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The Silent O #NSFW, 18+


Daddy whispered in my ear, his nimble fingers making me want to be anything but quiet as he slowly massaged my clit.

Right outside our bedroom door, the painters are painting away, one of them quietly singing as he works.  You see, we are in the final stages of a lengthy remodel…but my sex drive is much too high to wait until our house is contractor-free.  So when Daddy asked if there was anything his babygirl needed this morning…well, I didn’t hesitate to ask for an orgasm….despite the fact that our house is still invaded…

I’ve been a pretty good girl lately, so Daddy granted my request.

Lying there, completely nude in my Daddy’s arms, he continued to stroke me while lightly sucking on my nipple.  It was definitely hard to focus at first, as the door kept rattling and I could hear the taping and the paint sprayer.  But eventually it all faded away, and it was just Daddy and I in my mind….

I could feel it building up inside of me and my hips began to gyrate against his hand.  Soon he reached for it…my favorite toy.  A large, jelly, pink dildo that feels simply delicious when applied slowly and firmly.  Daddy began to fuck me with the toy, sliding it slowly in and out of my wet pussy, while still sucking on my nipple.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” I couldn’t help but whisper as I got near.

“Shhhh…” he whispered in my ear, nibbling on it.

And then, I exploded…my orgasm tearing through me.  In my mind, there were stars, fireworks, explosions…but, I kept it all inside.

It was a silent O, but a mighty one.

After, I asked Daddy if I could repay the favor but he only laughed and shook his head.

“There is no way I could focus right now.  Only you are naughty enough to be able to cum with those guys right out there”.

That’s me, naughty nora.

Thank you for reading! 😊

Love, nora

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For those who need a little pick me up…

Dear You (yes you!),

Never give up on yourself.  Life is going to be rough…sometimes, more often than not.  You will make mistakes, there will be money problems, health problems, relationship problems, sex problems, people vital to your happiness will die, and you will struggle with depression and/or anxiety at times.  But don’t give up.  Don’t hide yourself away.  Don’t give up fighting for what you want or how you want your life to be.  Believe in yourself.  The sun will shine again.

You may be one of millions on this planet.  But, that doesn’t make you insignificant.  We are all one of millions.  Find happiness in the joy and simplicity of being you.

That is all…it is Friday night here and the rain is falling madly from the sky…

Stay sexy and keep it real,