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A Bedtime Story for Selina

Hello all!  This is a bedtime story, written for Miss Selina, who has a new Amazon device which reads stories to her that she has entered herself.  She requested that anyone who was willing, write her a naughty bedtime story for her to go to sleep to.  Selina….I hope you enjoy and I do apologize for not formatting this as you indicated in your post.  I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to do and figured you could insert the tokens at the appropriate places before you entered it into your device.  I hope you sleep well!  Love, nora


Once upon a time, in a world not far from here, there was a sweet, little girl named Selina.  Now, Selina wasn’t your typical little girl.  In fact, Selina was actually a grown-up girl who was strong, capable, and who took good care of herself.  Most of the time.  When she didn’t take care of herself, Selina knew that she would be in big trouble if her Daddy found out.

It just so happened that this was one of those times that she found herself nervously waiting for her Daddy in her bedroom.  She had misbehaved terribly this week and she knew that Daddy was disappointed in her.  When he had arrived at her house that evening, he had sent her straight on up to her bedroom to wait for him.  She didn’t mean to misbehave and she was very sorry.  But Daddy would hear none of it.

She hadn’t meant to forget to check in with him while she was traveling for work, it had just happened.  She’d been out to dinner and had a drink or two and had fell asleep in her hotel room the minute she got back.  She’d slept through all of Daddy’s text messages as he anxiously waited to hear from her.  The next morning, her tummy filled with butterflies when she saw all of her missed messages from Daddy.  Even though she quickly sent him a message explaining everything, he had responded by telling her that she was a very naughty girl and that the next time he saw her, she was going to get a good, hard spanking for her misbehavior.

So here she was, waiting for her Daddy to come up to her room and give her a spanking.  She hung her head in shame, knowing that her spanking was well-deserved.  She had been such a naughty girl by forgetting to check-in with Daddy and making him worry about her.  Unfortunately, she knew exactly what to expect when she was sent to her room for a bedtime spanking.  Daddy would come in, scold her about being a naughty girl and then he would turn Selina over his knee.  Her pajama bottoms would come down, as would her panties, and her bare bottom would be right over Daddy’s knee where he could tend to it best.  And then, her spanking would begin.  She would kick and cry over Daddy’s knee, but he would spank her long and hard until she was a very sorry little girl.

Suddenly, Selina heard Daddy’s footsteps coming down the hall.  She trembled, knowing what was in store for her.  Daddy came right into her room and looked down at where she sat on her bed.

Daddy said, “young lady, you have been a very naughty little girl”.

Selina hung her head and whispered, “I know Daddy.  I’m so sorry”.

“I am afraid that you will be very sorry when I am finished with you, young lady,” Daddy said.  “Please stand up, Selina and come over here.”

Selina stood up and followed Daddy to the straight-backed chair at her desk.  She thought of it as the spanking chair as Daddy always sat on it when he was going to spank her bottom for being naughty.

As Daddy sat down in the chair he took Selina’s wrist and guided her over his knee.

“Please tell me why you are getting this spanking, young lady,” Daddy said, sternly, his hand on her bottom.

“Because I forgot to check in with you Daddy,” Selina whispered.

“That’s right, young lady,” Daddy said.  “And I was very worried about you.  You know that I worry about you when I don’t hear from you.  That was very inconsiderate.”

Selina hung her head in shame, the first tear trickling down her cheek.  She felt like a very naughty girl lying face down over her Daddy’s knee about to get a spanking.

“I don’t want this to ever happen again, Selina, “ Daddy scolded her, as he tugged her pajama bottoms down, revealing her cute little teddy bear panties.  “I am going to give you a good reminder about what happens to little girls who disobey their Daddies.”

And with that said, Daddy brought his hand down sharply on Selina’s panty clad bottom.  Selina cried out at the assault on her bottom, but unfortunately for her, Daddy was just getting started.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.  Daddy’s stern hand peppered Selina’s bottom with spanks as she kicked and cried over his knee.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.  “Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” Daddy asked.

“Yes, Daddy!” Selina cried.  “Please don’t spank me anymore, Daddy.  I’ll be a good girl, I promise”.

“Your spanking is far from over, little miss.  In fact, I think it is time to take these panties down to make sure that you really learn your lesson,” Daddy said, as he lowered Selina’s panties right down to her knees.

Selina cried and tried to rescue her panties, but Daddy resumed her spanking on her now, bare bottom.

