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Admiration for my Daddy

As I have shared previously, I am in a difficult place right now as I deal with feelings of grief and loss.  My emotions are up and down, and sometimes my mouth gets the best of me…spewing out angry, misguided words, in some fool hearted attempt to find a bit of control in this ever changing world.  But, I have to say…my Daddy does not let me get away with this, not when those words hurt others around me, including him.  Let’s face it, when we are hurting, we tend to take it out on those that are closest to us…for me, that is Daddy.  The man who is my rock, my soul mate, the man who takes care of me in every way…it makes me very ashamed of myself that this is the person that I take my anger out on.

Two nights ago, I picked a very dumb fight with my Daddy.  I was feeling emotional, I’d had a long day, and instead of being respectful to Daddy when I disagreed with him, I picked a fight.  Daddy didn’t tolerate this and I found out quickly what he thought of my behavior…I spent the rest of the evening with a plug in my bottom and a bit in my mouth, sitting nude in my chair, reminding me of who was in charge.  Oh how I hate the bit!  It means no conversations with Daddy and no more sips of my adult beverage (which is probably what was getting me in trouble in the first place).  You’d think I would have learned.  But no…last night, the same fight was referenced and instead of apologizing, I picked right up where I left off!  I was a little surprised that Daddy didn’t just send me to bed for bad behavior, but I guess despite my naughty mouth, he was enjoying my company.  Instead, he got the spreader bar, and I spent the evening with my legs spread wide open, fully nude and on display for him.  This is a difficult (yet effective) punishment for me as I feel so humiliated with my legs spread wide like this, right out in our living room.  Also, he told me that before we went anywhere today that he was going to paddle me and that I would still be getting my maintenance spanking separate from the paddling.  I dread getting a spanking with my Daddy’s paddle…it is a 12 inch wooden paddle, ½ thick, with holes in it.  From the first crack of that paddle on my bottom, I am wailing and wishing my punishment would end…but Daddy always makes a paddling a memorable event.  No doubt my bottom will be the recipient of Daddy’s paddle for several minutes of continuous spanking, plus the 15 licks I always have to count out at the end.  Sometimes, I only have to count the number and say “One, Sir”, or sometimes he requests that I say something like, “One, Sir. When I disrespect my Daddy I will be spanked”.  As I sit here writing, I can’t help but watch the clock, knowing Daddy will soon wake up and it will be time for my spanking.

But, despite my nervous anticipation of the punishment spanking that I earned, I can’t help but admire my Daddy.  We are going through a difficult time right now, but he remains consistent, insisting that I treat him respectfully at all times.  I admire the way he has stepped into his role as my Daddy and disciplinarian…he is truly the head of our household now.  His very presence in the room now demands respect and his dominance over me makes my heart flutter.  Though we’ve been together for 14 years and I used to always know what he would do next or how he would react in a situation, it is like learning each other all over again…he continually surprises me in the ways that he dominants me.  I never know what to expect, except that I am learning to expect consistency.

I admire you, Daddy.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for taking care of me, and of us and our marriage.  I will try harder to control my mouth and while I am nervous about my upcoming paddling, thank you for loving me enough to give it to me.

Love, nora

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Thoughts on life and domestic discipline

From my perspective, life is a journey with many ups and downs.  Sometimes, you are high on that mountain, enjoying all life has to offer, content with where you are.  And other times, you are low in the valley, wanting to escape the wind and rain at your back, with no reprieve in sight.  I am in that valley now, struggling though the grief of losing my brother a few short weeks ago, and losing my mother last summer.  Some days, it as if a dark cloud is pressing down upon me, holding me back, suffocating me.

But then, a little ray of sunshine makes its way through the clouds.  For me, this is typically in the form of my husband, coming to rescue me from my pain.  At other times, it is an unexpected flower popping up in my garden, or one of my dogs doing something ridiculously cute.  But typically, it is my husband, my Daddy, coming to help me.  My husband sees my pain and he does his best to help me through it.  We both feel that this new lifestyle, domestic discipline, has helped us immensely on this journey of life.  By living a domestic discipline relationship, he is able to guide me and provide me structure, which helps rescue me from the pain.  I’ll share a brief example.  Last night, after an especially rough day, I was lying in our bed at about seven o’clock in the evening.  I was horribly sad.  But he came in, turned on the light, and told me that he really wanted the pleasure of my company that evening and he took the blanket off of me.  I resisted… I wanted to stay right there, and be sad, and listen to sad songs on my phone (because that is so good for me).  In response to my disobedience to his request, he spanked me…just two hard slaps to my behind, but it was enough to pull me out of the fog.  I got up, joined him, and we had a very pleasant evening together.  This wouldn’t have happened in the past, before we began this journey…I would have stayed sad and lonely in bed, and he would have gone on about his evening, probably a little angry and a little lonely too.

