He likes to dress me

Hello, my kinky friends!

I haven’t written about Sir in some time, and I’ve had a few emails asking if he has disappeared from my life.  I want to assure you that Sir is still very much a part of my world, and he continues to Dominate me daily in a variety of ways.  Unfortunately, Sir is not a huge fan of me writing about him but he has agreed to allow me to on occasion. 

For those of you new to my blog, Sir and I entered into a power exchange Dynamic almost seven months ago.  Our Dynamic is long-distance and conducted solely on-line.  However, despite the distance, Sir and I speak every single day.  He has quite a bit of control over my life, and in a previous post, I shared the rules he established for me.  And with rules, or broken rules I should say, come consequences…typically in the form of a directed spanking, corner time, or writing in my journal. 

Over time, our Dynamic has evolved.  Our Dynamic is fluid and often either he or I will make suggestions to “keep things fresh”.  It is always a negotiation with Sir…which both of us enjoy greatly.  I will assure you, while I have a voice in our Dynamic, he is quite strict with me.  He allows me to have my say but he also expects complete obedience to his will.    

Recently, Sir decided that he might enjoy dressing me on occasion.  A couple of weeks ago, we did a trial run with this.  What his dressing me entails is me providing a selection of outfits (via photos) to him that would be appropriate for what I am doing that day (a day at home, meetings, running errands, etc.).  He decides how many options I will send him, and by what time.  After I have obeyed him and he has reviewed the options I have provided, he lets me know which outfit he expects me to wear for the day.

When he first suggested this, I was VERY nervous.  I think I was worried about not living up to his fantasy or something.  After all, don’t dominant men envision a submissive lady in skirts, garter belts, and heels most of the time?  LOL.  My wardrobe is nothing like that! Well, I do own a few garter belts and thigh highs…but that is definitely not something I wear on a daily basis.  And I am 5’8”…fuck heels.  Due to the pandemic and the necessity of working from home, most days I can be found wearing yoga pants or athletic wear (which make my ass looks hot!).  In any case, I still worried what Sir might think…

I really need to give the man more credit.  He has been incredibly supportive of my endless parade of various yoga pants, tee-shirts, and moisture wicking athletic wear.  On the occasions that I have left the house for meetings or errands or something, he has also enjoyed seeing my non-workout clothing (and when he’s lucky, I send him a picture 😊).  LOL.  And apparently this act of control brings him great pleasure as he informed me that I will submit to him in this way 2-3 times per week in the foreseeable future. 

I will admit…giving Sir control in this way has been challenging.  I have never been subject to someone choosing my clothes for me… I mean, not since I was a little girl.  Sometimes Daddy gives his preference on my clothing (especially if we are dressing up for a night on the town), but he never actually tells me what to wear.  Giving Sir this control puts me firmly in a submissive mindset.  It makes me feel like a young girl under the authority of a parental figure.  In some ways, I feel like a little doll…at his disposal to dress however he pleases.    

So, that is the update on my D/s dynamic with Sir!  I should also share that Daddy recently gave Sir permission to discipline me through the use of anal plugs…but I’ll save that story for another post 😊

Stay kinky!



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  1. I’ll admit, I don’t think I’ve ever understood the appeal of having clothes picked out for me before, but reading about your experience and feelings here — actually imagining what that might be like, knowing it wasn’t my choice — has shifted that in me somewhat. Eep! ❤ Thank you for writing!

