Battle of Wills

Hello, my kinky readers~

Recently, there was a battle of wills, and unfortunately… I did not win this round.  Looking back on it, I have to smile at my brazenness, even if it has gotten me in A LOT of trouble with Sir.  But let me start at the beginning. 

Sir went away recently on an overseas trip with his family.  During these times, we restrict ourselves to communicating via email only, so that he is present for them and focused on their time together.  How I miss our phone and Zoom calls during these times.  However, prior to him leaving, we spent much time negotiating my Rules for while he would be away.  My point was that he wouldn’t be available to Dominate me in our usual ways, or to Discipline me if I misbehaved.  His point was that most of my Rules are in place to protect my health or my safety, and that regardless of if he were present to enforce the Rules, I should be a good, obedient girl. 

~ sighs

I reluctantly agreed, knowing he was right (hey, even a submissive girl wants a break now and then!). While not all of my Rules were in place while he was gone, Sir did expect me to obey my health and safety Rules.  My health Rules that were to be enforced during this time included working out five times per week, taking my vitamins every day, and tracking my macro-nutrients and reporting these to Sir.  The reason that Sir wants to see my macro-nutrient report is not because he tries to control what I do or don’t eat, but because he knows that it helps me to reach the goals that I have set for myself.  I want to maintain a certain weight and be as healthy as I can be and tracking what I eat is a big part of this.  My safety Rules include no phone while driving. 

Unfortunately (for my seating comfort), I did not behave while Sir was on his vacation.  That first morning he was away… I woke up feeling lonely and resentful.  I know, I know…not very submissive of me.  I decided, on my own accord, that I was NOT going to track my macro-nutrients while Sir was away.  And… I didn’t.  In an email, Sir asked me if I was tracking and I wrote to him that I wasn’t.  He wrote back communicating that he expected me to start following through with our agreement.

And I continued to misbehave.  I did not track my macros, nor did I send Sir my reports a single time in almost two weeks.

So, what was the result of all this misbehavior?

When Sir returned, he informed me that I would be Disciplined for each and every day that I failed to track my macros.  Gulps.  That is almost two weeks worth of Spankings!  And…he is following through on this promise.  Each time that he Spanks me for this misbehavior, he reminds me that I agreed to follow this Rule prior to him leaving on his trip.  His scoldings have brought me to tears and I have been unable to sit comfortably for several days.  And we still have a ways to go until this Discipline is concluded and all of my punishment has been doled out.  Oh, and there has been a lot of corner time and line writing, while sitting on my freshly spanked bottom, about “keeping my commitments” as well.  Sir even made me sit on the scouring pads after a Spanking one day!   

Sir and I have been in our D/s dynamic for a year and a half.  I already knew the man was consistent…but he is being sooooo strict with me!  I (wrongly) thought he would consider this one big misbehavior while he was away.  Man, did I miscalculate things.

Please don’t feel sorry for me though.  I earned each and every Spanking he has given me, and all the ones he will give me in coming days.  I chose to be a naughty girl while he was away and now my bottom is paying the price for that misbehavior. 

Thank you for being consistent with me, Sir.  Thank you for being both loving AND strict with me.  I know my Rules are in place to better my life, and my health and wellness.  I will do better, Sir.



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    1. LOL! It is funny you say that, sunktokeca! On a few occasions, Sir has said something to that effect to me. I really should have demonstrated submission while he was gone. I let my feelings get the best of me. Still learning 🙂

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  1. There must be something in the water with breaking health rules. Josh is frustrated with me again. I’ve had issues with my right rotator cuff for a few years now. Nothing major just when I overuse it it’s in lots and lots of pain for a few days/weeks. I’ve been overusing my rotator cuff again so it’s been in pain. Josh told me to lay off the usage and rest last weekend. And being the brat I am I decided that I would go to open gym at the gymnastics place in town (like I do every weekend. It’s cardio I enjoy and keeps my skills fresh) I thought what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. He found out and now I’m in trouble.

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      1. Yeah. Your new boyfriend finding out that being held accountable for your actions makes you feel taken care of. (And therefor turned on) is all fun and games until you get done writing “I will be a good and obedient girl. And I will follow my rules” 50 times each. On a freshly spanked bottom. The cuddles after make it worth it. 😉

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    1. So true, HotBottoms! I really had no idea he would count each and every day as a misbehavior. That’s what I get for entering into a D/s Dynamic with a super strict man (whom I adore! 🙂 )

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      1. I am well, thank you so much for asking! I read this… and I had to laugh but then get thoughtful because you seemed to know what was going to happen – and didn’t do what you were supposed to do anyway.

