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Good food + hot bottoms= Happy Spanksgiving!!!

Hello, my friends!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday!  I hope the day is filled with family, friends, fur babies, and good food.  While the quiet sadness of lost loved ones fills a part of me, another part of me rejoices in the beauty of life and I am grateful for all I have been blessed with.  And, that includes you!

Enjoy your day, and happy writing my friends 🙂

Love, nora

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A little note to you

Life is not all roses, and puppies, and spankings 100% of the time.  Unfortunately, we all deal with our own difficulties…. traveling spouses, fear of failure, complex family relationships, etc.  And yet, even in difficult times, the human spirit finds way to prevail and to come back into the light.

I know this isn’t my typical post, but I am feeling deeply reflective today, and a tad “mushy”, I suppose.  The last two years of my life have been emotional hell, and yet I look around me and I can’t help but count my blessings.  I am married to a man who loves me for me, I have two healthy puppies who I have quickly come to adore, I have incredibly supportive family and friends, I live in a home with strong walls that keep me warm and safe, my job(s) are fulfilling and rewarding, and, I love the person that I have become.  Blessed….yes, I am.  All the other stuff…the pain, the drama, the fears, the insecurities…they can just take a back seat today, for I choose to focus on the positive.

So, if you are struggling with your own demons on this dreary, rainy morning, I wish to send you positive and healing thoughts, my friend.  Even on those days that life brings you down, and there will be those days, remember that you are beautiful (or handsome, if you will) and worthy.  And there is a girl, me, who is out there in the world, wishing only the best for you.

Thank you for reading, and please take good care,

Love, nora

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In my mind’s eye… #Wicked Wednesday, NSFW, 18+

Wicked Wednesday Prompt:

Look at the map of the world and ask yourself where you have experienced love and lust. Have you traveled across continents to be with the one you love or to seek love? Are you in love with someone that is geographically far away from you? How does that influence your life? Or, if you are one of the lucky ones who have found love where you have been born and raised, write a story about lovers who are separated by an ocean.


In my mind’s eye…

Thousands of miles away, on a boat off the shores of Ireland, I fell in lust with a man I will never know.  His broad shoulders caught my eye first, and the roar of his laugh over the sea touched my very core.  I watched him, mouth slightly agape in wonderment, as he helped an elderly woman to her seat, careful not to let her fall as the waves battled around us.

In mere moments, this stranger stripped me of all my defenses, and all my good sense.  With just a word, I would have followed him anywhere, and he hadn’t even noticed me, yet.  God, the way his wavy, dark hair swirled around him.  I licked my lips, tasting the salt of the sea air and my own desire.

And, then it happened.  He glanced my way, smiling.  The darkening clouds parted, and his grin radiated the warmth of the sun.  His eyes glittered with promise and his body seemed to beckon mine.  I felt the wet response between my thighs.  Blushing, I looked away.  Could he sense his profound effect on me?

What happened next, only occurred in my mind’s eye, but I like to remember it fondly in the dark of the night.

I watched him intently for the duration of the trip.  He never glanced my way again and yet with each deft movement of his body, I fell deeper and deeper into a tormented, sexual frenzy.  As the boat docked, he began to help people safely to shore.  I watched, knowing it would soon be my turn.

As he turned his body my way, one leg on the dock and one still on the boat, I reached for him and he for me.  He took my hand in his and guided me off the boat.  His touch was a branding iron, imprinting his soul upon mine.  Shrinking from the intensity of his stare, I looked away, only to feel him squeeze my arm.  I looked back, questioningly, longingly.

“Please wait, Miss,” his voice was deep, polite, yet commanding.  His eyes revealed nothing of intentions.

I awkwardly stood off to the side, as he continued to help each passenger from the boat.  When he was finished, he nodded at me, and began to finish his work around the deck.

I wasn’t sure how to interpret that nod.  Was I to continue waiting? I looked around, anxiously.  The dock was now empty, other boats staying ashore to wait out the storm.  Here I was, standing alone in the drizzling rain in Ireland, waiting for the attentions of a man I didn’t know.  The ridiculousness of it all had my cheeks burning in shame and my body vibrating in anticipation.

Finally, he came to me.  I trembled before him, though my body was on fire. He leaned in, inhaling deeply as if smelling me, and lightly brushed his lips on my cheek.