If you are new to domestic discipline, it is not about the sex (though you may definitely experience a boost in this area!).  To me, it is about being set free from your old life, being set free from dysfunctional patterns in your relationship, being set free from undesirable qualities in yourself.  Despite the grief that I have been experiencing, I can honestly say that my marriage is the healthiest it has ever been.  And, I feel more loved by my husband than I ever have….he thinks of me, he takes care of me, he dedicates his time to me even after a long day at work.  Just as importantly, I show him more love than I ever have, I think of him, I dedicate to my time to him, and I submit to his authority which is so beneficial to both of us.

If you are considering implementing domestic discipline into your relationship (and chances are, you are considering it as you just googled “domestic discipline”), consider the vast benefits which you and your partner may experience.  It is a lot of hard work, on both sides, but it is also an incredible learning experience which brings two people closer.

Happy reading and writing, fellow bloggers!

~ nora

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Oh, the waiting…

It isn’t always easy, waiting for your lover to come and take you.  I find myself here, Saturday morning, hungry for his attention, needing him, but knowing that he needs to rest.  I give him this time to sleep like one gives a gift, though I check on him occasionally…seeing his hard, masculine form lying in our bed…oh how I want to join him, but I know I must wait.  The waiting is good for me…it gives me time to consider my submission to him.  What can I do to please him today?  What can I do that will make his day just a little bit better?  What can I do to ensure that he feels confident and respected throughout the day?

I try to distract myself with other things, reading the blogs of my like-minded peers here on WordPress.  But that only serves to make me want him more as many of you are posting some very sexy writings this morning.  I long to touch myself- he hasn’t forbid this- but, I would rather save myself for him, to be used at his will when he wakes as there is nothing my Daddy loves more than morning sex on the weekends (and me too!).

And so, I will wait.  I will sit in this chair, waiting, squirming, fully nude though wrapped in a soft blanket to keep warm on this chilly morning, and wait to hear his footsteps down the hall.  I will anticipate that moment when he comes in and sees the hunger in my eyes, the passion I have for him.  I will hope that he will lead me to our marriage bed and I will do all of the things he enjoys and finds pleasing…driving him to the brink…

Oh, the waiting…

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He said yes!

As my husband and I are pretty new to domestic discipline, we are still experimenting with different implements for him to discipline me with.  He has implements that he likes because he feels they are most effective.  I have implements that I prefer, which tend to be more stingy and less “thud”.  Basically, the instruments he likes tend to leave bruises and make it hard for a misbehaving wife to sit down the next day and the instruments I prefer are stingy and leave welts on my bottom.  I don’t typically get to choose what I am spanked with…it is always Daddy’s preference.  At this stage, Daddy has spanked me with his belt, a wooden hairbrush, a stiff round leather paddle with holes in it, a rectangular wooden paddle with holes in it, a carpet beater, a cane, a switch, and the strap.  But, my naughty little self couldn’t help but wonder if there weren’t other implements we should try.  So, I asked Daddy permission today to visit our spanking implement website and he said yes!  I am to surprise him by picking out my own punishment implements.

I won’t reveal yet what I chose, as Daddy checks my blog, but I have a feeling I will be one, sore, submissive little lady (just how my Daddy likes me) after this package arrives.

If you haven’t visited their site yet, can fulfill all of your spanking needs (well, ours at least).  This is the only implement website we have used so I can’t compare it to others, but the items are shipped out quickly, the package is discreet, and the quality of the products is amazing.  In my opinion, they have a pretty large selection.

So…what is your favorite implement to be spanked with, or for those Head of Households/Dominants reading, what do you prefer to spank a bottom with?

Happy shopping!

~ naughty nora

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My punishment/submission stool

For several weeks, Daddy had me look for a punishment stool when I was out shopping.  He wanted it to be made of wood, sturdy with a flat service, so that any naughty little girl who was sitting on it would certainly be made to feel the burning effects of her recent spanking.  About two weeks ago, I found something that I thought would please him and brought it home.  To date, I have only sat on my punishment stool, facing the wall, one time after a well-deserved spanking.  It was very uncomfortable to say the least!  The hard edges of the stool dig into a well-spanked backside, making it a very effective addition to a chastisement.

