Old-fashioned discipline- A spanking story #18+, NSFW

Jenny and John were high school sweethearts.  In a rush to get married, they were newlyweds by Fall of 1941.  Their lives together were a whirlwind of adventure…discovering sex together, learning to be husband and wife, and making plans for the future.  John signing up to go to war was NOT part of Jenny’s plans,... Continue Reading →

Where o’ where does my submission go?

Submission does not always come easy to me (giggles a little…you didn’t think I was well-behaved all the time, did you my kinky friends?).  At times, my submission fits like a well-worn glove.  The “Yes, Daddy’s” and “Yes, Sir’s” just flow off my tongue, and you’d think obedience was my first language.  Lately though, I’ve... Continue Reading →

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