“You look like you could use a drink, Miss,” he said, taking my arm and threading it through his.  “Let’s get you out of the weather.”

I think I would have followed him anywhere.  Who was this girl?  I felt like someone else as I allowed this stranger to guide me off the dock and on to dry land.  He steered us to a nearby pub which was dark and warm inside.  Leaving me at a table, he said hello to the people he knew and brought back two shots of whiskey.

“Drink up, lass,” he told me, swallowing his in one swift gulp, his eyes never leaving mine.

I sipped my drink, the whiskey burning through me.  He laughed, took my drink, and finished it.

The world seemed to stop, and it was just he and I.  His eyes penetrated my being.  There was no escape from his gaze.

Calmly, darkly, he said, “I’d like to take you to bed, Miss.”

I’d like to say that some part of me considered how dangerous it was to follow a devastatingly handsome stranger, in a foreign country, to his bed…but I shyly nodded my acquiescence.

Taking my hand, he led me out of the pub, and toward his home.

I barely remember the walk.  My senses were afloat…the burning warmth of his hand holding mine, his musky scent, his masculine gait…and, what was to come.

He lived in a quaint cottage, surrounded by rusty fencing.  Some might have seen the disarray but all I saw was the romance of it.

He led me straight to his bed.  Standing there, face to face, he asked me, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

I looked at the floor, and nodded wordlessly.

It was then that he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply.  His lips crushing mine, I felt like my entire life had led up to this moment.

It was with urgency that he spun me around, pulling my body to his, his fingers deftly undoing my trousers.  In only a moment, he had my pants and panties around my knees, my bottom pressed firmly against the hardness in his jeans.  My shirt came off next, discarded on the floor, and I was spun around again to face him.  I moaned as he took my nipple, through my brassiere, into his mouth, nipping gently, while he gripped my backside firmly.  His searing lips seemed to be everywhere…my breasts, my neck, trailing down…

Picking me up as if I weighed nothing, he carried me to the bed, discarding me there.  He stripped off his shirt, lowered his jeans, and I found myself staring in awe at the most perfect cock I had ever seen.  It was long, hard, and pulsing.

I cried out as he reached under my thighs, pulling me to the edge of the bed within reach.  I screamed in ecstasy as he penetrated me with swift, punishing thrusts.  I was nearly over the edge, when he pulled out suddenly, yanking me from the bed.

He picked me up, his hands gripping my ass, my legs around his waist, my hands in his hair.  I don’t even remember him sitting down in the chair, but as he sat, I rode, his arms controlling the rhythm.  Pleasure coursed through our bodies and he suckled my nipple, bringing me back to the edge.

“Let go, little one,” he whispered in my ear, and I closed my eyes as the waves of ecstasy washed over me, drowning me in pleasure.

We stayed like that, wrapped up in one another for a long time, our breathing slowly returning to normal.  My head rest upon his shoulder, his breath hot in my hair.  It was in an incoherent daze that he picked me up and put me back on the bed, his body covering mine.  I was shocked to feel his hardened member seeking my opening again, already.

Gently this time, he moved on top of me, kissing my lips, my nose, my eyes.  I had never been loved so completely, so thoroughly.  As climax after climax rocked my body, he rode me into oblivion on that cold, Irish night.

The man I am in lust with…oceans away.  The man I will never know, but always long for.


Thank you for reading, and happy Wednesday 🙂

Love, nora

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The Gift #NSFW, 18+

They strolled, arm in arm, enjoying the soft light afforded by the street lamps in this little, tourist town.  Enchanting architecture, welcoming watering holes, and quaint shops created a sense of tranquility in them both and she laid her head down on his shoulder for a moment; content.

Her contentment turned to wonder as he led her into the quiet shop.  It was not an establishment they frequented often as it was quite a luxury.  She inhaled deeply, the scent of musk washing over her.  Releasing her hand, his eyes encouraged her to explore, and to enjoy.

She slowly reached out and brushed her fingers across the velvety feel of the cashmere coat, with fox trim.  She longed to feel the softness, the warmth of the fur encasing her naked body.  Not being able to resist, she picked up a rabbit stole, rubbing her cheek against the glorious texture, her eyes closed.