However, Daddy had other ideas for the new stool as well.  Last night, after a wonderfully long and relaxing bath, I joined my husband in the living room to find this (picture above) waiting for me.  Daddy gave me a big hug and explained that it wasn’t a punishment, but that he felt that sitting on the stool with the plug in my bottom would be a good exercise in submission for me.  He then told me to lower my pajama bottoms to my ankles.  After obeying him, he walked behind me, and I could hear him opening the bottle of lube and preparing the plug.  He then told me to bend over.  I bent at the waist, legs shoulder width apart, presenting my bare bottom (and everything else!) to him.  He gently, but firmly inserted the plug.  I don’t know about you other submissives, but no matter how many times he does this, I never get used to it!  It is so invading, humiliating…the perfect tool for a submission exercise, I suppose.  He then told me to sit down.  And so I sat on my submission stool, plug in my bottom, for thirty minutes while Daddy watched TV.  While sitting there I went through a range of emotions…from being near tears, to being angry at having to sit on the hard stool with a plug invading my bottom when I hadn’t even misbehaved, to the submissive attitude Daddy was looking for.  Unfortunately for me, when I went through my short anger phase, I mouthed off to Daddy and told him that I wanted to get up.  He, obviously, did not allow me to, gave me a stern warning, and added time to my visit on the stool.  After his warning, I was thankfully able to keep my mouth shut and eventually, I felt the glow of submission wash over me.  When it was over, Daddy told me to go wash the plug and return it to the stool, where it sat by the TV for the rest of the evening as a reminder.  I then removed all of my clothes and was able to join Daddy in watching our show together.  He didn’t say that I was going to get a spanking for my attitude during my time on the stool, but…I certainly won’t be surprised.

As you know, my Daddy doesn’t allow me to post pictures of myself or my spanked bottom on this site.  I was allowed to start this blog because I could do so anonymously, protecting our privacy, yet having a forum to discuss with others the topics of domestic discipline, submission, etc.  We both greatly enjoy reading the comments and blogs of others who are on similar journeys (thank you!).  However, Daddy did give me permission to share the actual picture of my new discipline/submission stool…and so, there it is.  My new stool…oh, my poor bottom….

Thank you for reading!  And thank you for the stool, Daddy 🙂

~ Nora

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Needing Him

Needing Him

Sometimes life gets in the way.  There are emergencies.  People get sick. Jobs require one to travel out of town.  Whatever the reason, we can’t always be together like we want and need to be.  As a beginning submissive, a wife newly introduced to domestic discipline, I find that I long for my Daddy whenever we are apart now.  I think of him all the time, dream of him, dream of us together.  It seems at times that my body is actually humming with electricity, waiting for his touch, whether it be the soft touch of my lover or the firm hand of my Daddy on my naked, upturned backside.  He is all that can satisfy my hunger, my longing.  He owns me, I belong to him…my body, my heart, my mind.  And, I love being His and only His.

Till the next time we can enjoy alone time, Daddy.  I love you.

~ Your naughty nora

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Spanking fiction- Crystal’s Story Continues

If you find reading about a young woman in her 20’s getting a spanking offensive, please leave this page.

To the rest of you, happy reading!  I thought I would try my hand at writing spanking fiction…

~ Nora


Two years had gone by and Crystal was enjoying her life as a 20-year-old, college co-ed.  She still lived at home, and knew she was subject to being turned over Daddy’s knee if she misbehaved, but she had matured into a beautiful, delightful, responsible young woman.  It had been quite a while since she had done anything that warranted her panties being taken down for some old-fashioned discipline, though Daddy had his hands full with her sisters.  She was walking across campus one day when a somewhat gruff, deeply masculine voice said, “well, look who it is”.  She looked up into his eyes, a charming blush settling over her features immediately upon recognition.

It was none other than Sam McGinty, the deputy who had returned her to her waiting, angry Daddy the night she had missed her curfew.  The same deputy who had seen her face down on her Daddy’s lap, getting a bare-bottom spanking like a naughty little school girl.  The same deputy who had commented that he approved of how her Daddy was raising her and had shaken her Daddy’s hand while she lay face down in disgrace, panties around her knees, over the parental lap.  She whispered hello to Sam but couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eyes.

He couldn’t help but grin at the submissive way she kept her eyes downcast.  Yes, he certainly remembered seeing and hearing her getting a well-deserved spanking, but in his mind, that was just the way of things.  He continued to engage her in conversation and soon enough she was making eye contact with him and giving him that sweet, charming smile.  She was one of the prettiest women he’d ever laid eyes on and he couldn’t help but ask her out, even though she was a good four years younger than he.

