College girl woes (#18+, NSFW)

Hello, my kinky friends! Just a little spanking story for your enjoyment! Thank you for reading 🙂 XOXO, nora My tummy was in knots as I stared at the large D- score scrawled across my latest history exam.  Two months ago, I would have laughed this off and gone about my merry way.  But that... Continue Reading →

Good girl, nora

I’ve been thinking about my kink a lot these days (funny, I just looked up the word “kink” in the dictionary, and it states, “bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior”...which made me giggle 😊 ).  I think interactions with various readers and fellow bloggers has prompted this pondering.  Often, adult spanking is talked about... Continue Reading →

Spanking Fiction- Professor Stokes

Paul was a graduate student at the University, studying old world literature. As a successful student, he was offered a graduate assistant position with Professor Stokes in his department and he was loving his newfound position of authority over undergraduates. In particular, he would be forever grateful that his cramped desk, where he was expected to review hundreds of essays written by said graduates, was located in one of the corners of Professor Stokes’ office. It was at this desk, observing Professor Stokes in action, where Paul learned more about authority and control than he ever would learn through classroom observation.

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