He watched her as she moved from item to item, slowly.  His eyes feasted on her every move as she longingly touched each exquisite piece in the collection, and he felt his cock harden in response to her soft cooing and fluttering lashes.

As she stood in front of the mirror, a chinchilla fur stole wrapped around her bare shoulders, he knew that he would buy her this gift.  He gently removed the silken piece, his eyes revealing nothing of his plans.

“It is time to go now, baby girl,”, he told her, firmly.

She obediently picked up her purse and handed him the hanger, thinking he meant to hang the treasure back on the rack.

Her eyes widened in thrilled surprise as he carried the luxurious item to the register.  She stood by his side, clasping his arm as he paid, as excited as a small child on Christmas morning.  He asked the saleswoman to remove the tag as his “girl” would be wearing the item out.  He took the chinchilla stole and wrapped it once again around her shoulders, kissing her deeply, unconcerned about who might be watching, and then he led her back into the darkness.

His arms wrapped around her shoulders, he led her to the car and tucked her safely inside.  As he headed them toward home, he glanced over at her, noting her beaming smile and closed eyes as she enjoyed her gift.

“Happy, Princess?” he asked, softly.

“Yes, Daddy…so happy.  Thank you so much,” she replied, a dreamy expression in her eyes.

“You can thank me when we get home, sweetie,” he said, his voice hardening in lust, an unspoken promise of what was to come.

Her body responded to his commanding tone and she squirmed in her seat, feeling the warmth between her thighs.  After a present like this one, she owed him one helluva thank you.

They arrived home and he helped her from the car.  Wrapping her in a tight embrace, they stood there, under the stars in front of their sanctuary, grateful for their ever evolving love for one another.

But it was time, he could wait no longer.  Taking her by the shoulders, he looked into her eyes, his gaze firm and unwavering.

“I would like you to go to the bedroom, remove everything but your panties and your new present, and wait for me on the bed,” he told her.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered in response, turning to obey his wishes.

He watched her go, the stole swirling around her lovely form.

Entering the house, he could hear her movements in the bedroom.  Allowing her only a few minutes, he walked into their bedroom, wearing only his slacks.  She had lit the propane fireplace, and his eyes adjusted to the dim, romantic glow.  There she was, stretched out upon their bed, wearing only her black lace panties, the enchanting stole, and a smile meant only for him.

He walked toward her slowly, savoring the curves of her body and the way her chest rose and fell in anticipation of his arrival.  He smelled her sweet scent as he drew closer and he knew if he were to brush his fingers between her thighs he would find her wet arousal there.

Saying nothing, he reached her, and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips.  Her eyes closed and he allowed his fingers to brush across the silken stole around her neck.  He traced the magnificent chinchilla pelt down across her breast, pinching her nipple lightly and extracting a deep moan from her as his hand continued to move lower.  After a moment of no contact, he lightly brushed her most sensitive, feminine area with his finger tips, causing her body to jerk in pleasure.  Her response awoke his most primal reaction, and without further hesitation, he was upon her…a lion, and she his prey.

Her panties were ripped down, his cock freed from its cage, and he thrust into her, claiming what was his.  His hands pinned hers above her head, and all that remained between them was the luxurious texture of fur as he skillfully rode his little girl to oblivion.  As he heard her cries become more intense and he felt her muscles contracting around his cock, he pulled out suddenly, rising above her.

Her body writhed in desperation and she cried out as he flipped her over, pulling her ass up in the air by her hips.  He mounted her again, one hand on her hip, and one hand gripping the stole, pulling her head back as he rode.  He felt her pleasure mounting and in one final thrust, he brought them both to ecstasy.

Falling to her side, he wrapped her in his arms and buried his face in the soft fur still wrapped around her neck, closing his eyes.

He had wined her, dined her, dressed her in the finest…and then he had stripped it all away, taking her with such force that her body still trembled under his.  It was his gift to her, his complete and total domination of her being.


Thank you for the gift, Daddy!  And thank you all for reading 🙂

Love, nora

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Time to pay the piper, nora! #NSFW, 18+

Last night, I got in a bit of trouble with Daddy.  You see, it was Friday night and we’d both had a long week which ended with taking our new puppies in for their vaccines.  Unfortunately, one of our puppies had a bad reaction to the vaccine which was incredibly stressful on all of us.  But, by about 9pm our fur baby was feeling much better and began to perk up.  Daddy and I decided to have a celebratory drink or two…after all, it was Friday night.

