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The Beginnings of our D/s Contract

Last night, Daddy and I had a long conversation about contracts, written to guide Dominants and submissives in their dynamics.  And, we decided that we wanted one!  We reviewed several examples contracts that I found on-line (yes…you can actually Google “D/s contracts” and find helpful material), as well as the contract that DDJennifer has shared on her blog, which can be found here.  After reviewing a variety of contracts, Daddy asked me to take notes on some of his thoughts.

This morning, I woke up to find that Daddy had assigned me a task in our Wunderlist app (an easy download to either I-phone or Android).  The task that appeared was, “Write the intro to our contract”.  Taking Daddy’s notes into consideration, I wrote the opening statement to our D/s contract which appears below.  Daddy has not yet seen this rough draft so I am sure there will be revisions and he has stated that he would like to write his vow to me.  But, this will give you an idea of where we are headed with regard to our contract.  Any recommendations are surely welcomed!

As always, thank you for reading!  Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

P.S.  I know it reads a little funny using the names “Daddy” and “naughty nora”, but that’s the price we pay for anonymity 🙂

A D/s Contract

Opening Statement

This contract serves as an agreement between Mr. Daddy and Mrs. naughty nora, that binds them to each other as Dominant and submissive.  This agreement goes beyond the vows made in marriage unto each other and is made from both the free minds and open hearts of both parties.  In essence, Mr. Daddy desires that Mrs. naughty nora pledge her trust, her respect, her loyalty, and her obedience to him in all matters.  In return, naughty nora requests that Mr. Daddy takes her into his loving care, provides stern guidance as to her well-being and character, and allows her to strive to satisfy his needs and desires whenever possible.

Daddy’s vow made as nora’s Dominant:


nora’s vow made as Daddy’s submissive:

            I vow to trust, respect, and obey my Dominant in all matters.  I will learn to please him by demonstrating respect through my tone, my reactions, my mannerisms, and my behaviors.  I offer him the use of my abilities, my body, and my mind in whichever ways he finds pleasing or conducive to my training as his submissive.  I promise to always represent him well and to put his needs before my own.  In addition, I willingly accept any guidance or discipline he deems necessary.

I: Code of Conduct

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Considering a D/s contract

I’ll be honest… Daddy and I’s D/s has gone by the wayside.  Don’t get me wrong…we still have kinky play, I still call him Daddy because I love doing so and it feels natural, and we still broach the subject of D/s frequently…but most of our rituals and daily scenes have all but evaporated.  We’ve been loosely practicing domestic discipline, but even that it barely occurring now.

The funny thing is, I haven’t been all that bothered by it.  He’s been super busy.  I’ve been super busy.  We had visitors in and out of the house during the duration of the holiday season.  We brought home two furry puppies who consume much of our time with their training.  We’ve taken several mini-vacations, with our dogs, which were super fun and yet, exhausting as well.  And, I just haven’t been feeling submissive at all.

So, there we were, sitting in front of the television last night, discussing the state of our relationship.  Both of us feeling as if something is missing.  He tells me he thinks we should re-instate our power exchange 24/7.  I was feeling a little resistant…imagining all of the work that goes into submitting to him properly, on top of resuming teaching at the University and starting a new therapy job this summer.  We agreed to both think about it and I believe we will converse about it later tonight.

I spent a good deal of the morning considering if I have the desire, the inclination, and the time to fully submit to my husband’s authority.  I remember how loved and cherished I felt when we were fully immersed in D/s.  I remember how none of the past hurts we have experienced hurt during that time, how all of the old resentments faded away.  I remember vividly the adrenaline rush of trying new things in the bedroom and the thrill of being fully at his mercy.  All of that sounds positively seductive, and yet, I find myself still feeling a bit resistant to the idea of becoming my husband’s submissive again, and I think I know why.

