A fun little game #18+, NSFW

Hello my friends, Succulent Savage has a fun little list circulating if you care to play along.  Place a heart by all that applies to you. And, pictures are always nice too 😉 Stay kinky! XOXO, Nora Been Married Been divorced Fell in love Skipped school  I did do this once, and got caught…it is a shame they... Continue Reading →

Indecent Exposure #18+, NSFW

Daddy and I just returned from our wild adventures in the vast lands of Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming (that’s cowboy country for those unfamiliar).  We had a phenomenal trip!  While we saw many beautiful places, and visited a few historical landmarks…I know you really just want the juicy details… Indecent exposure. I suppose we really... Continue Reading →

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