In any case, as many of you know…one drink goes straight to my head.  Daddy and I were having a conversation when he made a comment about one of my girlfriends.  He really wasn’t trying to be mean and his comment was actually pretty accurate, but I got super defensive.  I cannot recall exactly what I said to him, but my tone said, “how dare you talk about my friend like that”.  As the words left my mouth, a sense of dread washed over me when I saw Daddy’s reaction.

After staring at me for several long moments, he quietly said, “You do not get to talk to me like that, young lady.”

I immediately began apologizing, but the damage was done.

Now, Daddy made a rule for himself from the very start of our experiences with domestic discipline.  If he has had any alcoholic beverages, he will not employ spanking as discipline as he worries he could go too far and hurt me in a way he didn’t intend.

Instead, he handed me the puppy he was holding and walked out of the room.  I sat there quietly, wondering what was going to happen.  It has been a long time since I spoke that disrespectfully to him.

When he returned, he was holding my leather wrists cuffs and the penis gag that we had yet to use.  Butterflies filled my stomach.  Without saying a word, Daddy attached a leather cuff to each of my wrists and then linked them together.  He then ordered me to open my mouth.  He let me sit there for a long moment with my mouth wide open, my brown eyes pleading with him, before he put the penis gag in my mouth.  He locked the gag in place, took both puppies from my lap, and sat back down.

I sat there, trussed up in punishment, with tears in my eyes.  I felt horrible for speaking to Daddy like that.  I knew I had earned this punishment, but it was awful.  I couldn’t really swallow and I was already starting to drool.  I felt a lot of things in that moment…. helpless, humiliated, contrite.  My tongue kept running over the ridges of the silicone penis in my mouth, and I couldn’t help but think that it felt like a real penis keeping me from speaking disrespecting to my Daddy.

Daddy didn’t say anything for a while.  When he did, it was said calmly and authoritatively.  “You will sit there like that until I am no longer upset about your behavior.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my beer and continue to watch this show.”

And so it was.  Daddy sat in his chair, with his feet up and two adorable puppies in his lap, while I sat next to him, tears in my eyes, fully repentant…with a giant cock locked into my mouth.  It was a hard lesson to learn, but I was wholly deserving of his discipline.

About an hour later, Daddy put the puppies down and stood before me.  He gently lectured me on my behavior and told me that he expected better of me.  All I could do was nod my acquiescence as he unlocked my cuffs and removed the penis gag from my mouth.  I was a bit of a mess and he gave me permission to head to the restroom and clean myself up.

When I returned, we had a good hug and Daddy kissed me on the forehead.  The cuffs stayed on, and the penis gag was set out on the end table as a reminder to be good.

In all honesty, the penis gag is no joke.  This was a terrible punishment for me, one that I will sincerely try to avoid.  Just thinking about it now puts my stomach in knots.  There is the physical aspect of it…having an object like that shoved into your mouth and locked in place, and there is the symbolic aspect….disrespect Daddy and he will punish you with his cock (not his actual cock in this case, but you get what I mean).  This is a bit of a side note, but I remember reading something not too long ago and it went something like, “A girl needs to show respect to both her man’s cock and his belt…if she does not respect either enough, she will be punished with the other.”

I have been truly punished.  I will watch my tone and treat my Daddy with the respect he deserves.  I really am sorry about last night, Daddy.  Thank you for disciplining me.

And, thank you all for reading about my misadventures 🙂

Love, nora

P.S.  This is the product we purchased from Amazon

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Daddy, will you please? #NSFW, 18+

“Daddy, please dominate me tonight,” were the words that I whispered into my husband’s ear last night when he arrived home after work.  Grinning, he whispered back, “Oh, don’t you worry, little girl.  I know just what to do with you.”

And, he did.

After my evening bath, I stood nude, waiting in the corner of our bedroom for him.  Not long after, he came in, ignoring me as he went to our toy chest in the walk-in closet.  Behind me, I could hear him bringing things out, but I didn’t dare turn around as once I am in the corner, I am to stay there until he releases me.

Without a word, he took my arm and turned me around so I was facing him.  He instructed me to lift my hair and he firmly attached the collar around my neck.  He then led me to the bed and ordered me to lay down, face first.  I obeyed and soon my wrists were hand cuffed above my head, my nude body stretched out behind me.  Then, without warning, he forcefully thrust the silver plug into my bottom.

