A Work in Progress, Part Eight #NSFW, 18+

Hello my friends, Thank you for continuing to follow our protagonist on her journey in submission. I promise you that she will suffer greatly (for your pleasure) in Alexander's dungeon. Please know that your readership is much appreciated! XOXO, Nora P.S. And, if you missed the first seven segments, you might want to get caught... Continue Reading →

Day Two: Adventures in No-O Land #18+, NSFW

Hello, my kinky friends! Nora here, just checking in.  I have somehow survived two days without singing saprano (apparently that is a euphemism for the female orgasm?).  If that doesn’t sound impressive to you, it should! If you missed it, I am currently exploring orgasm control and denying myself that ultimate pleasure until Friday eve. ... Continue Reading →

Sharing: A Guest Post from The SafeworD/s Club #18+, NSFW

Sub Mace and Vixen Lee return to consider, together, how a D/s Dynamic outside of a primary relationship can work. Relationships with the people we love develop as a consequence of attractions and shared interests, personality compatibilities and proximity. We may meet someone who we become attracted to or who we find interesting and then…Then there... Continue Reading →

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