please, take this post with a grain of salt…this is just how I am feeling right now, in this moment, and my feelings will most likely change over the course of the day.

I am feeling that I am losing myself a bit.  At times, I feel like my opinions no longer matter.  Prior, to beginning our D/s journey, I was the one “in charge” of our relationship, our life…I made all of the decisions.  Initially, I think my husband liked this about me, appreciated it, as he was able to just go along for the ride.  But, he grew tired of it over the years, especially as I got even more controlling the longer we were together.  In any case…we needed to change…we reversed the power dynamics in our marriage, and now he is our head of household.

Don’t get me wrong…I feel that this is what I never knew I always wanted.  It feels right, most of the time.  I love my new role within our marriage…most of the time.  But today, I just feel a little lost.  I need to express that I wasn’t a bad person before D/s.  I was (and am) strong, smart, capable and I never gave up.  I earned multiple degrees while working multiple jobs.  But, everyone else in my life…my mom, friends, co-workers, students, clients…they all got the best of me…while my husband got the tired, stressed out me at the end of the day.  This is why we needed to change.  He deserved to get the best from me…not just what was left over.

In our new dynamic, he makes all of the decisions.  He still asks for my input, we still discuss everything…but ultimately, he chooses.  Sometimes, this is very easy and it brings about a peaceful feeling.  But some days, like today…it is not.  The worst part is, I don’t even have a specific example for you…nothing major has happened.  I am just feeling that my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone anymore.  I am struggling with self- worth and self-identity.

I know that some of these feelings are related to the experiences with grief and loss that I have suffered this last year, this isn’t all about our new D/s dynamic.  But it just leaves me feeling…who am I now?

Thank you for reading and happy writing 🙂


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Sleeping in Cuffs

For the second time this week, Daddy tucked me into bed wearing my leather wrist cuffs.  I was sent to get the cuffs earlier that evening, before we settled in to watch some TV together.  I was wearing only a black see-through brassiere and black panties as Daddy fastened the leather cuffs around each wrist.  He fastened the cuffs securely and linked them together before allowing me the privilege of sitting in the chair by his side.  It is difficult to describe the feelings I get from the act of being cuffed by Daddy.  When I am bound to his liking, I somehow feel more free than I ever have.  I felt joy in my heart when he led me to bed, allowing me to kneel first and ask for his permission to sleep beside him.  As he tucked me in, he unlinked my cuffs and stripped me nude, kissing me good night and telling me that he loved me.  I slept all night in Daddy’s cuffs, and I slept well, knowing that I was tucked in safely beside the man that I love, the man who protects and cares for me, the man who loves me.

Thank you for the great night of sleep, Daddy

~ nora

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I choose you!

Daddy and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend.  We have been through a lot over the last few years.  But, despite the challenges and tragedies, I feel that we are closer than ever.  I am grateful that I am the one he chose long ago and I will continue to choose him as my love, partner, Husband, and Daddy every day.

I choose you, Daddy!  And I love you with all my heart.

Forever yours,