Patting my cheeks, he said, “Aren’t you a cute little bunny?”.  My face burned in shame, knowing that he was seeing me nude, with the white bunny tail plug thrust up my rear.

He kneeled down by the bed, and in my ear he said sternly, “I do this because I love you, baby girl.  This is to remind you who you belong to.  You are mine forever.”

His sweet words said, he was through with talking.

After a brisk hand spanking, the carpet beater rained down all over my naked backside.  I cried and squirmed the best I could, but the hand cuffs hurt if you wiggle too much.  My spanking seemed to go on and on.  How had I forgotten how much this particular instrument hurt?

After seven or eight hard strikes right to the middle of my bottom, he paused, setting down his means of pain.  But he wasn’t finished with me, not by far.

Next came the wooden paddle.  My wooden paddle, with the naughty images drawn on each side.  This brought tears and desperate pleas for him to stop.  I tried my best to hold still, but each stroke had me kicking and revealing my feminine charms.

He asked me if I had had enough.  I cried out yes.

He asked me if I could take more and I was silent.  I finally whispered, “yes, Daddy”.

He left my side and returned to the closet.  When he returned, I felt the cold touch of the cane on my bottom.

“You will get six and you will count them,” he told me.

Before I could even consider pleading with him, the first blow landed, burning Daddy’s mark across the lower cheeks of my backside.

I cried out, the pain flooding my mind and body.  And, I counted.

He laid five more searing stripes across my bottom before he set down the cane and released my hand cuffs.

He came to the other side of the bed, and ordered me into his arms.  He didn’t have to ask twice as I was desperate for his comfort.  He held me until my tears subsided and he reminded me that he loved me more than anything.  I expressed my love and my gratitude to him for fulfilling my request.

We didn’t make love, as life’s responsibilities were calling.

But tonight, I plan on showing Daddy how much this little girl appreciates the discipline he gave me last night…

Oh, and these are Daddy’s means of pain…all purchased from Cane-Iac.

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Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Love, nora

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Rainy day musings about D/s

I’m happy to report that all is right in the world of nora & Daddy.  We have been happily distracted with the raising and training of our two new puppies.  But, I’ve been hearing from more than a few of you about my absence from the blogging world and for that, I apologize.  I sincerely miss reading the fantastic blogs of my dear WordPress friends and the interactions we have.  And, I miss writing!  So, I am sitting down this morning to get some writing done and address an email that I got from a dear friend (you know who you are!).  In this email, I was asked if I could share a bit about how my husband grew in his dominance and what that process looked like for us.

Daddy and I officially committed to incorporating domestic discipline (DD) into our marriage last January.  I initiated this and presented my husband with material that I had found on the internet.  I communicated to him that I strongly desired to be held accountable to him and that I wanted him to use corporal punishment when I broke any of our agreements.  He has always known about my interest in spanking and we experimented with it a bit off and on throughout our marriage, but in a sexual foreplay kind of a way.  We decided together that a total power exchange was in order.  I would learn to follow his lead, speak respectfully at all times, and accept his decisions.

I began blogging about our experiences a few days into that journey.  Like many of you, I really had no one that I could talk to about this life changing decision.  It was through my interactions with many of you that I learned about the exciting world of Dominance and submission (D/s).  And, during this time…I began to go a bit crazy…I was in a frenzy and I wanted more, more, more!

My frustration for needing more was one of our biggest hurdles.  I truly feel sorry for what I put Daddy through during this time.  He was doing his best to match my pace in my desire to be dominated, but every time he would successfully dominate me, all I wanted was more!  I was incredibly selfish during this time and couldn’t recognize how much work he was putting in…all I could focus on was my need to continuously experience subspace.  I even began to criticize how he was dominating me, wanting him to do so in specific ways.  I was anything but submissive during this time.

Here on WordPress, I was making many new friends.  I began to have intense conversations with my friend, furcissy, about what was occurring between Daddy and I.  Furcissy showed great empathy for my plight, but firmly warned me about the dangers of pushing Daddy too hard.  He reminded me that this was a lifestyle that I initiated, and that Daddy needed time to catch up.  All the signs pointed to my husband continuing to grow in his dominance, I just needed to give him a chance to do so…to let him spread his own wings, so to speak.