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        1. That part is true, kdaddy. I knew I would be disciplined when he returned…but I had no idea of being disciplined multiple times for the same offense! Sir keeps me on my toes. XOXO


          1. Yeah, well, sometimes, we gotta learn stuff the hard way, right? I think I would have done the same thing, which kinda surprises me but I like… object lessons because we need them at times.

            I’d say that it does keep you on your toes… since you’re having a hard time sitting down…

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          2. As for multiple times, I’d say that you don’t qualify under the double jeopardy rules. I wonder: When you were undergoing your multiple punishments, what were your thoughts about it as they progressed?


  2. That sounded like a masterful piece of bratting 🙂 Have you been studying for your BA (Bratula of Arts). Enjoy your well-earned comeuppance. Scouring pads, that’s a nice touch> How did they feel?


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    1. LOL! This comment made me laugh so hard, Prefectdt. Yes, definitely earning my BA. Scoring pads are very uncomfortable to sit on after a spanking! He also employs the use of sandpaper for a similar effect. Not fun! And embarrassing as they tend to stick to my bottom when I stand up 🙂


  3. I have heard that when the cat,’s away the mice will play but you never hear that when the cat returns their butts will burn.
    .I am sooooo glad you have Sir?He seems to have been a rock in the storm for you and you deserve him (and every swat your bottom gets when you defy him)
    You’re the best Nora. This was yet another great post

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    1. Hi there! I wish I had the time to make my work more accessible and available in other languages, but that is quite time consuming. Google does offer this as a free service. Thank you 🙂


  4. Great picture!. I attended an educational BDSM event last night and one of the speakers, a well known lifestyle domme and author said, “the domme does not make the slave obey the protocols. It is not a reflection on the domme when the sub disobeys…it is a reflection on the sub.” That is why you are being punished, because you have let yourself down. You are lucky that he is punishing you.

    On a lighter note, what apps do you use to track your food? I use myfitnesspal, but I have been trying out some others on a course I am doing with the Stanford Public Health school on food and nutrition. My diet is all over the place right now…HRT.

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    1. Hello, my beautiful friend! Yes, I am grateful that he disciplines me when I misbehave in this way… he is holding me accountable to goals that we set together, goals that I feel are good for me. I follow the WW plan and use their app. It’s a program that is simple and easy to follow and helps me manage my weight. I’ve used myfitnesspal in the past and found it pretty easy to use. I’m not familiar with any of the others, though I know there are tons of apps for this sort of thing. Thank you for reading 🙂

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        1. I think what I learned from this experience is that it is not okay to break my word to Sir. Prior to him leaving, we carefully negotiated which Rules would be in place while he was away. And the moment he left, I went rogue and did whatever I pleased. I regret that and will strive to do better at following through with whatever commitments I make.

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          1. It is the word to yourself, not to him. He’s just there to remind. My therapist, why would you do that to yourself? What does it feel like in your body? Which part of you? Though I have to admit going rogue and being punished can also be two sides of a very luscious coin!

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            1. I think for me, that it is my word to both of us. To myself, and to him. I want to operate with the highest of integrity, and I feel like here… I behaved like a child throwing a tantrum because my favorite toy was taken away (not that I view Sir as a toy, but hopefully you get my meaning). I couldn’t have what I wanted and instead of doing the right thing, I pouted and misbehaved. AND… I was soundly punished! I will do better 🙂

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  5. “Recently, there was a battle of wills, and unfortunately… I did not win this round. Looking back on it….”

    suggested edit:

    “Recently, there was a battle of wills. I did not win this round. Looking back on it, I have to smile and feel thankful to have a Sir who is so entirely consistent and controlling that he never, ever fails to PUNISH me very very Hard (and in a very humiliating, memorable way) whenever I am a naughty girl and disobey the rules that he has wisely laid out for me so that I learn to be a better and more submissive girl.”

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    1. (whoops… typing on a creaky tablet… apologies for the typo… and the unintended suggestion that there is anything… er… boorish?? 🤣😂 about your poor… yeah… sorry again 🙄)

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  6. I wonder why we all love to deviate from the rules so much, even realizing that all these rules are for our own good and knowing in advance that breaking the rules entails inevitable punishment?

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