The Speeding Ticket

For the first time in a LONG time, I was headed out for a day of pure fun.  I was meeting a friend at the mall for some shopping and girl time…and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It had been a long time since I have focused on anything other than Daddy.  So, there I was…in my hot little sports car (which happens to be red), on my merry way, not focused on anything other than the sheer beauty of the day and my blaring music… when the California Highway Patrol got me with his radar.  Ugh. 

I glanced down at my speed and IMMEDIATELY applied the brakes.  But it was too late.  I pulled over into the middle lane (I was in the fast lane), and when he got behind me, I pulled into the slow lane, knowing what was coming.  Those red and blue lights started flashing.  I pulled over on the side of the highway, as far to the right as I could.

I’ll admit that my heart started pounding a bit.  I have only been pulled over a handful of times in my life.  Generally, I am a very cautious driver and I am being honest when I say that I rarely speed.  But… I was feeling happy and carefree…and I totally got busted for it!  I watched him get out of his car and make his way down the right side of my vehicle.  I rolled my window down before he got there.

What struck me first was his beard.  CHP used to have a rule about facial hair but perhaps they have done away with that. I digress.  He was very firm with me and told me why he pulled me over.  I felt immediately submissive to his Alpha demeanor and kept repeating “I’m sorry, Sir”.  He took my license, insurance info, and registration.  He was gone with those items long enough that I knew he was writing me a ticket.  My stomach was in knots, starting to think about how Daddy and Sir would react to this misbehavior.

When he returned with my speeding ticket, he informed me that he listed my speed as less than what I was actually traveling.  He let me know that this would keep me out of any real trouble.  I felt grateful to him for that, as I well knew that I had been traveling 20 miles over the posted speed limit.  I was very apologetic and thanked him for being kind to me.  I actually teared up a bit and he was very calming and reassuring.  He instructed me on how to safely re-enter the highway and sent me on my way. 

I obeyed his instructions and picked up speed on the side of the highway prior to re-entering traffic.  My tummy was full of butterflies and I felt a little shaky, so I got off on the next exit and fueled up my car so that I could be in the fresh air and calm myself down.  As I was finishing up, he was pulling over some other reckless driver, and he pulled in behind her at the gas station.  I waved at him and flashed him a sheepish smile.  He waved back. 

Overall, I suppose I was very lucky.  He was a kind police officer, and I was driving way too fast.  I honestly did not mean to drive that fast, but I guess that is part of the problem… I wasn’t paying enough attention.

I texted Daddy from the gas station and told him what happened and informed him that I needed to sell my red sports car…it got me into way too much trouble (as if it were the car’s fault!).  He let me know that it probably wasn’t the car’s fault.  But he wasn’t too mad as I am eligible for traffic school.  And later, when I got to the mall, I sent Sir an email, communicating what happened…and being honest with him as to how fast I was actually driving.

Sir’s response was not as forgiving.  He informed me that I was to put this incident on my Outstanding Infraction’s list (that I send to him each Monday) and that we would be discussing this at length.  Gulps.

This morning, I got the first bit of that lecture from him.  As he is traveling for work, and Daddy was asleep in our bedroom (and I try to keep things quiet when Daddy is sleeping), Sir did not discipline me (yet).  But his lecture created a lot of butterflies in my tummy and elicited a great amount of regret on my part.  Sir lectured me on how essential I am to him and to everyone in my life, and how that sort of reckless behavior threatens my safety.  He was NOT pleased with me, which made me feel just awful.  I teared up as he lectured me, and I sat very still and quiet, only speaking when he asked me a question.  I was VERY much aware of just how badly I had misbehaved, and I genuinely feel remorse about this. 

When the time is right, Sir will discipline me soundly for endangering my own life in this way.  And I will have earned it. 

But I still think it might be time to sell this car!  Red sports cars are TROUBLE. And thank goodness that cops don’t have the authority to take a misbehaving girl out of her car and spank her on the spot for speeding (okay, that is a seriously HOTTTT fantasy of mine). The idea of being the girl in this picture is such a turn on though I know the reality would be painful.



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  1. So Sorry for you Nora, but you have been a naughty girl and placed yourself at risk, a warm bottom is thoroughly deserved.
    I am sure that there are many highway patrol officers who would much rather bend you over the hood and spank your bottom than write you a ticket.

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    1. Thank you for your kind response, Captain. I DID misbehave and I will accept my discipline with a good attitude. And if I had the choice to receive a speeding ticket or a spanking… I would choose the spanking! Not looking forward to traffic school😥


      1. So with trepidation on your part and complete knowledge on what is to come, I expect to find you in the corner (YES, panties down soon to be sore bottom on display and your hands on your head ✋🏻🍑😈)
        As I lectured you on each point of your wrongs (with some firm slaps to your lovely bottom to accentuate my point) I only expect to hear “yes Sir” no Sir” “I’m sorry Sir”
        I would then tell you I expect you to maintain that “panties down nose in the corner bad girl posture until I call you out to go over my knee…UNDERSTOOD!” …it BETTER be a very contrite “yes Sir”…Followed by one more hard spank to each cheek as I leave you to contemplate what is coming your way. When I come back and do call you out, I have you turn and face me hands still on your head panties still around your knees as I ask you (rhetorically) “do you understand how disappointed I am in you” you answer head down and tears close to falling “yes Sir”….”GOOD now take those panties all the way off, you will remain completely bare for the remainder of the evening…only good girls get to wear panties and your actions today have proven you ARE NOT a good girl at this time…but I WILL be correcting that” as I watch you hop to and completely bare yourself below the waist…”COME OVER HERE YOUNG LADY” as you move to lay across my lap and I spread your legs somewhat to get at the inner thighs as well….”one more thing, I think we could use some proper music for this” as I reach down and the sound of Princes little red corvette starts to play…as does the palm of my hand

