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A New Assignment

This week, Daddy gave me a new assignment.  He has requested that I submit three articles/blog posts/fiction entries to him each week by Wednesday that I feel would benefit his understanding of domestic discipline (DD) or Dominance and submission (D/s) in some way.  He has committed to reading these submissions by Sunday and discussing them with me during our weekly maintenance session.

Taking this very seriously, I read and re-read through all of the blogs of those here on WordPress which I greatly admire.  I could have easily sent him a hundred posts and narrowing it down to three was no easy feat.  However, for this first week, I chose the following:

Lecturing- found within the Beginning Domestic Discipline pdf, by Clint & Chelsea

Possessed by Your Words– written by sayyidsgirl

Being a Dom– written by omegakat, of Alpha & kat

I chose the lecturing piece as this is something that I have shared, respectfully, with Daddy that I feel I need more of.  Don’t get me wrong, Daddy always lets me know why I have earned myself a spanking or some other punishment, but I find that a good lecture gets me to that submissive space much quicker than just a spanking alone.  When we first got started with DD, I remember Daddy sternly lecturing me about my poor behavior once prior to a spanking…I was in tears before he even started.  Unfortunately, his lecturing me tends to be more of a rarity than the norm and I think that a stern lecture now and again would aid in improving my behavior.

I chose “Possessed by Your Words” as this piece speaks straight to my heart (and other places!).  I have always desired to be talked to as Sayyid talks to His submissive in this piece.  It is incredibly well-written and erotic and I thought it may give Daddy some inspiration on this front.

Lastly, I chose “Being a Dom” as this piece succinctly captures the essence of the Dominant.  The qualities discussed here exemplify my Daddy and sometimes, I think he might forget just how much I admire him.  I thought if he saw it in black and white, all of those wonderful qualities which I feel describe him to the letter, he might see himself through my eyes for a moment.

This assignment will be an on-going one for the foreseeable future.  Many of you have come to know Daddy and I’s relationship through my writings, so please feel free to make recommendations of any material that you think might enhance our DD or D/s, or a piece that spoke greatly to you.

As always, thank you for reading!

Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

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Home sweet home!

Helloooooo everyone!

Daddy and I are back from our vacation…and I am feeling like I need a vacation from our vacation!  It was a whirlwind of excitement, and honestly, we probably packed too much fun into one trip.  I am happy to be home and happy to resume our D/s where we left off.

We fully intended to continue domestic discipline and D/s while we were away, but the experience of traveling from country to country took us out of our element and away from many of our new rituals.  Prior to leaving, we carefully planned out what we would bring with regard to punishment implements/toys/etc.  We chose the tawse (as it is a fairly quiet spanking implement), the glass plug (as it cleans easily), one of my favorite dildos, and the leather cuffs which I typically am required to sleep in.  However, we hardly used these things at all!  Each night we dropped into bed, completely exhausted from the day’s excursions.  We did remember my maintenance spankings on Sundays, and I did sleep in my cuffs a handful of nights…but in the two and half weeks we were gone, we only had sex twice, which is much less than usual for us.

While I may not have many exciting, sexy stories to share, two noteworthy events did occur on this trip.  First, Daddy made a very romantic, grand gesture.  While in Ireland, Daddy bought me a beautiful, Celtic Trinity Knot necklace.  I was fully involved in selecting it, however; when he placed it around my neck he told me that it was a symbol that represented our new dynamic…that he would, for eternity, love me and be my Daddy, and that in return, I would always belong to him and be his submissive.  While the trinity knot traditionally has deep religious meaning, in more modern times it is used as a representation of eternal love and commitment.  Needless to say, this gesture took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.  I will forever cherish this gift and wear it as often as possible to demonstrate my love and gratitude to the man who takes such good care of me.

Blog pic 72

While my first noteworthy story is romantic, my second story IS of a kinky nature.  As part of our trip, Daddy booked us a stay in an actual castle!  We spent some kinky time in bed together that evening, and the next morning, Daddy gave me a very sound spanking to remind me to be a good girl for the remainder of our trip.  It was the only time we weren’t in confined quarters where we had to worry about someone overhearing our activities.  We were tucked away, high in our own castle turret, and Daddy took fully advantage of that privacy.  It was pretty hot…and, I get to say that I was spanked in a castle!  I wonder how many other naughty women were disciplined by stern husbands in that castle throughout the ages…I feel a story brewing… 🙂

In any case, glad to be back and looking forward to catching up with all of your blogs!

Happy writing my friends 🙂

Love, nora

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So long, farewell!

My dear WordPress friends,

I just wanted to say goodbye and wish you all a wonderful rest of September!  Daddy and I will be traveling for the next 2-3 weeks and there will be times when we will be without easy (or affordable!) internet access.  I will miss reading your fiction and about your experiences over my morning coffee, but I will look forward to catching up when we return.

Please take good care of yourselves…and keep it sexy 🙂

Love, nora

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Wicked Wednesday- The Bet

Oh, how she loved the games they played, she thought to herself as she watched her husband across the room.

