A spanking from a different perspective

Please note- Hello fellow bloggers!  I was asked by one of our peers here on WordPress to write, in my own style, about one of his maintenance spankings.  This post is about the maintenance spanking of spanked cowboy and his female-led, D/s relationship.  His accounts of his spankings can be found at Maintenance Day spankings.

spankedcowboy…thank you for this opportunity!  I had a lot of fun with this and it was challenging as a writer to write from a different perspective.  I hope I did it justice. 

Happy reading!   ~ nora

When he awoke that morning, next to his beautiful Queen, he thought to himself how lucky he was to have found a woman who brought such fulfillment to his life.  They had been living this lifestyle together for about seven years and each day was better than the last.  Though he had been in other female-led relationships, this one was truly special and he worked hard to please her by completing his chores, following her rules, satisfying her sexually, and of course, taking his punishments like a good boy.   He grinned to himself as he felt the nervous anticipation in his tummy that he typically felt on maintenance spanking day.  Using their spanking dice, he had rolled a two, which meant that today he would be the recipient of what would no doubt be a very painful maintenance spanking.

The day also happened to be Mother’s Day.  As it was his maintenance spanking day, he couldn’t help but think of some of the spankings his mother had given him growing up.  He had been a handful as a boy (and still was at times).  Unlike many households, where the mom might say something like, “You just wait until your father gets home young man”, his mom took care of business herself.  He remembered one particularly hard spanking with her hairbrush when he had sassed her too much…yikes, she had really tanned his hide that afternoon and taught him that you should always speak respectfully to females.  A lesson that had carried on into his adult life.

Back to the present…his Queen had informed him that his maintenance spanking would be at 8:30pm that evening.  He would have to wait in nervous anticipation all day, which was her plan.  She knew exactly how to keep her cowboy in-line and submissive to her will.  And oh had she planned a signature maintenance spanking for him that evening.  By the time she was finished she had no doubt that her little cowboy would be kicking and crying over her lap, all the resistance and sass spanked right out of him.

8:30pm finally rolled around and he entered their bedroom promptly.  She was sitting on the bed, waiting for him.  He was surprised that there were not any implements on the bed…perhaps he was getting off lightly this evening, which was okay with him as his last spanking had been three days ago with the wooden paddle and truthfully, he was still a little sore.  He was directed to remove his clothing, which he did quickly, hoping to please her with his obedience.

He had an inkling that this might be a much stricter spanking than he had originally thought when she ordered him into the wheel barrow position for his spanking.  This position was quite humiliating as his torso was low, supported by his hands on the floor, and his legs were spread with his Queen sitting in between his muscular thighs.  He was fully exposed to her, on display, vulnerable.  He shivered.

She began his spanking without further ado.  She warmed his backside with her strong, capable hand and in this position his bottom fully absorbed each smack.  The spanks came faster and harder.  She stopped and fondled his ass for a bit, grinning to herself that he had no idea what was coming to him.  Oh yes, she was going to teach this cowboy a lesson in submission.  She reached behind her back and took hold of the heavy wooden hairbrush she had hidden from his view.

He felt a hint of dread when suddenly her warm hand was replaced by the cool, hard surface of her mighty hairbrush.  Oh how he dreaded the hairbrush!  To most, a hairbrush was a rather innocent looking household item, but to anyone who has been on the receiving end of a hairbrush spanking…just the sight of one can send a shiver down the spine.  Lessons were truly learned during a bare bottom hairbrush spanking.  And he was about to learn one.

He already knew that his Queen was in charge, but that evening, she proved it to him once again as she repeatedly spanked his crimson ass with her hairbrush.  He felt the tears well in his eyes as his spanking continued.  At one point, she reached underneath him, taking ahold of his manhood and spreading his thighs even further so she could spank the previously un-spanked territory of his inner cheeks and his anus.  This made him sob and he struggled to hold his position, knowing that disobedience during a spanking would only earn him further punishment.  But his spanking continued.

Minutes later, she had a well and truly spanked little boy in front of her.  His body shook with his sobs, and his ass glowed crimson like a hot stove.  She allowed him to get up and kneel before her, telling him that she loved him and that she was proud of how he took his spanking.  She reminded him that she expected obedience throughout the week and that if he didn’t comply, he could expect more of the same.  He lay his head in her lap, feeling an overwhelming sense of submission towards this woman.  She was his strong, beautiful Queen.  And he was her spanked cowboy.

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6 thoughts on “A spanking from a different perspective

  1. Nora, you did a fantastic job in recreating my simple report of the spanking. I could feel the spanking all over again just reading your conception of the event. We’ll have to try this again sometime if you are willing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, spankedcowboy! I tried to stay as true to your event as I could. I had forgotten that you are required to be nude in the house at all times until I just read your other comment so I could have built that in. In any case…it was a fun “assignment”…thank you for the experience!


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