Daddy was lecturing her about misbehavior, but all Selina could think about was the sting growing in her backside.  Daddy’s hand was relentless and her little bottom cheeks were glowing red under his hand.  But still, her spanking continued.  Daddy wanted Selina to be able to remember that he had soundly spanked her bare bottom for her disobedience.  To ensure that, he kept his little girl over his knee for several more minutes of spanking.

When Daddy finally stopped spanking poor little Selina, she just lay across his lap sobbing and promising to be a good girl.  Daddy could tell that she had learned her lesson and he rubbed her back gently while she cried.  When her crying finally stopped, Daddy helped Selina up off his knee, but slapped at her hands when she tried to rub the sting from her bottom.

“No rubbing, young lady,” Daddy said.  “I went to a lot of trouble to warm that bottom of yours and you are to keep your hands away.  Is that understood?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Selina answered, tearfully.

Daddy led Selina to the corner and placed her hands on her head.

“You will stand right there with your nose in the corner and your red little bottom on display until I come back,” Daddy said, gently slapping Selina’s bare cheeks.  “You think long and hard about why Daddy had to give you a spanking, young lady.  And I hope you have an apology ready for me when I come back.”

“I will, Daddy,” Selina answered, keeping her hands on top of her head.  She desperately wanted to be Daddy’s good little girl again.

After fifteen minutes of corner time, Daddy came back and took his little girl in his arms.  He hugged her tight as she whispered her apologies and ran his fingers through her hair, kissing her forehead.

“Alright, little miss,” Daddy said.  “Let’s get you to bed now.”

“But Daddy,” Selina started to argue, closing her mouth when Daddy pressed a finger to her lips firmly.

“It’s an early bedtime for you little miss.  But, Daddy will read you a bedtime story so pick out the one you would like,” Daddy said.

And so the world was right again, as a little girl snuggled close to her Daddy for her bedtime story.  Selina slept on her tummy that night as her bottom was very sore from her spanking, but she knew she was loved and that she was Daddy’s good little girl once again.

The End.






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Wicked Wednesday- Celebrity by Day

Turning up her nose at the waitress, she gave the girl her best withering stare.

“I said, romaine lettuce, didn’t I?  What is this…iceberg?”

The young waitress, deer-in-the-headlights look plastered across her face, looked around frantically for the support that was nowhere to be found.

“Take it back this instant!” she commanded, turning her head away from the inexcusably incompetent, yet pretty girl.

That is what riled her up the most…how pretty that waitress was. She looked so innocent, fresh, her ponytail bouncing around behind her like an invitation.  To be that young again.

With the girl gone, silence fell around them.  She glanced at her husband, her manager, whose unwavering stare began to unnerve her.

“My, my,” he said, raising his eyebrow, giving her the “look”.  “Aren’t we in a mood today?”

She tried to ignore him, but his tone had her squirming in her seat like a naughty child.  She knew that look.

“Jessica, look at me “, he commanded, his tone hard as steel.

She mustered up the courage to make eye contact with this hulk of a man, confused by how he could instantly strip away her fame, her accomplishments, her confidence with only a few stern words.

He leaned forward, his hand reaching across the table to take her chin.

“You will behave yourself, young lady,” he said, coolly, staring her down until she looked away.

He dropped her chin, noting the blush that settled across her beautiful face.

Their meal was quiet after his warning.  She did muster up a “thank you” to the waitress before they left, hoping to redeem herself.

As they left the restaurant, the cameras flashed as hungry reporters shouted out questions hoping to glean some nugget of information that might rise their own fame.

If they only knew.

On the drive home, his hand firmly on her knee, they drove in silence.  Out in the real world, it was she that was star of the show.  Glamorous, successful, highly sought after…she was, a celebrity.

However, at home, when the crowd fell away and it was just the two of them, that all changed.  In the privacy of their home, she was his little girl.  She belonged to him.  She was owned.

Inside, he pointed to their bedroom, and said only, “go”.

She obediently took herself to their bedroom, removing all her clothes except her panties.  She knew where he expected her to be and without hesitation, she put herself in the corner, arms clasped behind her back, a picture of submission.

When he entered the room, she heard him inhale deeply.  The site of her, clad only in the skimpiest of panties, took his breath away.  Somehow, someway, this Goddess of a woman belonged to him, and only him.

He went to her closet and removed the thick strap that hung there as a reminder to her each morning.  Removing his shirt, he walked up behind her until the hair on his chest just barely grazed her bare shoulders.

“You are mine, Jessica,” he whispered, reaching his arm around her, finger tips slowly teasing their way across her stomach.

All she could do was shiver beneath his touch, his words resonating truth within her.

Taking her by the arm, he led her to the foot of the bed.