She blushed heavily when he requested to have dinner with her and she told him quietly that dinner would be lovely.  Her heart was thumping in her chest and her knees shaky…she’d only had a few small crushes over the years but she had always thought Sam was the most handsome man.  After exchanging numbers and setting a time for Sam to pick her up Friday night, Crystal was on her way to class, her heart light and head in the clouds.  She received a few stern looks from her mathematics professor as he noticed her incessant doodling that afternoon, but all she could think of was Sam.

Friday night couldn’t come soon enough for Crystal and finally it was the day of their big date.  She dressed in a beautiful cream colored dress, covered in red flowers and a red sash around the waist.  When she came downstairs, her father beamed with pride at his beautiful daughter and he told her she was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen, besides Momma of course.  Daddy greeted Sam at the door and smiled when he saw the young man had flowers for his baby girl.  The two men shook hands and talked about work for a bit, and then to Crystal’s utter humiliation, Daddy said, “Now, be sure to have her back on-time, Sam…this little girl has a strict curfew as you are well-aware”.

Sam grinned at the heavy blush that rose in Crystal’s cheeks and told her Daddy that he would be sure to have her home on time.  He led Crystal out to his truck and off they went.  It took Crystal the full car ride to the restaurant to recover from Daddy’s stern warning but she soon relaxed and the two fell into easy conversation.  It was a wonderful evening and as promised, Sam returned her home on-time, lightly brushing her cheek with a kiss.  Crystal was in heaven.

Sam and Crystal had only been dating a few months the first time Sam threatened Crystal with a spanking.  It happened at the movie theater late one summer afternoon, when Crystal returned with too much change from the movie tickets.  She handed the cash back to Sam saying that it was the cashier’s fault, he was the one who had made the mistake. Sam told her to return the change immediately, that it was the same as stealing as she was fully aware of the mistake, but Crystal argued that it wasn’t her fault.  That was when Sam leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You return that money immediately young lady or you will be getting a spanking after the show”.  Crystal blushed from head to toe, worried someone around them might have heard, and she quickly returned to the ticket booth and explained the mistake.  The cashier was relieved and thanked her for her honesty which made Crystal feel very guilty.  She knew Sam was right, returning the money was the right thing to do.  But, sitting next to Sam in the darkened theater, holding his hand, she couldn’t concentrate on the picture in front of her.  She kept hearing his threat over and over in her head.  Would he really spank her for misbehavior?  The thought had never crossed her mind that she might get a spanking from anyone but her Daddy.

After the movie, Sam and Crystal drove out to the lake and sat under the stars holding hands.  Crystal was unusually quiet and Sam felt that she was probably still thinking about the comment he had made.  He wrapped her in a warm embrace and said gently, “Tell me what you are thinking about, Crystal.”  Crystal, accustomed to obeying the will of a strong man, told Sam what was on her mind.  “Would you really spank me, Sam?”  He took her chin and tilted his face up to his, looking lovingly into her eyes.  Firmly he said, “Yes, sweetie.  If I ever witness you misbehaving I will put you over my knee and give you a spanking”.  Crystal let herself be folded into his embrace but his words shook her.  They talked about it some more, and Sam explained to her that he believed that women needed strong men to lead them, guide them, and discipline them when necessary.  If they were to stay together, Crystal needed to understand this and she would need to submit to him if he ever found it necessary to spank her.  Crystal was already falling deeply in love with Sam and while she didn’t like the idea of being put over his knee, she didn’t pull away when he kissed her soundly under the stars.

A few weeks later, still on cloud nine, Crystal received her exam grades.  Her stomach dropped when she saw that she had earned a D- in mathematics that term.  She had been so focused on her new relationship with Sam that her grades had slipped drastically.  Her Daddy would not be pleased to see that she had earned the D- as well as a few C’s.  When she was in high school, a report card like this would have no doubt earned her a good hard spanking, but she was in college now.  Surely she was too old to be punished for poor markings…

Daddy came home late that evening and therefor didn’t see Crystal’s report card until the next morning.  He shook his head and lectured her on the importance of doing well in school.  He announced that she was grounded for two weeks and while this was crushing news, Crystal was inwardly relieved at the nature of her punishment.  Being grounded would also give her time to focus on her studies and get her grades up.  However, Daddy’s next sentence filled her with dread.  “And, you will be getting a spanking when I get home from work tonight”.  Crystal dropped her head in her hands, a small tear dropping.  Not a spanking!  She was too old to be turned over Daddy’s knee for a spanking…it was too humiliating.  But, she knew better than to argue with her Daddy.  If she sassed him now, she’d no doubt find out that very minute that she was indeed not too old to be turned over his knee.

