Good girl, nora

I’ve been thinking about my kink a lot these days (funny, I just looked up the word “kink” in the dictionary, and it states, “bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior”…which made me giggle 😊 ).  I think interactions with various readers and fellow bloggers has prompted this pondering.  Often, adult spanking is talked about in the context of mutual fun with a partner or as a sexy preclude to intercourse.  There are many people out there who enjoy a good spanking just for the sake of having one.  I know that some even go out of their way to be a bit sassy to “earn” a spanking, in a playful way (funishments, anyone?).  And while I LOVE reading about these sexy adventures, I can say that I have come to realize this just doesn’t describe my kink.

I have shared with some of you in the past how I overheard a spanking when I was 7 or 8 years old.  I was at a friend’s house, and we were misbehaving (jumping on the bed, playing loudly, etc.).  His mother warned us to settle down several times (she was on a long-distance call, and we were being disruptive). The third time she came in, she took him out of the room.  I knew he was in trouble, but I really didn’t know about spanking at that age, as my parents didn’t use it (while it was threatened on occasion, my siblings and I didn’t get actual spankings…maybe just a single swat).  In any case, that day…my friend had his bottom paddled.  I clearly heard his cries and the sound of the paddle landing, and thirty years later… I can still hear those sounds in my mind.  While he and I didn’t discuss it that day, one of the next times that I was visiting, he showed me the family paddle.  He was very embarrassed.  We still didn’t discuss spanking, but I think it was his way of acknowledging that I heard his punishment.

From that moment on, I fantasized about discipline spankings.  Over the course of the next thirty years, most dominant males in my life were subject to these sorts of fantasies in my mind…boyfriends, professors, bosses… By the age of ten, I was drawing spanking comics (and destroying them so no one would find them), and by the age of fifteen, I had written a little love story that included a spanking of a girl by her boyfriend’s father.  LOL…I guess this explains the repetitive Daddy theme in my spanking fiction 😊

I always believed that my kink was spanking, and don’t get me wrong…spanking is definitely a part of it.  But for me… the real kink or fetish is about being held accountable to a dominant man.  Having that person decide what constitutes misbehavior and him taking it upon himself to discipline me (through spanking) when I act as anything less than my best self.  I know, I know…the feminist in you is cringing and I get this makes me sound rather old-fashioned.  But the truth is, I have very high expectations for myself…and sometimes I mess up.  I forget to take my vitamins or fail to get in all five workouts during the week, or even miss a deadline at work.  And having someone who is paying attention and who wants me to do my very best, and who is willing to discipline me when I fail to live up to these high standards…well hot damn, THAT is my kink. 

To illustrate this point, I will share a little experience with Sir from this morning (we were on the phone).  We were having our morning chat and I said something that I felt didn’t come out quite right.  After I said it, I followed up with something like, “that was dumb of me to say”.  Sir responded to this in the most beautiful, stern way.  First, he asked if I had my paddle with me (I am required to bring the paddle to our morning discussions in case he needs to apply on-the-spot discipline).  Thankfully, I remembered to bring it! He calmly told me to stand up and asked me what I was wearing.  I told him, and he said that he wanted my pajama bottoms at my knees (I guess I should mention that I was not wearing panties).  I obeyed him.  He then gave me a long talking to about one of his earliest Rules for me… no negative self-talk.  It is very important to Sir that I always speak about myself in a positive way.  He told me how much he believes in me, complimented my intelligence and my ambition, AND said that he views negative self-talk as a misbehavior.  He then Directed me through a Spanking to my bare bottom with the paddle.  By the time I was allowed to sit back down again, my bottom was hot and sore, and I was left with a good reminder to always speak positively about myself…which is a GREAT thing for me to be learning. 

When reflecting on my fantasies of my youth…they often included angry male figures.  But Sir has rewritten that in me.  He never gets angry with me (he was irritated with me once though and he did Spank me on a later occasion—I assure you, it was well-deserved), and he doesn’t tell me he’s disappointed in me.  I now see how loving discipline can be, how it can be applied both firmly AND patiently, and how every time Sir finds a reason to Spank me…it is always done in a caring way.  Don’t get me wrong…he is VERY strict with me.  He doesn’t allow me to get away with anything.  While he will often discuss my misbehavior with me first (he is VERY fair and won’t punish me if he feels I had a good reason as to why I did something) he holds me to very high standards…and I need this.  I am so grateful for this. 