“Do you know why I am disciplining you today?” he asked her, sternly.

“Yes Sir,” she said, blushing, staring at the carpet.

“Tell me,” he responded.

“I was rude to that waitress,” she whispered.

“Yes, you were rude to the waitress,” he replied.  “But that is not all.  I saw the way you were looking at her, Jessica, the jealousy in your eyes.  Let me say this again and I hope that you hear me this time.  She is not a threat to you.  No woman is a threat to you.  You are the only woman I have eyes for, the only woman who takes my breath away.  Just you.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she responded, head bowed in contrition.

Tearing down all of her walls with just his stare, he motioned her over the footboard.

Obediently, she leaned over, hips raised high, face pressed against the comforter, toes barely touching the floor.

He stepped forward and in one swift moment, her panties now decorated her ankles, leaving her bottom bare for discipline.  He allowed himself a moment to admire this woman, his woman, bent over his bed submissively, her bare backside waiting for his punishment.  He knew that her face may belong to the world, but here, she belonged only to him.

Determined to reinforce his dominance of this woman, he stepped back, raised his right arm and allowed his strap to sear down across her backside.  Her cry of pain hardened his cock as he was already raising his arm for the next stroke.  Again and again his strap visited her naked backside until it was an angry red and she was sobbing into the covers, full of remorse for her misbehavior.  Not once did she try to evade his discipline but remained in place, proving her acceptance of his ownership.

After her spanking, he returned the strap to its place in her closet.  He sat down, admiring the flaming colors of her backside and thought to himself that she never looked more beautiful than she did after he had thoroughly chastised her.

“Come here,” he ordered, watching her immediately rise from her place over the footboard.  She came to him, dropping to a kneel, bowing her head.

“Do you have something to say to me?” he asked her, stroking his chin as he looked down on her.

“Thank you for disciplining me, Sir,” she said, tears still streaking her cheeks.

“You are welcome, little one, “he said, leaning forward, wiping her tears away.

When her crying ceased, he ordered her to open her mouth.  She immediately complied, kneeling before him, mouth forming an “O”, waiting for what was to come.

Undoing his jeans, he slid his hardened cock out and guided her mouth down around his shaft.  Taking a fist full of her hair, he fucked her mouth until he felt himself about to explode.  Pulling out of her mouth and dragging her back to the bed by her hair, she was once again pushed down over the headboard, her well-spanked bottom raised for his punishing cock.  He thrust into her upturned bottom vigorously until his orgasm consumed him.

It took minutes for him to catch his breath.  They remained coupled, bent over the footboard, until he finally rose.

Giving her a gentle slap on the ass, he said, “Be dressed and ready to go in 20 minutes.  You have an interview with Marie Claire magazine. Wear your red dress.  No panties.”

That evening, clad in only her red dress, sitting on a sore behind with the taste of her husband still in her mouth, Jessica did her best not to squirm in her chair.

When the host said to her, “You and your husband are one of the happiest couples in Hollywood.  What is the trick to balancing your life as a celebrity with your home life?” all she could think was, if they only knew.




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Please help…Wicked Wednesdays?

Hello all!

One would truly have to have their head stuck in the sand to not notice all of the Wicked Wednesday blog posts that circulate every Wednesday…but my question to you is, where do these prompts come from?  A quick internet search did nothing to illuminate the situation for me but I will admit to being a bit technologically challenged at times.  If any of you could explain to me how I sign up to receive the prompts and become a member of this wickedly delicious club, I will be forever grateful.

And, I figured if I was wondering, others of you in our writing community may be wondering as well  🙂

Thank you in advance!

Love, nora

Wicked Wed help

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30 Days of Submission- Days 8 & 9

30 Days of Submission- Days 8 & 9

Note- I decided to address both these prompts in one post as they are a bit repetitive of Day 7, which asked about discipline.   

 Prompt 8: Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

Absolutely!  My husband has become a firm believer in administering spankings when I displease him or disobey him, as he sees how quickly both my behavior and attitude improve.  While it has taken awhile to get to this point, he very rarely finds it necessary to discipline me anymore as I have made a lot of changes.  However, he does make use of a weekly maintenance spanking to ensure good behavior throughout the week.

Prompt 9: Do you accept and/or expect structure, rules and limits as a part of your submission? How do you feel about them?

