Spanking Dice

Today is Sunday, maintenance spanking day.  My Daddy told me that I had been a pretty good girl this week but that he knew that I needed a good cry.  Therefore, my maintenance spanking would be more like a discipline spanking.  And yikes did it HURT!  I definitely sobbed while I lay nude over the foot of the bed, my bottom raised for my spanking.  My husband started with his hand, applied the wooden hairbrush, next came the strap, and finally the dreaded 15 licks with the wooden paddle with the holes in it.  BUT, to my dismay my spanking was not over.  Out came the spanking dice that we bought from Cane-iac awhile back.  We were to each take turns rolling the dice twice, which meant four spankings…lucky me!  I was pretty nervous as we got started…

I rolled first.  Daddy required me to roll the implement dice, then the position dice, and then the number of spanks dice.  I was pretty lucky on this roll…I rolled the tawse, on all fours, two strokes.  But Daddy made them hard strokes and the tawse really stings.  Also, I hate being in the “on all fours” position.  I feel so vulnerable in this position.  Daddy took advantage of my nudity and my vulnerability…his fingers tweaked my dangling nipples and found their way between my legs while I held position until he released me.

It was Daddy’s turn to roll the dice.  I was not so lucky this time.  Daddy rolled rattan cane, lying down, twenty strokes (as pictured above).  Daddy told me to lie down, face first on the bed, bare bottom ready for my caning, while he went to our closet to get the cane.  I had never had twenty strokes with the cane and was pretty nervous.  Knowing that I had already had a pretty serious spanking, I think Daddy went easy on me with this one.  The strokes hurt, but only the last two really burned.  He made me count each stroke.

Next, I rolled again.  This time, I got the hairbrush, on all fours (again, I hate this position!), fourteen spanks.  They hurt!  My husband loves the hairbrush.  He says it works perfectly on the crease between my bottom and my thighs, which is true and is why I am so swollen there now.

Lastly, Daddy rolled the dice for my last spanking.  He rolled wooden paddle, standing up, twenty-four strokes.  I was not looking forward to this.  Daddy had me stand in front of my vanity, looking at myself in the mirror.  I could see that my face was flushed and my nipples were as hard as little pebbles. I stood, slightly bent at the waist, pushing my bottom out for my spanking.  He used the solid wooden paddle which was extremely stingy on my already well-spanked bottom.  I had to count out each stroke and by the end, I was crying again.  Daddy commented that he really enjoyed spanking me in that position with that particular paddle…so I am probably in for future paddlings in this position in front of the mirror.

As I write this post, I feel loved and am definitely one well-spanked little girl.  I will definitely be a good girl this week and do my best to please my Daddy.

Happy writing!

~ nora

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  1. Nora, We had a pair of similar dice, but have no idea where they are. For spanking games now we roll one die 3 times. First is the implement, second is the number of strokes and third is the multiplier of the second. You spanking reminds me of some of my maintenance spankings. I liked reading your account of the proceedings. Would you like to write my blog on my next maintenance spanking?

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    1. Thank you for the reply, spankedcowboy! I thought of you today when my husband got out the dice as you had mentioned dice in the past. And sure… I would love to collaborate with you on writing a blog about your maintenance spanking! Thank you for the offer 🙂


    1. It was pretty severe today, but Daddy knew I needed it. This is my first mother’s day without my mom…it’s been a hard day and the spanking was a great release. I’m not sure we have an after care ritual. After my spanking and corner time, my daddy holds me tight and tells me how much he loves me. Sometimes he’ll lotion my bottom, especially if it wasn’t a punishment spanking.

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  2. I have a feeling my Husband would like those spanking dice. We have never tried some of those positions. I don’t think I would like looking at myself in the mirror while being spanked. I bet that felt strange.

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    1. It did feel strange! I have a love/hate relationship with the spanking dice. Many of the positions leave me feeling so vulnerable. But…it sure helps me to be submissive!


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