So…there you have it.  I could have just left it as… I am “into” discipline spanking, but I felt this warranted a bit more explanation.  Having a strict man hold me accountable to high standards REALLY gets my motor going and having my panties taken down for a discipline spanking is my greatest fantasy (and now my reality 😊).  With this in mind, I also work very hard to hear those three little magical words… “good girl, nora”.  I don’t misbehave on purpose, and I am honest with Sir when I break one of my Rules.   

I would love to hear more about your kinky interests in spanking, my naughty friends!  Much love on this beautiful day.



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  1. I’m not that kinky but I do remember getting spanked… and unloading in my underwear. It was weird and confusing because I had no idea such a thing could happen. There were times when I’d get spanked and, um, it hurt but not really and, yeah, sometimes, I’d be sporting major wood afterward. It wasn’t until I got much older when I learned that your butt is connected to your pleasure centers and made me say, “Hmm, that explains some stuff…”

    I just know that I couldn’t get into it as a kinky thing to do but, yep, I kinda get it.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, kdaddy! It’s funny…even though in the moment, spanking is not a “sexual” thing to me…my butt is definitely connected to m pleasure center! Spanking arouses me in a huge way, even when it really hurts and I just want it to stop. Sometimes I think this has something to do with the loss of control…I do find that exciting 🙂


      1. I can see how it fits loss of control. You do something that’ll get you spanked. You knew it before you did it but did it anyway because spanking oddly hurt so good. The pain gets to be unbearable but endorphins kick in and takes the edge off and might even give that nice and naughty feeling to know that the spanking is also arousing you… and there’s nothing you can do about it other than to endure the beating while enjoying it.

        I’ve learned that when you slap some women on the ass, it’s not that it hurts that gets them acting some kind of way… it’s because it’s arousing to have that button pushed or, really, slapped and even spanked. It’s not really a sexual thing but it can be sensual, can’t it?

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  2. I have problems with the word “kinky”. If calling something kinky makes you feel ashamed of it due so some pent up Victorian values stuff, then it is a bad word. But if calling it “kinky” makes it more fun AND you engage in it, then yes, call it kinky and enjoy your life. I don’t want to be on my deathbed wishing “gee whiz, wished I had tried adult spanking…”

    At an age in childhood where I was having erections, was at my bud’s house. He mouthed off to his mom, wouldn’t stop, assumed he thought she would not do anything. How quickly she stripped him naked, yanked him over her knee and spanked the hell out of his bare bottom. She put him down, told him to get dressed, but he ran around holding his red hot bottom and screaming. Mom pulled him back in, gave his butt round 2 over her knee this time with the ruler, then asked if he wanted more. He shut up, got dressed and I was sent home because he had corner time coming. But that vision, from that point on stayed in my mind and when I was active with the girls, then explored sexual spanking.

    We spank for “funishment”, it is a prelude to amazing sex and extends foreplay. It is fun, sometimes silly and leads to the most intense orgasms. Spanking without sex just seems like punishment and incomplete.

    Nice post Nora!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this, my friend! That is an intense spanking memory that you have. It is so interesting to me how our earliest memories sometimes shape the rest of our adults lives. Thank you for your readership!!! 🙂

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  3. My primary reason for getting spanked, is that I get high from it, but from chemicals that my body produces itself and are good for you. My main aim is never sex related, like many men, getting spanked makes Mr stiffy go away. There are other aspects that I like about it though, the freeing feeling of being at someone else’s control for a while, the amateur dramatics of playing out a scene and the excuse to play dress up sometimes. being high on my fun activities list


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    1. YES! I do love the the freedom that comes from not being in control. And I absolutely agree with the release that comes from spanking, as your body releases chemicals to combat the pain. Thank you for sharing, Prefectdt 🙂 XOXO

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  4. Wow! Where do I start… well, I gotta say, first off, fantastic post Nora!
    Okayyyy, so spanking for me is always, always sexual but my primary reason is always that it has to be punishment based. I need to feel like I have been made to feel accountable for my actions. Now, I am that bad girl who will break the rules in order to get herself spanked and not just one rule, I will go all out to break them all if I can. I guess I’m just wired up wrong or something! Actually, I’m thinking while I’m writing here, and it’s not as much about breaking the rules, it’s seeing how many broken ones I can get away with before I get caught. Once I’m caught I will (eventually) take my punishment.
    I am always highly turned on by a spanking but rarely does it make me go over the edge, now a caning… that’s a different matter entirely, I will happily bend over for a caning after a spanking because I know without a shadow of a doubt I am going to my happy place in short order once the caning is under way.
    The pain from a spanking is enough to un-numb my brain (as well as my bottom) but the pain from a caning is cathartic for me and I feel cleansed and able to focus on what’s really important in my life again and not get dragged down by all the past detritus.
    In honesty, I will take a spanking/caning any time I can get one and I am happy to call it my kink. I have many kinks, but yeah, the spanking one is the first one and everything else has kind of followed on from that.
    Loved this post Nora. Thank you my most naughtiest sexy spanking friend! 💋💋💋💖

