On Restriction

I told a lie. 

In the moment, it felt insignificant.  It was said in haste with little to no thought about the consequences of my actions.

It only took a few moments for what I had done to sink in.  My eyes welled with tears.  I felt terrible.

I texted Sir immediately and told him that I needed to tell him something.  I did this because I was worried that I might chicken out and let the lie remain between us.

Sir called me a few minutes later and I told him what I had done.  He was surprised.  I am very honest with Sir as I understand that the foundation of our Dynamic is trust.  Sometimes it is hard to be honest. Sometimes it is difficult to be brave and say the hard things…but I do.  And so does he. 

Wow, was all he said for a moment.

My heart felt like it was breaking.  I was already crying.  Why had I done something so foolish?  Would this make him want to walk away from our Dynamic? Would this make him feel like he could not trust me anymore?

Sir spanked me soundly for this misbehavior, on the spot.  He sent me for the jokari style paddle, the one with holes in it, which he doesn’t use very often.  I cried the entire time…from the pain, but mostly from my own guilt and remorse.  After, I had to sit in the naughty chair, bare bottom directly on a very scratchy scouring pad, and write a great deal of lines.

Sir hardly lectured me during this spanking, which is unusual for him.  Later, I learned that this was purposeful.  He could hear the intensity of my crying, could hear the remorse in my every word as I kept telling him that I was sorry.  He felt that I knew what I had done and that lecturing me further would be unwarranted.

But he did feel that another type of discipline was warranted.  He placed me on orgasm restriction for three days. 

He has never disciplined me in this way.

I immediately gave my word that I would obey him, and I have.  And I am really, really looking forward to being off restriction tomorrow. Every time that I have wanted to touch myself the last few days, I have thought about the importance of honesty. 

I will think before I speak.  I will strive to be a submissive girl with the greatest integrity.  I will strive to make all of my words and actions honest ones. 

I will do better, Sir.

With love and submission,


29 thoughts on “On Restriction

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    1. Smiles. I really wasn’t trying to be mysterious. Sir had given me a command (on Messenger) and I told him that I completed it. I did not. And directly after, I felt terrible…and I owned up to it. But it did feel very serious to both of us. Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. I’m so sorry girl. Orgasm bans are the worst. It takes guys I date an average of a month to discover that if they want any real behavioral change than they have to restrict my orgasms. And that works for about 36 hours until they realize that I am a nightmare without my orgasms. So you either have to suffer through an orgasmless Gracie or you can usually they pick the first option and those ones don’t last very much longer.

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    1. HA! I loved reading this, Grace! I have been a good girl throughout this restriction…pleasant and cooperative. Sir uses orgasm restriction “just because” at times, because he can. And sometimes on those days I DO get a little cranky. But this time around I just felt remorseful. I am REALLY looking forward to a some quality me time today. Hope all is well!!! XOXO


  2. In the time I have been reading your blog I have felt you to be a person of honesty so in my eyes young lady your good Sir did the correct thing.
    Now keep your thoughts from wandering into naughty territory and remain chaste throughout the aforementioned demanded time frame…That is a fair and proper penance young lady

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    1. Thank you, Christian! You bring me so much joy, my friend. I appreciate your mentioning Daddy. He has been doing well lately, and all of this health stuff has really united us as a couple. He is my rock. Much love to you and yours! XOXO

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    1. Hi Franz! I’m not sure how I missed this comment. I am sorry I am so late in responding to you. It was an emotionally challenging event for me. I am really glad it is behind me. And so glad to be off restriction! XOXO

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      1. Hi nora! I think it must be easy to miss a comment amidst them all.

        This update confirms the power of traditional punishment with tangible consequences is that you can genuinely put the event behind you. No hard feelings or ambiguity remain. Relief, resolution, and a bright new start. I am happy for you, my friend. ❤

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  3. “I will do better, Sir.”

    Your intent is sincere, Nora. But deep down you know you won’t always do better, and a special part of you longs for the sweet pain of punishment that your insubordination will bring.

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