The Rules

When I first began my D/s journey with Sir (formerly known as Mr. Intriguing), I was not allowed to write about our dynamic on my blog.  I think this was a good decision as it gave Daddy time to get used to Sir’s presence in my life.  I think it also helped Sir to feel more comfortable with me posting about his and I’s interactions.  After all, he didn’t know me from Adam…so I understand his hesitancy to allow his submissive to just put it all out there on-line (until he learned to trust me).  At this point, while I am still required to show any posts about my D/s dynamic to both Daddy and Sir in advance, I am ready to bring you all up to speed on the current state of our Dynamic.

Sir and I have been exploring this D/s dynamic since the first of the year.  Our dynamic is 24/7, which means that I am always bound to the Rules of our dynamic.  I have a list of Rules that we have negotiated together, and that list has grown considerably since January.  Sir and I agree that negotiating new Rules, and the back and forth that ensues between us during those conversations, is a good deal of fun for both of us.  I also want to mention that I am very grateful that he is not interested in giving me arbitrary or pointless Rules.  All of Sir’s Rules are designed to improve or protect my health (physical, mental, emotional), or enhance our Dynamic in some way. I will tell you this…Sir is BIG on accountability.

The Rules that Sir and I have negotiated are organized by: Reinforcing Dynamic & Protocols, Health & Wellness, Safety, and Formal Assignments.

Reinforcing Dynamic & Protocols

When I wake up, I will say in my mind, “Submission and Obedience means following my Rules.”

Immediately self-report any infractions of my Rules to Sir.

Bring paddle to morning chat sessions for on-the spot correction.

Wear punishment clothes for scheduled discipline.

No self-spanking for pleasure.

After completing a task for Sir, I must say in my mind, “I have just been Dominated by Sir.”

Capitalize certain words to reinforce our dynamic, such as “Rules, Dominant, Dynamic Spanking.”

My name is to be un-capitalized to reinforce my submissive status to Sir.  I am nora.

Heath & Wellness

45-minute workouts, 5 times per week.

Sleep hygiene: Refrain from checking phone after being tucked into bed by Daddy.

Sleep hygiene: Remain in bed resting until 5:00 am even if unable to fall back asleep (or, if I’ve had a minimum of 7 hours sleep).

Clean earring studs once per week (I have four studs in each ear to put this Rule into context).

Take vitamins every day.

Clothes must be hung up or in hamper by noon each day.

Bills must be paid on-time.


No texting and driving (permission to check texts from Daddy at stop lights).

No driving after consuming more than one alcoholic beverage.

Formal Assignments

Email Sir my To-Do list each morning.  At end of day email status of completion (extensions must be requested by 4:30pm EST).

Email Sir after each workout (Ex. Workout 1 of 5 Complete). Provide FitBit intensity statistics.

Read and provide write-ups on topic of Sir’s choice by end of day Saturday.

Listen to song of Sir’s choice on Thursdays and provide feedback.

So, those are my Rules, my friends!  Between Daddy and Sir, I am quite the well-behaved girl these days.  Of course, I do mess up or slack off sometimes…and when this happens I will assure you that my Sir is quite STRICT with me.  While he is very fair and always hears me out, if I misbehave there are always consequences.  Sir’s consequences typically include a Spanking, corner time (have you ever held a quarter to the wall with your nose?), and writing lines and/or reflections in my journal.  However, Daddy has also granted his approval for Sir to use Icy Hot and/or ginger root (figging) should Sir deem this sort of Discipline necessary. So far, I have managed to avoid the ginger! I sure hope to keep it that way…

I hope this gives you a better idea of how my on-line Dynamic works!  I’ve been working very hard to be a good girl these days 😊

Keeping it kinky!



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    1. Hello, andi! Originally, I thought that Daddy and Sir might correspond directly, but so far they have chosen not to do so, and have only corresponded through me. They do have each other’s correspondence information though and could correspond directly any time either of them pleases. Also, Daddy is privy to all of my correspondence with Sir…emails, instant messages, etc. Thank you for the well-wishes, my friend… I hope you will be happy as well ❤

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    1. Hi meredithwyatt! Please, let me provide you a little more information. Icy Hott is a product that most people use on sore muscles. You apply it to a sore area of the body and it produces a ton of heat to relax the muscle. In the D/s world, a Dom might apply Icy Hott to a well spanked bottom as it makes one’s bottom grow super hot (hotter than it was from the spanking). Ginger root is often used for figging. The ginger must be peeled first but then yes…it does right up the naughty hole. I have experienced this a few times with Daddy…and I will assure you that it stings badly! It is a true punishment and one to be avoided.