At this very moment, he was seated at the bar, his hand grazing the knee of the college coed they had picked out together earlier over drinks.  They had discreetly watched the young blond from the very table she sat at now, as the girl had allowed herself to be conversed by many, inexperienced young men.

Her husband was anything but inexperienced.  He exuded confidence and was always the Alpha male of the room.  His gaze was strong enough to make most look away, his masculine scent irresistible to the feminine nose.  He could control most women with just a look and this young girl would prove to be an easy mark.

Their bet in place, he had kissed his wife firmly on the mouth, wishing her luck, and had left their table.  He was a hunter tonight, he would devour his prey, and he would win.  He had only been seated at the bar for a moment, when he turned his stare upon the young woman in question.  Her body language changed as she sensed herself being watched, and when she looked up and saw him staring she blushed a lovely shade of pink.  He gestured to her, beckoning her to him with a smile and a wave and she obeyed his call, leaving the young male she was speaking to floundering in her wake.  Now, seated next to him at the bar, feeling his warm hand upon her leg, she lost herself in his strong, masculine presence.

He ordered two shots of whiskey and she obediently drank the fiery liquid along side him, wanting to please.  He informed her that he had a room at the hotel across the street and that more than anything, he wished she would accompany him there.  Unable to meet his gaze, she whispered her acquiescence and he guided her quickly away from the bar.  Now came the trickiest part of the game, however; that critical moment where he had to reveal his hand and take a risk.

He introduced the lovely girl to his wife, watching her young eyes widen in surprise.  He could tell that she was disappointed, that she was considering leaving, so he gently brushed his fingertips down her spine and asked her again to please join them.  She was reluctant, but when he leaned in and lightly kissed her neck, his masculine smell overwhelmed her senses and she allowed herself to be led from the bar, his wife trailing behind them.

To encourage her excitement and compliance, he cupped her small bottom in his hand as they walked toward the hotel.  She leaned into him, neck submissively offered up to his mouth, trying to forget that the footsteps she could hear behind them were those of his wife.  His incredibly gorgeous wife.

Once in the room, his wife sat down in a low backed chair across the room.  She knew what came next and she knew she wanted to win this round.

He began to passionately kiss the young woman, warming her with his lips, until he could smell her arousal.  He unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, as he sat upon the bed.  Gently biting her neck, his eyes found his wife’s as the girl moaned, and he slowly lowered the girl’s panties to her knees, revealing the soft mounds of her buttocks.  As he did this, his wife parted her own thighs slowly, revealing her lack of panties under her dress and her throbbing sex to her husband.

The girl was now kneeling in front of him, an understanding of what was expected of her as he freed his rock-hard cock from his slacks.  She looked up at him eagerly from her place on the floor, ready to please, but his gaze remained locked on his wife.  He removed the girl’s blouse without looking at her, revealing firm, taut breasts.  Gently gripping the back of her neck, he guided her warm, little mouth down around his shaft.  He never even blinked.

He pumped into her mouth slowly, matching his wife’s rhythm as she fingered her own clit across the room.  When his wife’s finger sped up, he gripped the girl’s hair tightly and began to fuck her young mouth deeply with his cock.  He never looked away from his wife’s eyes, noticing in his peripheral vision how her pelvis began to move, and how her fingers sunk a little deeper into her wet hole.

When his wife nodded at him, he lifted the girl up and stripped her panties all the way off.  He guided her onto his lap and onto his waiting cock.  She moaned deeply into his neck, her arms around him, as he filled her completely.  Filling his hands with her young, supple ass he moved her up and down on his cock, eliciting noises from her that made his wife start to rub her clit more furiously as she stared into his eyes.

He could see that his wife was close so he picked up the pace, fucking the young woman in his lap mercilessly while she held on.  He could feel himself ready to cum, but he waited, watching his wife, their eyes locked.  When he saw her expression change and knew she was about to cum, he allowed himself to orgasm, bringing the girl with him.  The sounds of flesh slapping filled the room.

As the young woman collapsed in his arms, he smiled wolfishly at his wife.  She sat, across the room from him, drenched between her legs from the orgasm she’d had watching her husband fuck the pretty little girl they had picked out together.  She grinned back, knowing neither had won the bet that evening.  Neither had looked away for even a moment.

As his wife closed her legs, pulling her dress back into place, he gently helped the girl off his lap.  Her legs were a bit shaky as he helped her up, holding her for a moment and whispering in her ear what a lovely time he’d had.  Once dressed, she dared a small glance at his wife as he led her to the door, firmly saying goodbye and sending her on her way.

With the girl gone and the two alone at last, he pulled his wife from the chair and into his waiting arms.

“Double or nothing?” he asked her, eye brow arched.

“You’re on,” she said, kissing him on the lips.  “But this time, you watch and I play.”

“Deal,” he replied, already growing hard at the idea of his wife picking up another woman.

Oh, the games they played, he thought to himself.  He was sure he’d win the next round the minute the girl they picked out began working between his wife’s legs.  His wife always closed her eyes in that moment, when a soft tongue began to caress her most feminine areas.