My husband put a lot of work into becoming my Dominant.  He not only showed me love and compassion as a leader, but he also was consistent in making sure that I followed the rules and showed him respect at all times.  He stepped way out of his own comfort zone to make my fantasies come true.  He learned to discipline me harshly enough for the spanking to be a true punishment and this is not an easy feat for someone who loves you and is not a sadist.  He does not enjoy inflicting pain upon me, and yet, he did so…for me.  And yet, somehow, for me…it still isn’t enough.

I think what I am looking for is for him to dominate me for him, not for me.  I want him to inflict his will upon me because he truly wants to do so…because it brings him satisfaction, makes him feel powerful, builds his confidence in his role in our marriage.  I want him to fuck me senseless, not because he enjoys bringing me pleasure…but because he is fulfilling his own fantasies and dark desires.

What I am longing for may not even be possible and I know that.  Only he can want those things for himself.  But, I plan on communicating these ideas to him tonight during our discussion.  If he truly desires my submission, I truly want to give it to him.  But I can’t give it to him because he is trying to make my desires and fantasies come true…that’s just not real enough for me.

So…wish me luck tonight!  No matter the outcome, Daddy and I will always have each other, and I feel incredibly blessed in that.  I am also planning on suggesting a D/s contract, which is something that we have not previously created.  I think that by asking Daddy to create a contract for us, with as much or as little of my help as he desires, it will give us both a better idea of his expectations and wants for our D/s.  If you have been through the process of creating a D/s contract and wish to share any pointers, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you for reading my friends and happy writing 🙂

Love, nora



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An unexpected surprise!

Daddy and I were watching the series Godless on Netflix last night.  If you haven’t watched it yet, it is set in the 1880’s American West and incorporates all that that entails…gun fighters, whores, and hard living.  As a self-proclaimed spanko, I got the most unexpected, pleasant surprise when suddenly on our large screen before us, a young lady (probably late teens, if not older) was getting a pretty good whipping from her Daddy for being a little flirt with the town deputy.  The spanking was non-consensual, performed on the bare bottom, and included quite a few shots of the young lady in question crying her eyes out as her Daddy soundly spanked her.

Now obviously, I am not condoning the spanking of children, though this was commonplace and accepted in this era.  But, the idea of non-consensual spanking in theory (fantasy), is a huge turn on for me.  One of the elements in the scene that I found so arousing was her submission.  Though she was crying loudly in protest, she didn’t dare get up off the table or try to protect her bottom with her hands.  She sobbed like a baby, but she took every lick her Daddy dished out to her.  It was hard to tell what the spanking implement was, but it looked like some kind of small whip.

That is all…if this isn’t your cup of tea, please don’t watch it.  But…if you are a die hard spanko like me, please enjoy!  And, consider following The Woodshed Writer here on WordPress for more stories about young ladies getting whippings for misbehavior.

Oh…and please share your favorite spanking scenes from books or movies!  Always fun to make new discoveries 🙂

Happy reading and writing, you all!

Love, nora

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What a girl wants, what a girl needs #NSFW, 18++

As I sit here by the fire, pining away for my Daddy who is away on business, I started thinking about what I want.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I love what I have going on with Daddy.  Over the past year, we’ve found this new path together, a path that has brought both of us much fulfillment and a lot of sexy adventures.  But, sometimes the little girl in me just wants more!  So, here is my naughty wish list for 2018.  This list is not intended to be disrespectful toward my Daddy in any way, nor does it mean that I don’t already get these things to some degree.  But, a girl wants what a girl wants!

  1. More sex.

Who doesn’t want more sex?  Specifically, I want more penetration…in all three places.  We’ve done a lot of experimenting with toys over the last year, and trust me, that has been fun.  But, sometimes a girl just needs a good dose of her husband’s throbbing manhood inside her.  Like I said, not picky…for Daddy I will spread my legs wide, get down on my knees and open my naughty mouth, or bend over the foot of the bed and give him access to my most forbidden place.  Just penetrate me with that hard cock, please!

  1. More discipline

Sexy spankings are fun, but what I crave is being held accountable for my misbehavior.  Should I talk back to my Daddy, I should fully expect a good mouth soaping and a spanking that will leave me sore for days.  If I forget to do my workout?  A painful caning should be delivered to my bare backside, before being sent to make up that workout.  If I disrespect my husband in public?  I can only hope he will punish me with both his cock and his belt, at the same time (if this sounds appealing to you just google video “passionate spanking blowjob”.  You can thank me later).