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  1. Omg not the quarter to the wall! I had to do that a fair few times as a kid. (The boys were trying to get creative with how to punish me in elementary school when I first became “their kid”It’s awful) speaking of things I did as a kid. I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom. My mom found out about the whole husband thing. And she begged me to come home (she and my dad are fully vaccinated and I have antibodies) so I came home. It’s been really nice. Since my dad came home last summer I’ve been trying to spend more time with them. (He and I had a rocky few years in my adolescence where I didn’t speak to or see him.) The little girl inside of me is what keeps me going. She deserves better than me or him. But I’m hoping that once everything dies down. sawyer and I can get it together for her. But I would rather be divorced amicably then married and constantly fighting. Anyway excellent writing as always.

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    1. Sending lots of hugs, Grace Marie. I am so sorry how things have been going between you and Sawyer. I hear what you are saying about how an amicable divorce would be better than constant fighting. When things have died down a bit, perhaps the two of you might consider couple’s counseling? My husband and I did this after his affair and we learned some helpful communication skills which allowed us to start talking about things without fighting all the time about it. I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best ❤

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      1. Further to Grace Marie’s comment. When my first marriage was dying, we saw a therapist. Oddly it was my (now ex) brother-in-law who suggested that the kids would be better off in two separate and happy homes than a home where unhappiness ruled. While I deeply regret the failure of my first marriage, I am now in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman. Sometimes it’s best to move on—regardless of how difficult that move is.

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        1. Thank you for sharing more about your story, Michael….I have a very deep respect for you and your journey. Staying in a marriage is not always the best option for the kids. I am so glad that you met your Queen and are happy now ❤

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    1. Hi Thomas! No, that’s not my style (to intentionally misbehave). But I will tell you that Sir has Spanked me a few times just for teasing him. He draws a very fine line there and I have to be careful😊

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    1. Please refer to me as whichever you are comfortable with, my friend. I identify as a submissive 24/7 so referring to me that way is perfectly acceptable, should you choose to😊. Thank you for asking!💋

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  2. I am absolutely in love with these Rules! I am hoping to write a list with S over the summer since I will be out of school, but still want to keep my mind sharp and my body in shape. This gave me so many great ideas! Call me crazy, but I especially love how you included things like paying bills and staying off your phone in bed. I find taking care of myself very challenging, but if I am doing so in the service of a Dom it feels wonderful. Definitely stealing a lot of these!

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    1. Steal away, my naughty friend! I am a bit enamored with my Rules as well… it makes me feel very cared for that Sir only negotiates Rules with me that he feels strongly about. He is very big on healthy sleep hygiene. When my Daddy is out of town for work, Sir also gives me a bedtime! I don’t mind as I know it is good for me, and… I don’t have to have it all the time. But Sir likes to exert a little extra control when my husband’s job takes him out of town. Looking forward to hearing more about S and the two of you discussing rules….. 😉

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      1. I’m so glad you feel that way! Having unnecessary or useless rules would be a waste of both of your time. I am terrible with sleep haha I’m hoping to get on a stricter schedule soon. Maybe I will if we make some Rules of our own. And if we do, you will definitely hear about them!

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    1. I absolutely thrive in a highly structured environment, Miss D! It helps that I believe all of my Rules to be important. One of the Rules that I often end up being Disciplined for breaking is that of completing my daily To-Do list. I really must start being less ambitious! I tend to put a lot on there and sometimes cannot finish it. Sir is very fair and he won’t discipline me if there is a good reason that I didn’t finish my list…but, if it is just because I slacked off or got distracted by something else….he Corrects my behavior every time. 🙂

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  3. What does it look like if Sir decided to punish you with a flogging? After all, he is not there. In this case, do you take an oar or something else and paddle your own ass? Or is your dad doing this on behalf of Sir?

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    1. Hi Mark! Thank you for the question. Sir calls these Directed spankings, and I made a post about it that you can check out. Basically, during a directed spanking, Sir directs the activity…he tells me how many swats, where on my bottom or thighs, and if he wants them very sound or just normal swats. It has been working well for us.

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