Crystal went to her classes that day, the nervous anticipation of her impending discipline distracting her.  She almost didn’t see Sam waiting for her outside of her last class.  He looked so handsome, standing there, holding a single rose for her.  She threw her arms around him and sobbed into his shoulder.

“Hey little one,” he said surprised, holding her tightly.  “What’s wrong?”

“Oh Sam,” she cried.  “I’m in so much trouble.  My report card was terrible and Daddy is so mad.  I’m grounded for the next two weeks which means I won’t be able to see you.  I’m so sorry”

Sam held her tightly, but his expression hardened.  He had asked her about her classes many times over their courtship, worried that their time together might interfere with her studies but she had always reassured him that she was doing fine.
“That is disappointing news, Crystal,” he said, arms still around her.  “I will miss you while you are grounded but your grades are not something to be taken lightly.  You need to focus on your classes.”

She felt so ashamed of herself as Sam lectured her.  But what he said next, brought tears to her eyes.  “I love you, Crystal and being apart for two weeks will be very hard.  But I hope this is a lesson to you.  I asked you many times about your grades.  When you are off your grounding, you and I are going to be having another discussion about this behavior and about you lying to me and telling me your grades were fine.”

Her eyes widened at this announcement.  Surely he didn’t mean…

He could see the unasked question in her eyes.  “Yes,” he said sternly.  “By discussion, I mean that I am going to give you a spanking for lying to me”.

“Sam, no!” she cried.  “Daddy is already going to spank me tonight.”  Her hand flew to cover her mouth, embarrassed she had just revealed what her Daddy intended to do to her that night.

“And you deserve to get a spanking from your Daddy, young lady.  I hope he gives you a good, hard spanking to help you remember to focus on your studies.  But, you will also be getting a spanking from me.  I will absolutely not tolerate you lying to my face about your grades.  You know that I asked you several times about your studies and you assured me everything was fine.  That wasn’t true, was it?” He asked her, holding her chin firmly.

“No Sam, it wasn’t true,” she whispered, feeling that her fate was sealed.  “I really didn’t mean to lie to you…I wasn’t paying enough attention to my grades.”

“Well, hopefully in the next two weeks you can begin to correct that.  I love you sweetie and I only want what’s best for you.  I want to be sitting there proudly in the audience when you graduate one day and I will do all I can to make sure you get there.  After all, I want my wife to be a college graduate,” he said, a grin settling over his face.

It took Crystal a minute to register what he’d said.  “Your wife,” she whispered, voice trailing off.

He took her into his embrace, and held her tight.  “Yes baby, I want to marry you one day.  One day real soon”.

The two stood holding each other, oblivious to the other students walking by.  After a minute, Sam wiped away her tears and told her sternly to “not keep her Daddy waiting”.

“The next time I see you Crystal, I am going to put a ring on that finger,” he promised.  What he didn’t say out loud was that he fully intended to give her a sound spanking as well.

When Crystal arrived home, she felt light hearted and happy.  Sam loved her.  He wanted to marry her.

But then came the summons as she walked in the front door.

“Crystal, is that you?” her father bellowed. “Come in here please.”

Nervously, she joined her father and mother in the kitchen.  Her lecture from this morning about her poor marks was continued and finally her Daddy told her to go to her room and change into her pajamas.  He announced that she would be given a spanking and sent to bed early that night.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, rushing upstairs to obey.

When Daddy entered the room, he found his very contrite daughter dressed in her pajamas, standing in the corner waiting for him.  He smiled at her obedience and moved her desk chair to the center of the room.  When he told her to turn around and come to him, she shivered when she saw that he was holding the paddle.

Daddy lectured his little girl some more after he lowered her pajama pants and panties.  She cried in shame, head bowed, arms at her sides as she was expected.  Then, Daddy turned her over his knee and spanked her until she cried very real tears in repentance.  The paddle rose and fell over the course of ten minutes and all Crystal could do was lay over her Daddy’s lap, her bottom poised directly over his legs for punishment, and cry her eyes out.  From downstairs, her mother could hear the repeated application of the paddle to her daughter’s bare bottom and the cries and wails of a truly sorry little girl.

When her spanking was over, Daddy held her and rubbed her back.  He then tucked her into bed, kissing her gently on the forehead.  “All is forgiven sweetheart, now get some rest.”  As she lay there, trying to rub some of the sting out of her freshly spanked backside, she thought of Sam and his sweet words.  She fell asleep dreaming about becoming his wife.