Sir’s assignment

Greetings fellow kinksters~

This is a follow-up post to yesterday’s “The anticipation” post.  As I wrote, Sir is rather busy this week and has sent me some emails titled “Do not open until Tuesday”, “Do not open until Thursday”, etc., as he won’t be able to conduct our regularly scheduled phone calls.   His email scheduled to be opened today was driving me CRAZY with anticipation as what I could see in my inbox read,

Do not open until Tuesdaynora, I would like you to conduct an ex…

Of course, the Gmail preview cut this off mid-word…so what might “ex” spell when completed?

Some of my favorite peeps tried to help me guess at what Sir might be planning…

Gemma is crossing her fingers that Sir doesn’t want me to perform an exorcism!

Thomas is guessing it is something that I will both love AND hate….

girlieboy69 is quite certain that this whole activity has my knickers in a twist!

Grace Marie thinks Sir is a little mean for creating so much anticipation! (P.S. Grace… I called Sir a meanie once and all it earned me was a VERY sore bottom 😊 )

Franz is hoping it is some sort of examination (maybe of my lady bits?) but suggested it could be an exhumation… EEEK!

and Marie Rebel commented on how sweet and attentive it is for Sir to create these emails in advance to keep his naughty sub busy (nora agrees!).

So, what did his email say?


I want you to conduct an exercise for me.

You will remove your pants, fold them neatly, and stand in a corner with your arms crossed behind your back.

I want you to repeat your mantra, out loud, 35 times.  “I am special, I am important, I am loved.”

And when you have completed this, I want you to send me an email letting me know that you complied with my directions.

Good girl, honey. 


Still swooning, reading Sir’s words, again. 

I (obviously) obeyed, and stood in the corner, my bare bottom facing the room.  Out loud, I repeated one of the mantras that Sir gave me, “I am special, I am important, I am loved.” As I said each word… I felt happier, stronger, and more at peace.  Thank you, Sir!

Time to get back to work, but I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about the (incredibly sweet) kinkiness I was up to this morning!



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  1. That is so powerful in its simplicity. An exercise… of course. Why did no one think of it? The bare-bottom corner time creates a lovely image of sweet reflection, and your mantra is a truth that should never be forgotten. XO

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    1. Thank you, Franz! It was a wonderful exercise to complete and had me feeling very peaceful and submissive. I am surprised I didn’t think of “exercise”…it seems so obvious now! And thank you for your kind words about my mantra…I really try to keep it in mind and believe those words when things are feeling hard ❤


  2. That’s a great mantra!! I might incorporate it into my day. Randy and I are going out again this weekend. We’re going our first drinks and dinner at this new nonalcoholic bar and restaurant. So I’ll let you know how that goes.

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      1. I’m really excited a nonalcoholic bar sounds perfect and I’m a sucker for food. (One if my guy friends always says “girls are not complicated. Just feed them and tell them they’re pretty.” And he’s exactly right) And the paddle is purely experimental. He’s in the military and welds on the side as hobby. And he decided that woodworking would be fun as a transition to leather work. So paddles are all experiments for the time being.

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        1. I am so glad that things are going well for you, Grace! I didn’t even know that non-alcoholic bars were a thing, I will definitely be looking into that. I have been experimenting with different mocktails, and have found one that I really like. It is diet ginger ale, cranberry juice, and diet sprite…so yummy! Oh, and I meant to tell you…as you introduced me to Hamilton… I finally got to see the play on Broadway (in Sacramento)…it was AMAZING!!! 🙂


  3. This, of course, is very nice, but it does not quite correspond to our, and yours, expectations. After such an announcement, you are expecting some kind of bomb. And here, go stay in the corner, my girl.

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    1. I’m sorry. I am really struggling right now. I’m not sure where you are with my blog, but my Daddy is suffering major health issues now and was hospitalized over the Christmas holiday. I am sure this colored my response.


      1. I’m sorry for upsetting you. I will try to avoid such excesses in the future. I wish your Daddy a speedy recovery and take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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