  1. More strictness from my Daddy

Please don’t misconstrue, my Daddy is plenty strict at times.  However, I wouldn’t mind if he kicked it up a notch, especially with regard to my tone and my behavior toward him.  I want him to call me out on EVERY little thing that I do wrong.  And, no more second chances.  I’ve had almost a year to shape up.  It is time to get serious.

  1. More sex- that is just about Him

This is different than the first item.  I crave being ordered to give a random blow job…in the car, while watching television, in the bathroom at the nightclub, etc.  Sometimes, I want the sex to be just about him.  My Daddy is very much the gentleman, and more often than not, he sees to my pleasure first.  But, I desire him to fuck me from behind until he sees stars and then leave me begging for more, hot and bothered, while he relaxes after orgasm.


Damn…just re-reading my list is getting me a bit hot and bothered.  Looking forward to hearing Daddy’s reaction when he sees this post.  And again, this is not meant to be disrespectful or suggest in any way that I don’t already experience these things with my husband to some degree…I just want MORE!  The spirit of my post is intended to be playful 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

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Where in the world is naughtynora (with regard to her submission)?

Hello friends!  Life has been a crazy whirlwind of events, thankfully, most of them positive ones.  I haven’t been here on WordPress nearly enough.  With Daddy traveling for work this week, I find myself with a bit more time on my hands and I’d like to use some of that time this morning for self-reflection.  After reading ddjennifer’s latest post, I felt inspired to think about where I am at with regard to my submission in my marriage.

In February 2017, I approached my husband with the idea of incorporating domestic discipline (DD) into our marriage.  I was frustrated with myself, my inability to pull myself out of depression, and my lack of motivation in most areas of my life.  After stumbling upon a website that discussed the idea of DD, and considering my life-long fascination with spanking, I asked my husband if he would be willing to hold me accountable.  After many, many discussions on the topic, he agreed to give it a try.  That is a long story made short.

Over the course of the year (and many spankings), we researched, experimented, and learned a lot about ourselves and each other.  What I have learned about myself (which isn’t exactly news to me), is that I have the tendency to be very controlling.  I want to plan out every detail of every single thing and I assume, mistakenly, that because I think through everything so much, that my perspective must be automatically right.  This brings an incredible amount of stress on to myself, which I then take out on…you guessed it… my spouse.  We lived this cycle for 14 years together.  We survived Hurricane Nora (being controlling can be deadly to a marriage, hence the metaphor), but just barely.  There were years of resentments, on both sides.  Not a way to live if you ask me.

I feel that I have come a long way in the last year.  I am much more reflective on my automatic thoughts and behaviors.  I am more aware that what I think and feel are my perspectives, and not my husband’s.  I am learning to value his perspective, even when I disagree with him (a work in progress).

What would I like to see more of from myself this year?  I would like to continue to work on a more submissive mindset.  I still frequently fall into the trap of wanting to control my environment.  I would like to become better at stepping back and encouraging my husband to take the lead.  I would like to show more respect for his opinions and actions, period.  I would like to learn that my way is not always the “right” way…because truthfully, it’s not.  I know that this is true, but in the heat of the moment it is very difficult to remember at times…

How to get there?  When Daddy returns from his work trip, I think we should sit down and have a long conversation about what we are doing right and what we can do better.  I would like to have a better understanding of what he wants from me and my submission to him.  I would like to communicate to him how I want to work on showing him more respect and I need to communicate to him that I need more discipline.  I have many goals right now (personal, academic, professional) and I desperately need his support (holding me accountable) in achieving those goals.

So…there you have it.  Where in the world am I with regard to my submission?  Not nearly as far along as I would like to be.  But I am motivated to do better and spend more time on my knees for Daddy!  Yes, had to throw in a dirty pun for your enjoyment 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy writing 🙂

Love, nora