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    1. I will be honest with you, Tacit… I had never understood the appeal either! But now that I am actually doing this with Sir… it does make me feel beautifully submissive. Thank you for the comment, and welcome to my blog! 🙂

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  2. I hadn’t considered this before, but that may be because I haven’t been in this kind of relationship. It’s very intimate – to be in control of dressing another adult. I also prefer the casual everyday attire. On a kink scale, “It makes me feel like a young girl under the authority of a parental figure,” is at the top for me. XO

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    1. Smiles at you. Thank you, Franz. So, I am curious…now that you have read my post and had some time to think on it…if you were to have a submissive in your service…would you be interested in dressing her? XOXO

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  3. Yes, I like it, nora. As often when I think about kinky power exchange, I also flip it to imagine what it would feel like in the submissive position, and how the situation looks from an observer’s viewpoint. I find this control over dressing to be exciting, and it fits with fantasies I’ve entertained in the past, where I’m managing things in a paternal way, sometimes like she’s a child, or an adult being taken care of as if she were a child — bathing her and putting her to bed would be an example, which would include some dressing and undressing. Being in charge of her daily dressing, deciding what she should wear, evokes some similar feelings, and I’m not sure why I hadn’t imagined it. Maybe I did. My memory is not what it used to be. 🙂

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    1. Oh Franz… you just touched on one of my fantasies! I adore the idea of being bathed, washed thoroughly, dressed, and being put to bed. I know that this probably sounds like I am a “little” (a person who imagines being a certain young age)…but for me… I want to be a grown woman experiencing those things, being made to feel young, being made to feel like I have to obey that paternal figure. Smiles. Perhaps I need to write another post where I explore this idea! 🙂

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      1. I see a real difference between age regression and what we’re talking about. I don’t imagine the one being treated as a child as acting like a child, or believing they’re a child. There’s no break from reality. This is about an adult who is in the position of a child, and our full awareness of that disjunction is a big part of the attraction. I’d enjoy reading your exploration of the dynamic.

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          1. Thank you for the compliment, nora, but you’re the one with the experience, and the ability to present an in-depth look into things. Our kinks align well. I just make little comments in appreciation, and I’m grateful you like them.

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  4. This is *such* a delicious post. I don’t think I remember hearing nora previously acknowledge how hot her *ass* looks, especially in so many words!

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  5. I love this…especially the idea of giving up control of something so casual and basic as what we wear. And yes, the dynamic of being bathed and put to bed is very erotic. I have had an enforced bedtime for 6 months now that was introduced by a previous online Domme, and it has stuck. It is very therapeutic and has upped my productivity enormously, as well as my physical and mental well-being.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, my friend! My Sir gives me a bedtime on occasion, usually if my husband is out of town. I have to admit…it is good for me. I am glad that it has been so helpful for you! 🙂

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  6. Sounds like fun! The idea of giving up something so simple Like dressing yourself. Can be so profoundly submissive if done properly. Is there anything that he loves to see you in that you just can’t stand to wear?

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    1. Great question, Grace Marie! So far, that hasn’t happened. But… with his guidance, I did buy myself a romper. While these are making a bit of a comeback in women’s wear…to me, they look very childish. He hasn’t Directed me to wear it for the day yet…but I imagine that will cause me some angst when he does…

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  7. I think giving someone control of your clothes is a great thing, IF they take your own wishes into account too. I mean, if you are not someone to walk on stilettos, they shouldn’t expect you to wear it just because they think it’s sexy. The same with very short skirts and garter belts, if it makes you uncomfortable, they shouldn’t expect that. But, the way your Sir does it is perfect!
    ~ Marie xox

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    1. Hi Marie! I am very grateful for how Sir does this, as he allows me great say by choosing 3-4 outfits for him to select from. He has let me know that one day in the future, he would like to do some on-line clothing shopping with me so that he has greater influence over my wardrobe. This makes me a bit nervous…but to be honest, he is always very fair with me. I would say he far more enjoys the process of negotiation than he does simply issuing an order. And…the nervousness I experience about this…is truly delicious. There is something so stimulating for me about him imposing his will over my life…. XOXO

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  8. Well a couple of things—you send pics of your outfits—but you also implied that you send pics of yourself dressed as he requested. As so that’s a big change. Does he also choose your underwear? If I were doing this, I would definitely be choosing your undergarments and whether you actually wore them… lol

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