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As I think about my life and my current situation, I can’t help but wish my inner child’s wish… that nothing would change again. Unfortunately, this last year, I have learned that life changes in an instant and we have very little control sometimes in the situations which matter most.

Interviewing Daddy

As Daddy and I made the 8-hour car trek back home last weekend, we decided that we would write a blog together to pass some of the time. This was exciting to me as we had never- to this point- done anything like this together and I was looking forward to collaborating. After considering several topics to talk about, we decided that it might work better if I “interviewed” Daddy and just got his perspective on some matters down in writing.

Spanking Fiction, NSFW, 18+ – Mrs. Ashfield’s School of Manners and More- Chapter 4

Her maid was there to greet her as Clara stumbled in the front door. The carriage ride home had done nothing to soothe her nerves and she was frantic to find Charles and apologize for all of her misbehavior to this point in their marriage. She knew that if she didn’t get this just right there would be dire consequences for her.

Sleeping in Cuffs

For the second time this week, Daddy tucked me into bed wearing my leather wrist cuffs. I was sent to get the cuffs earlier that evening, before we settled in to watch some TV together. I was wearing only a black see-through brassiere and black panties as Daddy fastened the leather cuffs around each wrist.

Celebrating success!!!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down about my level of submission to Daddy and how long it is taking me to learn how to be his good little girl. At least once per week I earn a discipline spanking, and it is typically for being argumentative or for using a disrespectful tone. Daddy told me last week that he was really going to crack down on this behavior as it is the one that I struggle with the most. And boy has he! But, I am pleased to tell you…it’s working!

Reflecting on 30 Days of D/s- Day 30

I find myself both proud to have faithfully completed my 30 Days of D/s journaling, yet a bit sad that this part of the journey has concluded. These daily prompts have enriched Daddy and I’s marriage by prompting us to have discussions that we otherwise may not have had. We’ve learned more about ourselves and each other by reflecting on assigned topics that opened our eyes to new (and exciting!) elements of D/s.

Oddly Intimate…

A few weeks ago, my best friend went to a professional salon and got herself waxed. And I do mean waxed…all the hair, everywhere, gone. I believe it is called a Brazilian. She said it was painful but that she was incredibly smooth “down there” and that her husband loved it. Intrigued, I pondered this for a few days.

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