        🎼little red corvette SPANK baby your much too fast 🎼

        So THAT naughty Nora is how I would (and have actually) handle your inattention to detail young lady…Oh and followed by further red bottom on display corner time of course

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          1. And red bottom soon to follow young lady ✋🏻❤️‍🔥
            It is TRULY for your own good and because I care…okay perhaps a bit of enjoying the view as well.
            Honestly though…Just wait until you get from traffic school young lady…but that is a tale for another time, until then front and center and over my lap you go ✋🏻🍑😉

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        1. I got pulled over for not making a full stop at a stop sign and got a ticket for it last month. I confessed that to my Sir and he said that I’d be getting a spanking, which is a term that I’m truly unable to use, because that’s been an obsession. Anyway, discipline hasn’t happened, I think that my Sir might have forgotten and I’ve felt fairly content about not reminding him. I don’t think there’s a risk of him remembering. Is not reminding him a bad thing? I do feel guilt, but I tend to avoid punishment even though it’s really good for me. My court date for the ticket is this Wednesday, but I’ve hired a lawyer. I have had the thought that I wish that I could hire a lawyer against discipline as well.


  2. Oh no! Distracted driving truly is an epidemic. I made the grave mistake of going 25 miles over while my ex husband was doing his trauma surgery rotation. When I tell you the lecture I got (not to mention the spanking) made sure I haven’t sped since. This was pre Covid so he took me to the hospital to see all of the people with speeding injuries (like I was a highschool kid who neede to be scared straight) but we’ve all been there. It’s good that you immediately took responsibility for your poor choices. Sending you love!

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      1. No, I have cruise control as well. It is different. With a speed limiter, you set a maximum speed for your vehicle and it will automatically stop accelerating when that speed is reached. It is most useful when you are doing a lot of driving within a large town or city, or when motorway driving a long way. I think that it has saved me from a lot of fines since I have had it in my current vehicle and the one before that.



  3. So Nora, I wonder if the cop would have been any harder on you if he actually knew who was sitting in the car in front of him? Anyway, I’ll sit next to you in class. I am headed to traffic school myself for an accident I had in February. Good luck with your Sir. 😬

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  4. Yikes! Sorry to hear you got pulled over but thank goodness for the kind police officer. I agree it sounds like the set up to a very very hot scene. /fans self But it looks like you’re gonna be having one of those anyway with your Sir. 😉

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    1. Gulps. Yes… I imagine I will, only Sir doesn’t really do scenes…he does discipline and he seeks to change my behavior through a hot, stinging bottom. That is one spanking I am NOT looking forward to!

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  5. This is powerful, nora! Having a fetish for authentic, legitimate discipline, the circumstances required to fulfill this need and desire is not under our control. It’s something that happens to you rather than something you make happen. As adults trying to act responsibly in our lives, we tend not to get into this kind of trouble but, caught up in the moment, you took a wrong turn on this otherwise beautiful day. It is all too real now. You acted irresponsibly in a way that must be addressed with all due seriousness. A speeding ticket is the way the law handles it but, for you, the deserved punishment will be in the form of an old-fashioned spanking. How exciting to be in this position you don’t want to be in. The waiting should be difficult, and you can bet I will be thinking about you, my dear friend. XO

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    1. I love the way you articulate your thoughts on this matter, Franz. What happens next IS out of my control and that does make this girl nervous. Anxiously awaiting discipline gives this all time to sink in. I misbehaved, I was caught misbehaving, and my bottom will pay the price of that misbehavior. Thank you for being supportive, my dear friend!😘

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  6. I have once heard that it’s a psychology thing – no matter what car it is, if it’s red you tend to drive faster. Don’t know if it’s true, but this story made me think of that. Glad the police officer was so kind!
    ~ Marie xox

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  7. What a wonderful post. I am absolutely terrified of police officers when I get pulled over—usually for speeding. I am fascinated by your dynamic—I don’t like at all to be lectured or told off— I find it crushing. It takes me days to recover from a bollicking.

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    1. A good lecture definitely sticks with me, my friend. It doesn’t hurt my self-esteem or anything, but it certainly makes me want to do better. I was in tears during this lecture, and each time I have driven since then, I have heard Sir’s words in my head. I won’t be speeding again any time soon! Oh,…and I did get my Spanking the other day… the sore bottom I received is certainly another deterrent to speeding! 🙂

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  8. In some cases, especially when the girls in the red sports cars go way over the speed limit, it might be possible to give the cops the right to spank them right at the scene of the crime.

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      1. ✋🏻🍑😎…Naughty speeding girls drive on sore bottoms.
        BUT, it needs to be said once the lesson is applied and “learned” contritely that all needs to be forgiven and (mostly) forgotten…perhaps one more “attention to detail” lesson upon return from mandatory driving school

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  9. Some girls drive cars in such a way that they should be spanked every day. The problem is that some of them will get additional pleasure instead of a well-deserved punishment.

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