Bend for me

“Bend for me, bend to me”

The first time that Sir said this to me, it stopped me in my tracks.  This particular set of words wrapped themselves around my tender submissive heart like a bow and I felt changed.  These are the words I’d been waiting to hear for much of my adult life.

Sir and I’s power exchange dynamic continues to evolve.  Yesterday, we reminisced about the first time we conversed as Dom and sub (about 8 months ago) and he directed me to take down my pants and panties for him and sit on my bare bottom while we talked.  Since that time, our dynamic has grown in so many beautiful ways and our connection continues to be absolutely thrilling. 

One of the best parts about all of this for me…is being able to live with transparency.  Daddy and I talk about Sir and I’s dynamic often, and he is fully aware of my activities.  As Daddy continues to grow more comfortable with Sir’s presence in my life, he has offered his blessing in expanding the boundaries of Sir and I’s dynamic.  Recently, Daddy gave his permission for Sir and I to start talking on the phone.  In addition to Sir and I’s instant messaging conversation each morning, we now have an afternoon conversation on the phone almost every weekday.  It has been somewhat overwhelming getting to know Sir in this new and exciting way…learning his vocal mannerisms, hearing his voice, and…of course, having him discipline me.  I now feel the full brunt of his lectures as I am subject not only to his words, but to his tone and the sheer power in his voice.  And he can hear my reactions to the paddle or other implement of his choice…and he can hear my voice quake with tears and remorse during my spanking. 

Gifting my submission to Sir has been such a blessing in my life.  Sir holds me accountable, and he expects me to be productive, even on days when I’d rather not.  This pandemic has greatly changed my work life and I find myself still working from home for the foreseeable future.  While it would be easy to grow rather lazy with so much unstructured time, I find myself with a solid routine and pretty big expectations for my weekdays.  While Sir is incredibly fair and reasonable, he also doesn’t tolerate any nonsense on my part.  For example, Sir expects me to workout five days each week.  You will remember that I recently faced a near death experience with an underground nest of hornets (big exaggeration) and so of course Sir excused my workout the following day as I was covered in itchy welts.  However, he does not accept excuses like “I just don’t feel like it” or “I am tired”.  I must push myself to persevere OR face the consequences from him.  As he likes to say, “You will behave however you will behave, and I will respond accordingly.”

At the end of the last post where I discussed my dynamic with Sir, I offered a bit of a teaser, sharing that Daddy had recently consented to Sir incorporating anal plugs as part of my discipline.  This was very pleasing to Sir, and he will often direct me to insert a plug prior to our planned conversations.  Sir has shared that he feels strongly that the act of wearing a plug for him puts me into the submissive mindset that he desires…and he is right.  The act of retrieving a plug, applying lubricant to it and my naughtiest place in preparation, sends me spiraling into subspace.  During these times, I am softer…my mindset and will more yielding, my defenses all but gone.

I have learned so much about myself in my submission to Sir.  I am learning what it means to obey him, even when I have a strong mental pull to make a different decision.  I am learning greater self-discipline and to make better choices for myself with regard to health and wellness.  I am learning to be more consistent with my intentions and in my actions in my daily life. 

And most of all… I am learning to bend for him, and to him.




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    1. Thank you for following my journey, my friend! I think in some ways, you and I are on similar journeys, though I do not get to see my Sir in person (at least, not at this point). I LOVE reading about your submission to Mistress and your great love and respect for your significant other. For our partners to love and trust us enough to have our needs met outside of our marriages…well, that is fucking beautiful (pardon my french) ❤

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      1. I met another sub through Twitter last night who has been following and commenting, and is in a similar situation to us. Married, indulgent spouse…but he is submitting to a close professional friend of Mistress. I wrote a post to him about how nice it was to meet him and to feel on such similar spiritual journeys and when my Twitter feed lit up with pictures of the two Dommes and a heart emoji I practically fell apart. I don’t know why I feel this so powerfully, but submission is bliss.

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  1. Nora, I know I complement your fiction. But maybe your real life is more thrilling. I’m so happy that this dynamic brings you joy!!! And I’m glad that you and your husband have such honest conversations about it!

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    1. Thank you for the support, Grace Marie! The last 8 months have been absolutely thrilling. To be honest, it is exhausting! Sometimes I feel too old for all this excitement. LOL. I feel very, very lucky that I am married to Daddy, and with his permission, that I am able to submit to Sir. I am learning so much on this journey. Great to hear from you! How is new baby doing?

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      1. The baby’s great. I have to remind my brothers and mother that she is in fact my child and I can take care of her without them babying me. I’m going on a date in two weeks!!! The baby will be a month old and I want to get back in the dating pool!

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        1. I am glad to hear that you and the baby are doing well (even if your family is smothering you a bit!). Congratulations on your date! Where did the two of you meet, or have you not met in person yet (met on-line)? You have SO much going on!


          1. You’re telling me! We met at a coffee shop about 5 days ago. Ryan dragged my little butt out of the house for the first time while the baby was napping. And we hit it off in the line, exchanged phone numbers. And they’re taking me out to a very nice dinner two weeks from yesterday.

