Tied up in knots

Hello, my kinky friends!  I want to start by thanking you for all of the supportive comments and emails that you’ve been sending, checking in on Daddy and me.  I know that some of you are a bit frustrated that I am keeping Daddy’s health stuff under wraps…after all, I share all the naughty details of my sex life, but not about real-life stuff like medical conditions?  I ask that you please respect our privacy in this way…it is just too damn hard to talk about.  I will share that Daddy has recovered from the emergency that landed him in the hospital over the Christmas holiday.  We have a long, difficult road to travel but we are both hopeful that he can beat this thing.  I will provide updates over time, but I want to refocus on the reason that I started this blog in the first place… as a place where I can share naughty stories and kinky experiences. 

So, on to other news…

Some of you have asked if Sir and I have ended our D/s Dynamic and this is absolutely NOT the case.  In fact, Sir was a bit flabbergasted when I shared this with him.  I am guessing that perhaps you wondered if I would need to end my Dynamic with Sir in order to focus all of my attention on Daddy.  I will be honest, I wondered that myself, briefly.  But Daddy assured me that he absolutely wants me to continue my Dynamic with Sir.  He sees this as a good outlet for my stress, and he sees how much love and support Sir offers me, especially during this difficult time.

With everything going on lately, I’ve been tying myself up in knots with worry.  My head hurts, my back hurts, my eyes hurt…my heart hurts.  I am having a hard time shutting my brain off and sleeping at night, so I find myself exhausted continuously.  Each morning, I am a hot mess!  Very patiently and with great care, Sir slowly unties my emotional knots, every single day.  He listens, he lets me cry on his (virtual) shoulder, and he offers insightful and thoughtful emotional support.  Sir also encourages me to be hopeful.  He lets me rage against his strong heart until I have nothing left and then he builds me back up.

AND…he continues to be strict with me.  Sir never lets me get very far from our rules and agreements.  He tells me often how he will continue to pull me back into our dynamic, keeping me safe under his wing.  I cannot express how comforting this is.  It is one thing to tell a person that you will be there for them…it is another thing to prove that you will be there for them in their darkest hour.  He consistently holds me accountable to our rules.  When I have misbehaved, he talks it out with me…much like a very patient parental figure.  He checks on my motivations, my rationale, my reasons for my misbehavior.  And when he deems it appropriate, he paddles my bare bottom until I have a good cry.  I will say this…right now, in particular…crying from a sound spanking is incredibly cathartic. 

I am grateful to my Sir for sticking by me through this.  I know that at times, this dynamic is not quite as thrilling or as fun as it once was, as I am often exhausted and completely stressed out.  But Sir shows up for me, every single day.  He listens, he (virtually) dries my tears, and he encourages me to continue putting one foot in front of the other, even when it is hard.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such great men in my life, but I am incredibly grateful.

Thank you for “untying” me, Sir ❤



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  1. Glad to hear you are doing somewhat okay and that your Sir is helping you through this hard time. I am also glad to hear that your husband sees the value in your D/s dynamic with your Sir. Hope for the best for you and your husband. Hang in there!

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    1. Thank you, kit! Over this last year, my husband has seen how much my D/s dynamic helps me…the structure it provides, the emotional support that I get from Sir, etc. He still has moments of jealousy or when it feels hard, but we talk it through and ultimately….he is super supportive. Thank you for your supportive comments…it is much appreciated!!! XOXO

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      1. My husband will from time to time openly admit that he is jealous, but will still remain supportive of my D/s relationship with Dad. I am extremely appreciative of that and often laments on how lucky I am to have them in my life.

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        1. Yes, agreed! I am glad to know that you and your husband have such open communication. I feel lucky that Daddy and I can talk about anything, even the stuff that can be a little painful at times.


  2. I am pleased that this part of your life is still going strong. It sounds like you really need it. I think keeping us to what we have agreed at times or stress is so supportive. Many don’t want to do it and let it all go as a way to be easy on us and look out for us but that is now what we need. A sub needs to submit. x

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    1. Yes, I couldn’t agree more, missy! It is during these hard times that I need this structure more than ever. I know that if I were floating out there on my own, with no one to submit to, I would be less likely to engage in all the self-care Sir has me doing…eating healthy, working out regularly, journaling, etc. As you said, a submissive needs to submit…that very much describes me 🙂 XOXO

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  3. Nora, although times are tough right now, It’s nice to hear you have a back up. I’m am glad someone is in your corner fighting with you. I wish you happy, healthy days ahead.

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  4. I love that you have the love of both of these men.

    D/s isn’t always fun, but when the dominant in your world continues to be present for you, in a way that is appropriate for their submissive, that is truly wonderful.

    I’m not a touchy feely person and my favourite ever hugs (that aren’t from my smalls) are the virtual ones from Sir. Just a few words from him can ease every last sad ache away.

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  5. I’m sure there are many Daddies, Doms and Masters out there who want to play the game, but your Sir is the real deal. I’m glad you have him there for you and that depth of support in these trying times. I’m wishing you and your Daddy the best. XO

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  6. I’m so sorry that your husband’s diagnosis is doing this to you. I’m glad your sir can untie your knots. I know that a good hard spanking and some tears can be magic for a hurt soul. Sending you all the love! 💕

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  7. Oh Nora, it is so wonderful your Sir is a rock in these circumstances, and that he can untie the knots for you. I’m sorry to hear the stress has taken hold of your body and is causing you pain. It happened to me too, and only physiotherapy helped for it, and now my daily walks. Take care of you, but I know your Sir will make sure you do. Hoping your Daddy beat this thing soon! Hugs to you.
    ~ Marie xox

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  8. This is fabulous on many levels. It is a relief to hear that Daddy is on the mend. It is also wonderful to hear how submission lifts you up. It never ceases to amaze how service to a Dom can make us stronger and better.

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  9. As I didn’t really know of the medical issue, I can say that I’m glad to hear things are somewhat better now. And I’m so pleased that both your relationships are doing well.


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