Yes, I do expect (and readily accept) structure, rules, and limits as part of my submission.  I NEED this….I crave it, I desire it from my husband.  As many of you know, I suffered a tough year in terms of losses…I lost my mother, my younger brother, and my 14-year-old fur baby all in an eight-month period.  Prior to these losses, I was a hugely motivated individual.  I was an early riser who loved getting stuff done.  Got a project?  I was on it! However; trapped in the clutches of depression and grief, trying to find my way back out of the dark hole I was drowning in took a lot out of me.  It changed me.  Now, I find it difficult to structure out my own time and complete tasks without any motivation….and, upon finding Domestic Discipline…my husband is the one who gives me that motivation now.

One of the ways he helps to structure my day is that the night before he will ask me what needs to be done that week…cleaning projects, yard work, errands, etc.  Then, he makes use of the mobile app Wunderlist to assign me tasks each day, which I must have completed and checked off the list prior to his return from work that evening.  I find that having a list, and being able to check off those tasks when completed, is very motivating and rewarding.  And, if I have been a really good girl…completed all of my tasks as well as maintained a submissive attitude toward Daddy all day, I am learning that Daddy much prefers to give out rewards, instead of punishments.  These “rewards” are typically sexual in nature…he sure speaks my love language!

Blog pic 70.1


As always, thank you for stopping by!

Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

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A day of firsts!!! #NSFW, 18+ only please

Yesterday was a pretty incredible day, as it became a day of “firsts”.  I think that some of you might be surprised by these firsts, but please remember how vanilla Daddy and I were up until about 8 months ago.  Most of these firsts are probably things you are already doing.  While sometimes it has felt like we have moved with lightning speed, we’ve also been careful with each other…neither trying to push the other too far or too fast.  However, here are some new (and might I add, sexy) additions to our dynamic:

  1. I must now ask his permission to pleasure myself while he is at work
  2. I licked up his cum after he exploded in my hand
  3. Daddy placed a collar around my neck

Eight months ago, when we committed ourselves to Domestic Discipline (DD) and later, Dominance and submission (D/s), it was like a switch was turned on inside of me.  Well, inside my vagina in any case.  I was wet and ready to go 24/7… I could not stop masturbating…seriously, 3-4 times per day, I would spend time pleasuring myself and would still want sex with Daddy when he got home.  Nothing could take the edge off.  Eight months later, I am still horny as all get out, but I have managed to start making it through the day with only an orgasm or two on my own.  However, Daddy has decided to take control of my pleasure.  From now on, I must request permission to pleasure myself when he is not home.  He may or may not grant me this permission, based upon what I have accomplished that day, his mood, or his desire to come home to his hot and horny, wet wife.  Yesterday, he did grant me permission to pleasure myself once in the morning…but I was to be waiting in lingerie, kneeling by the front door, when he came home from work.  This is what I chose to wear for him, though I bought mine in the “red wine” color:

Blog pic 69.1


The second “first” for us last night involved me licking up Daddy’s cum.  I love giving Daddy blow jobs, but to this point, he has never cum in my mouth as I have always been a bit afraid of this…afraid I can’t take it, that I might throw up, that it will be disgusting…  Respecting my boundaries, Daddy never pushed the issue during the first 14 years we’ve been together.  However, now that our dynamic has shifted, he feels more comfortable asking for what he wants and he wants to cum in my mouth.  After discussing this, we decided a good first step might be me licking up some of his cum to get a sense of what it tastes like.  Last night, after a phenomenal blowie and hand job, Daddy came all over my hand and his stomach.  When he had somewhat recovered, I sweetly asked permission to lick up his cum.  In the moment, I think he had forgotten our discussion and he looked blown away by my request.  Permission was soon granted and I hesitantly set about my task.  I must say…it wasn’t so bad!  A little salty, but definitely do-able.  I am still very nervous, but I think this will help me feel more confident the first time we attempt this feat.  And…if there are any suggestions about this process, I am all ears!

Lastly, for the first time ever….Daddy put a collar around my neck last night while we watched tv.  We have both been hesitant to take this step, for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons included being afraid of hurting me in some way, feeling that collars seemed a bit like pet play, worrying it might be too uncomfortable due to my claustrophobia, etc.  The collar that we ended up purchasing is black and is about one inch in width.  It is also lined in faux fur.  This is the actual collar that we purchased:

Blog pic 69.2


The experience of wearing this collar is difficult to describe.  Physically, I didn’t like it.  It felt uncomfortable around my neck, restrictive.  However, the act of Daddy putting it on me…now that I liked.  And, when he linked my wrist cuffs to my collar…I felt incredibly submissive.  I felt owned.  I felt at his mercy.  And…I loved that!!!  Daddy kept looking over at me throughout the evening…and he kept commenting “you look so fucking hot”.  Needless to say, Daddy liked it and I have no doubt there will be repeat performances.  However, we have discussed the possibility of me earning a new collar, perhaps one that is a little less wide and more comfortable to wear…I’d like to find one with a charm that reads “Daddy’s girl”.