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            1. That sounds wonderful, Grace! I imagine that with all you have been through with the separation, being surrounded by family, and having a baby…that some positive male attention will feel amazing. I do hope we get to hear about it! XOXO

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  2. As usual, written with feeling, and conveying your strong feelings effectively! It’s enlightening for me to see how an unusual dynamic like this can work!
    Small note: how about “Sir and my…” instead of “Sir and I’s…” ?

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        1. Yes, I believe you are right. I will do my best not to repeat this mistake. But John… you have been a follower of mine for some time I believe, yes? I find it oddly curious that the first time you choose to comment on a post, you choose to correct my grammar mistake. I will make the observation that this is a fairly dominant thing for a man to do at first blush. I am curious to know if you identify as a Dom…if you are willing to share…. 🙂

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          1. Your instinct is right, Nora, I’m a dom, in a very happy relationship with a submissive woman who is my world. In other words, a lucky guy. I’m also an author- you can look me up on Amazon as John Huntley, author of Three Lessons and A Different Love.

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            1. Smiles at you. It is a pleasure to meet you, John. Thank you for following my blog and I am very glad to interact with you. I will absolutely be looking up your book…thank you for sharing this with me.


            2. John… I had to come back and tell you that I bought your book on Amazon and that I have read the first section about meeting Trina. I am incredibly moved. Thank you very much for sharing this with me. I cannot wait to read more. XOXO


                1. John, I have finished “A Different Love”… I could not put it down once I started reading it. Your D/s love story is by far the closest I have ever read to what I have always wanted for my own life. I am so moved by the connection the two of you share and the life that you have built. I would very much like to write a post about your book for my readers, but I wanted to make sure that felt okay to you first. Please feel free to leave me a message here, or contact me via: AND… I am really looking forward to reading “Three Lessons” next 🙂 XOXO, nora


  3. First, I’m very happy to see this relationship working out so well for you, that you are getting the full practical benefit of the discipline regime under which you are pushed to do your best and, at least as important, that it’s an exciting fulfillment of your kinky desires. And you sharing your experiences and feelings makes me feel I’m with you there in spirit. The images you inspire in my mind are exciting. XO

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    1. Thank you, Franz… your support means a lot to me! I am glad to know that the things I talk about, and the images that I inspire in your mind are exciting to you. There is so much more that I wish I could share, but Sir is a very private man, and he only allows me to reveal little bits and pieces at a time. But be assured…this Dynamic is working VERY well, and I am finally getting to have my D/s experience. I hope to share more naughty adventures soon 🙂


    1. Smiles. I was thinking back to when I was seeking a Dom, and the correspondence that you and I shared during that time. Things have changed a bit, haven’t they, my friend?


  4. I am really pleased that you have found the balance that you need between the relationships you have. I know it has been a long road for you in finding what you need but you sound really happy. Missy x

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    1. Thank you, missy! I AM really happy. I know the situation that I describe is rather unconventional, but it allows two couples to remain intact and all parties to get their needs met. Thank you for reading 🙂

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        1. I will share more as I can. My Sir is a very private man, and even though this is all anonymous, he is not that keen on reading about himself on my blog. He likes to keep things between us. But… I do think he has been warming to the idea more…..

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  5. That was an interesting read, mainly because it is far outside my experience zone and is an insight into another type of power exchange than I am used to. I hope that you can maintain the balance in your life between commitments, both kinky and outside world


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    1. Thank you, Prefedtdt. You have touched on something that I am actively working on…balance. It IS hard to balance my life with Daddy and my other commitments, with my commitment to a D/s dynamic with Sir. As this D/s dynamic is still rather new and is crazy thrilling, it is easy to get swept up. Sir is very wise and he sees this, and he is the first to encourage me to continue to put my family life first. Daddy also understands how exciting this is for me and he gives me some leeway. I am an incredibly lucky girl, blessed to have two men looking out for my best interests. It has been a wild ride.

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  6. i love your posts both real and fantasy there is so much insight and thought into the submissive mind that others often forget how much we get stuck inside ourselves. Thank you for sharing your experiences, you make me want to blog more so others can see things from another submissive’s perspective! ❤️

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  7. What a wonderful gift your Daddy has given you in allowing you to also have Sir, it sounds more than ever you are feeling fulfilled in everything you need. I’m so happy how this is working out for you.

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      1. I am free because he has moved out of state, but legally still married. Still waiting on the judge to sign off on the divorce, hopefully soon and then perhaps I can start to venture out into the world

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          1. Yes it is, I’m still adjusting to be alone in the house at night, it is unnerving and makes me jumpy when I hear a noise but I’m sure I’ll settle in soon. It’s already so nice to come home to peace and just love on my fur babies with no one menacing around me.

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            1. Sending you lots of hugs, Storm. I am so glad that you got yourself out of an unhealthy relationship, and that is good news that he moved so far away. This will be a shit time…no way around that….but good things are coming your way ❤

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