It was during this time that I also read the book, The Surrendered Wife, written by Laura Doyle.  I cannot express how much I learned from reading this book…it taught me the importance of surrendering (submitting) to my husband’s leadership and what would happen for both of us if I could do so.  To be clear, this book was not written about D/s…there is no mention of spanking or kinky sex.  But for those of you that truly want to learn submission, it is a must read.  Buy it today and get it read.

So, I started to back off a bit.  I started doing a lot of self-reflection.  I started realizing that I was topping from the bottom, much of the time, and that I was actually stunting my husband’s growth in his leadership role.  Instead of encouraging his leadership, I was falling back into old habits and critiquing everything he did.  And, when I backed off, the most miraculous thing began to happen!  The lifestyle that I had proposed to Daddy began to come to life.

You see, Daddy was a bit apprehensive about the change in our lifestyle.  Yes, he wanted me to respect and obey him, but when he would try to dominate me, I would criticize him for not doing it “the right way”…basically, how I expected him to.  Or, I would demand more. It seemed to him that it was turning into just another part of our life that I was trying to control and which I would talk down to him about.  Why would he want any part in that?  But, as I began to back off and focus on being submissive to him, even when he wasn’t dominating me, he began to feel empowered and encouraged.  He began to create rules that were meaningful to him and we began to move at his pace, not mine.  This occurred about seven months in.  This took an incredible amount of self-control on my part.  Inside, I still just wanted more, more, more!

Throughout this experience, we talked constantly about what was occurring.  From reading The Surrendered Wife, I knew that it was my job as a submissive wife to build my husband up and help him grow in his confidence.  As he became more confident, he began to grow in his dominance.  More rules were put in place, more protocols to follow which he initiated.  And the more natural it all began to feel.

So…if I were to give any advice to other submissives (which, I actually hate giving advice)…it would be the following:

  • Try to ease up on your partner. Stop putting all your expectations on them 24/7.  Chances are, your partner has a career, kids, and hobbies which also need some of his/her focus.  Even though you are experiencing a frenzy of sorts, he or she may not be…they are just trying to keep up with you and this huge request you have made of them.
  • Build your partner up. Compliment often.  Show admiration in the way he/she is currently dominating you.  Show them gratitude for even attempting to make this huge lifestyle change.  Show them that you recognize how challenging it is and how much work it is.  If you aren’t doing this, chances are you are making them feel like they are failing you…and this will not encourage them to want to live the D/s lifestyle with you.
  • Together, schedule time to discuss your wants/desires, versus constantly hounding them. Make the most of those scheduled sessions.  Try to give your partner one thing at a time that you might like to see incorporated into your dynamic, if it pleases them to do so.  Learn to accept that what you want, may not be what he/she wants.  Give them the space to figure out what they want your dynamic to look like.
  • Focus on your own submission. Yes, their dominance does feed our submission, but that works both ways.  Feed his/her dominance by being respectful at all times, being in control of your emotions, and by your servitude.
  • Offer to do some of the “learning” work for him/her. I know my husband very well.  He is not the type to seek out research.  So, I proposed that he assign me to do this for him.  He loved this idea and told me that it was now a weekly assignment, which is due by Wednesday.  I seek out 2-3 articles or blogs which discuss various aspects of D/s or DD and I email them to him.  He reads the articles before my maintenance spanking on Sunday and we discuss them during that session.  In this way, I get to share with him aspects of D/s that I might like to see incorporated or might desire him to work on, respectfully.  I am also careful to not act like too much of a “gate-keeper” and I share things with him that may not be pleasant for me (i.e. the article on a proper mouth-soaping).


Overall, be patient and kind.  I can honestly tell you that my Daddy did not have a dominant bone in his body before we began this new lifestyle.  He was not an Alpha male and this stuff did not come naturally to him.  He had to completely revamp himself in order to satisfy my request for a total power exchange.  But, in doing so, he has grown into the man that both he and I needed him to be.

These are my musings, take them and do with them what you will.  This will obviously not apply to everyone and all situations, but it has been my experience, and it has been a good one.  And, I think that building your life partner up is something all of us can live by 🙂

Happy reading and writing, my friends 🙂

Love, nora