He would win the bet when she broke eye contact first, and after, he would reap the rewards of his victory.

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Marriage & D/s, #NSFW, 18+ only

I think that I speak for both of us, when I say that neither Daddy nor I had any real clue about what we were getting ourselves into when we said “I do” all those years ago.  We began to learn about each other, about marriage, about commitment…together, one step at a time.  For the most part, we’ve had happy years but there have been trying times as well.  Times where one or the other of us were stretched so tightly that we thought we might break, or that our marriage might break.  But, we didn’t.  We kept at it, every single day…and I am proud to say that we have a marriage built on friendship, passion, trust, and mutual respect.

When I think about the journey we have been on, the way we have exchanged power roles and incorporated Domestic Discipline (DD) and Dominance and submission (D/s) into our relationship, I realize that once again, we had no idea what we were getting into!  Just as marriage isn’t always easy, as we are learning, neither is a 24/7, D/s dynamic.  It takes a lot of hard work on both sides and there are ups and downs throughout the process.

As of late, Daddy and I have both been struggling in our new roles.  I haven’t written about it much as I wasn’t sure how to articulate what the problem was.  But, after many long conversations with Daddy and much self-reflection, we have figured out, together, what was happening…we were reverting back to our old roles, prior to D/s!  Even though Daddy was standing there with a paddle in his hand, and I was kneeling, nude before him…we were reverting back to old, unhealthy thinking patterns.  Specifically, I was beginning to resort to a very nasty habit of mine…the habit of criticizing.  While I was being critical, for the most part silently in my own mind, I was beginning to criticize everything Daddy did…especially how he was handling me and our D/s.   And, in turn, Daddy was becoming more than comfortable with me topping from the bottom again, allowing me to lead our marriage and our lives again, but then resenting me for it and withdrawing emotionally.  As a dear submissive friend taught me, I was not feeding Daddy’s Dominance and he was not feeding my submission.

This struggle went on for a few weeks before we figured it out.  After figuring out what was happening, and tired of my topping from the bottom, Daddy informed me that we were going to have a re-set session and that he was no longer going to tolerate ANY misbehavior on my part.  He warned me that he was going to be incredibly strict with me.  The scathing lecture that he then proceeded to give me brought me to tears and left me begging for a chance to be his good girl again.  He then told me that my regularly scheduled maintenance spanking was going to be much more severe than what he typically gives me as a weekly reminder.  He ordered me up out of my chair and to wait for him by the ottoman, with my skirt up and panties down.

When he returned to the living room with my cuffs, a link, and the heavy wooden paddle, I had no doubt that he meant business.  He began by placing my cuffs on each wrist and linking them together.  He told me this was because he intended to spank me longer and harder than ever before and that he didn’t want me to hurt myself by reaching back.  He bent me over the ottoman, my bare bottom under his paddle.  He commanded me to tell him who he was, to which I replied, “My Husband and my Daddy” as he has taught me.  With that said, he began to paddle me hard and fast.  He has never spanked me with such intensity and that is saying a lot as he has delivered some pretty painful spankings to my behind.  About 50 swats in (I was trying to keep count through the tears), he asked me again, “Who am I?” and I cried out that he was “my Husband and my Daddy”.  Ten more swats, same question.  Another set, same question.  After roughly 100 swats, he put his paddle down, and asked me, “and who are you?” to which I sobbed, “I am Daddy’s obedient, baby girl”.  He then asked, “Are you going to obey me this week?” to which I instantly gave a very heartfelt, “Yes, Sir!”.

What happened next was another surprise on Daddy’s end.  Typically, after a maintenance spanking, Daddy puts me in the corner for about 15 minutes to reflect on how I would like to behave throughout the week.  Instead, he brought out the punishment stool, placed my bare behind on it, leaving my cuffs linked in place.  He faced my stool toward him, and he sat down to watch an episode of his favorite show.  When he would look at me during a commercial break,  I felt completely humiliated…sitting there on my well-spanked bottom on this tiny stool, panties down, and tears streaking down my face.  I didn’t dare ask to be released from the punishment stool but kept my mouth shut and my bottom in place.

When his show ended, Daddy came to me and un-linked my cuffs.  He helped me up and into his arms.  He told me that he hated having to discipline me that way but that he wasn’t going to let either of us revert to our old ways.  He promised me that he would lead and that I would follow, and that if I didn’t, we would have a repeat of what had just transpired.  I just about melted into his arms, overwhelmed with contrition, and the beautiful submissive feeling I had toward the man.  We continued on to have a wonderful evening together, and a very nice, and might I mention, sexy, day today.

It feels that all is right in the world again.  I have no doubt that we will struggle at times as we continue to learn these new dynamics…but I also know that as long as we communicate about what is happening, and trust in one another, we will continue to experience the beautiful benefits that come along with this lifestyle.

P.S.  My “seat” of learning is very sore today!

Thank you for stopping by and happy writing 🙂

~ nora