When one door closes…

Last year around this time, my heart felt broken.  There was a man in my life, whom I refer to as Implacable, that I met through this blog.  After a year of meaningful correspondence, he took me on as his submissive, very briefly.  Nevertheless, he meant a lot to me.  My submission to him may have only lasted a short time, but we had built a friendship that felt very significant in my life.  His wife was fully aware of me and tried to manage her jealousy surrounding his feelings for me, but in the end, she couldn’t accept me into their life.  He has a polyamorous heart, but she does not.   Long story short (it is all there, chronicled on my blog), that door was firmly shut.

The thing is…that door may have closed, but another door opened.  I will be forever grateful that Implacable and his wife said goodbye with such resolution.  Because of that event, I set out to find a Dominant who would accept my submission, and who could have me in his life. 

One year ago, in a beautiful act of serendipity, I met Sir.

I could never have imagined that an on-line/on the phone D/s dynamic could be so fulfilling…but here I am, smiling from ear to ear, as I write this to you.  Sir is smart, wise, kind, and probably most importantly for a D/s Dynamic…he is consistent.  He holds me Accountable to the goals that I set for myself, and he does so in a loving and firm way.  He has never told me he is disappointed in me, even when I misbehave, but he also never fails to follow through and Discipline me for that misbehavior.

Sir and I share a very specific kink.  I have a big need to be held to high standards, to be held accountable for my behavior.  Sir has a big need to hold someone accountable to him, to his standards, and to established rules.  We are both in agreement that the best way to hold a young lady accountable is through disciplinary spanking.  Sir rarely spanks me for any reason other than discipline (though there was a firm spanking applied to my bottom on my birthday this year 😊).

Sir and I are talking about meeting in person next year.  This is something that Daddy is on board with, though we are still working through the tough conversations…what the boundaries will be, etc.  The thought of meeting Sir…of experiencing his Dominance in person, is beyond thrilling.

While there are some very hard things happening in my life right now, I want to send a huge THANK YOU to my Sir, for this beautiful year together.  Thank you for the gift of your Dominance, Sir!  You have helped me to improve my life in so many ways.  Thank you for being YOU…a truly incredible human being.  I admire you so much, Sir.

To one door closing, and another door opening!  Happy holiday season, my kinky friends ❤



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  1. You have obviously done well in procuring a (more than) suitable Dom. He couldn’t have found a sub more submissive and willing to please (although some bottom chastisement has been required and that is not an altogether bad thing.) Lol

    Sounds like a match made in Heaven and I am happy for you. I love reading your posts btw.

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  2. It is amazing how powerful long-distance relationships can be…so glad you have been able to experience this 🔥The boundaries discussion may be a bit edgy, but I’m sure they will be very erotic too.

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  3. This is a beautiful note and one which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I marvel at the parallels in your life to my own, and in particular the similar nature of our submissive desires. The very essence of my own submission is to be held to a higher standard. The dynamic I have with Mistress is all about self-improvement, and she is in part special to me, because she is naturally strong in areas that I wish to grow in–I can so relate to your feelings on this.

    The practicalities of “virtual” spankings, however, are a logistical curiosity.

    Finally, reading this has spurred me to thank Mistress (in writing–though I have already delivered an in-person thanks filled with gratitude, loving feelings, and lot’s of tears)…you are a blessing and I wish you the most splendid end to this year.

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    1. Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful comment, my beautiful friend! I’ll admit, last year…when Sir floated the idea of Directed Spankings to me, I didn’t think they’d be all that effective (as I was used to in-person spankings from my husband). But… together, Sir and I shopped on Etsy for a paddle (actually I have two now that he has chosen…one is heavier, and one is a bit lighter). When I have earned discipline, he guides me through the spanking. He is right there with me, lecturing me over the phone, and telling me what to do (for example, he will say something like “deliver three spanks to your right sit down spot”. So in this way, he controls the spanking, the length, the intensity, and he is reacting and gauging the discipline as he listens to the sound of my voice, the intensity of my cries. Depending on the infraction, he spanks me past tears. After a spanking, he provides aftercare by having me lay down on the bed to snuggle my teddy bear, and he talks to me softly. When he feels that I have recovered, he will often send me to the corner for reflection, or, he has me sit on a hard wooden chair in the kitchen (that he calls my naughty chair) and write lines for him. Smiles. So…that is what we do with regard to discipline. He has other methods as well (using Icy Hott, plugs, etc.) but this is how he spanks me. I will assure you that it hurts and his lectures are VERY effective. And, as you were sharing in your comment…our Dynamic is completely built on him helping me to improve myself. I will be looking forward to reading what you write about Mistress. I, too, see the parallels in our dynamics. Hugs, my friend. XOXO

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      1. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me warm inside to think about how nice it is to obey, but also how nice it is that there are also people out there who also feel warm inside by cultivating obedience.

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  4. I don’t think I would ever want to meet up with a stranger I had been in contact with on line. That is a big sign of trust. I hope your husband is there as a bodyguard, and some other male friends – very big ones, as back-up.

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  5. Sometimes one door has to close before another can open. Both doors can’t be open at the same time. Love that things have fallen into place for you, Nora, and also that there is a possibility you can meet your Sir next year 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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  6. So exciting! I think genuine connection between people can transcend even distance, especially with all the mediums we have access to now for communication. Looking forward to learning more about your journey, and I hope things go well during the First Meet!

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