That was our fun and exciting evening of firsts!  I am looking forward to more sexy adventures…And please, any advice on how to successfully have a man cum in your mouth would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy writing 🙂

~ nora

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30 Days of Submission- Day 7

30 Days of Submission, Day 7

Prompt: Do you accept and/or expect discipline or punishments as a part of your submission? How do you feel about it?

Discipline and punishments are what drew me to this lifestyle.  For as long as I can remember, spankings were an integral part of my sexual fantasies, but not just the spankings themselves.  The idea that a strong man would impose his will on me, make me obey him, and follow through with a painful, punishment spanking if I misbehaved…well, that has always been my ultimate fantasy.

Now, my husband and I have incorporated Domestic Discipline (DD) as well as Dominance and submission (D/s) into our marriage.  Fantasy greatly varies from reality, as I am finding out.  The reality is, discipline spankings hurt and when I am getting one, all I want is for it to stop.  However, despite not actually liking the spankings, I still very much crave my husband having authority over me and the right to discipline me when I step out of line.  I love the way that this makes me feel toward him…submissive, feminine, little, sexy…

So, in answer to this prompt, yes, I accept and even expect discipline and punishments as part of my submission.  My husband and I have created rules and protocols to be followed, and if I break a rule, disobey him, or disrespect him, I can expect to be punished.  Sometimes, I am punished with a spanking.  However; my husband has many punishments in his arsenal, such as: corner time, mouth soaping, writing lines, hand rulering, figging, grounding, restrictions (including orgasming), anal discipline/humiliation, and bondage.  If I am to be punished, I must record my transgression as well as my punishment in my Discipline Journal.  On Sundays, my husband reviews my Discipline Journal during our discussion of my behavior that week, and prior to my maintenance spanking.  This helps to remind both of us what happened during the week.  If I did not earn any punishments throughout the week, Daddy has been rewarding me with a foot massage.  I earned a foot massage a few weeks ago and it was heavenly (thank you, Daddy!) 🙂

On a side note, for those who follow my blog regularly…Daddy and I are in a good place now.  We had many conversations about things over the last several days, figured out what was going on with both of us, and talked about the benefits of DD and D/s in our marriage.  We are both committed to making this a permanent part of our lifestyle and really appreciate all the advice we were given.  So…thank you!  Your words made a difference in our world.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy writing 🙂

~ nora

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Musings about the progression of D/s

This last few days, Daddy and I have been “off”.  We just don’t seem to be connecting like we were.  I’ll admit, the last 8 months has been a bit of a whirlwind…lots of changes, sexual frenzy, new roles within our marriage, the constant focus on D/s, etc.  And I truly didn’t expect the “honeymoon” phase to last forever, I’m not that naïve.  We’ve just been so damn happy!  But now…it feels like it is slipping away.

There are a lot of outside factors at play here… Daddy has been working non-stop…going in early most days, working some weekends, and if he doesn’t have to be at his actual job, he is busy with our remodeling project.  And for me, I have been experiencing a bit of heavy depression surrounding recent losses and have been gearing up to start back teaching today.  There have also been family and friend commitments.  Yesterday was the first time we missed my maintenance spanking since we incorporated Domestic Discipline (DD) into our marriage.  Neither of us forgot about it, there simply wasn’t time and we agreed it would have to be done another day.  When?  I am unsure, as tonight I will be out late teaching my class at the University.

I’ve also had my feelings hurt a few times lately.  Sometimes, I struggle with knowing if I am just being too sensitive, or if Daddy is just so stressed out it has caused him to say a few things that he (hopefully) didn’t really mean.  I have talked to him about these occurrences and I know that he is struggling with recognizing my feelings and still trying to stay in his Dominant space.  We’ve had a few fights this week which has rarely happened at all over the last 8 months.  We are just…off.  And, it hurts.

For those of you with more experience than we, is this something common?  Some sort of D/s drop?  I guess I was wondering if this was something others have experienced, or if it is just us.

I’m not giving up.  I still have a long way to go with regard to my submission and with how I would like to speak to and treat my husband.  My plan today is to get the house cleaned up so that Daddy can enjoy his alone time after work and not have to worry about chores, while I am away teaching my night class.  I also plan to give a fun, engaging lecture this evening after the discussion of the syllabus.  I’ve always loved the first day back to school.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy writing 🙂

~ nora