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    1. Thank you for sharing this, my sexy sista-from-another-mista!!! I LOVED learning more about how all of this works for you. You know, I’ve never really paid attention to how a spanking or a caning differentiates… I will have to see if the same is true for me! A caning certainly hurts more and the pain seems to last longer. A little experiment might be in order 🙂 XOXO

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      1. Ooooh a fresh post for that experiment please!! Naughty minds want to know!!
        If I take a caning after a sound spanking I am guaranteed an orgasm either by the 3rd or 4th stroke, if I’m on a ban (which has been known to happen with T) then I am usually begging him at this point to let me have that release. More often than not he will say no because, well, he can, and it then becomes a punishment for me in the truest sense of the word. That’s when I feel like I have actually had a punishment spanking and caning. If I take a caning straight off the bat with no warm up from a spanking first, I am so instantly horny its not even funny. It hurts like blazes on fresh skin and seems to cut into the flesh so much more sharply than if it’s done on already heated skin. That sharpness is like a laser through my numbness and my whole body reacts to it simultaneously. It’s the most amazing feeling. I used to think there was something intrinsically wrong with me because I got so turned on by the pain, and then I realised, nope, nothing wrong, I just get off on the fact I can actually feel something other than numb! Nothing wrong with that! The end result is always the same though, the caning gives me clarity of thought once the pain has dulled. I adore that feeling of having an empty head and that will lead to me getting in trouble again immediately because I will break the orgasm ban rule if its in place.
        I guess I’m just plain naughty and a right royal handful to discipline Nora. It’s like I said the other day, I go running towards trouble in order to gain that spanking or caning, but I admire you so much because you consistently strive to be a good girl and you do get distraught with yourself when you take a tumble. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is quite so inherently good and still about as naughty minded as can be! That’s a fabulous combination of just enough naughty and nice to keep this girl popping over to swap stories with you forever and is why I adore you my most gorgeously sexy friend! 💋💖😈😍

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        1. Wow! You have such an intense reaction to the cane! Sadly, I have never climaxed during a spanking or a caning…but my orgasms are incredibly intense directly after. I was reading through what you wrote about running toward trouble, and I was imagining the two of us, serving the same Sir, in an alternate universe. You would definitely be the naughty devil always pushing us toward trouble, and I would be the naughty angel saying “no, Gemma, we really shouldn’t” but following you into trouble anyhow. Of course, we would both get the same spanking and yummy orgasms after. I am pretty sure there is a GREAT fictional story to come from that thought 🙂 I love you my sexy friend! Keep being YOU….because YOU are AMAZING 🙂

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  5. I love reading this, nora. My relationship with spanking is way too big and complex for me to describe in a comment. I think my kink is the same as yours in many ways, though I can also identify strongly with the disciplinarian side of the paddle. I also see my kink as a fetish, which to me runs deeper than an item on a list of predilections. Disciplinary spanking is an obsession that has been part of me since early childhood, and my experiences growing up are the primary basis for my strange adult fascinations and desires. I’m not normal. 🙂 In fact, my excitement is fed by the fact that traditional corporal punishment is not supposed to be a desire, and it is inherently a painful ordeal for the ego. The parent-child relationship is the model for an adult relationship, and that has always made it an intriguingly awkward dynamic to reconcile with. I didn’t choose my fetish. It chose me. I embrace it, but only with those who understand and from behind closed doors.

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    1. You know, it hadn’t occurred to me to distinguish between kink and fetish but looking at the dictionary now, I do see that fetish has a stronger implication. I would have to agree with you and say that discipline spanking is a fetish for me as well. It certainly causes a habitual erotic response within me, without any sort of sex involved. I still don’t quite understand the sexual response that I have to being disciplined. I don’t enjoy the pain, though I do enjoy how I feel after (which I am guessing is due to the release of endorphins in my body). And as for the parent-child relationship dynamic… I have just reconciled myself to that is what I need. I will always long for the Daddy-type in my life…someone to care for me, guide me, and discipline me when needed. I feel so lucky to have both Daddy and Sir in my life now, filling this need for me. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Franz! XOXO

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