Spanking Fiction- Professor Stokes

If you find reading about a fictional young woman getting a spanking offensive, please do not read further.

To the rest of you, happy reading and thank you for stopping by!

~ Nora


Paul was a graduate student at the University, studying old world literature.  As a successful student, he was offered a graduate assistant position with Professor Stokes in his department and he was loving his newfound position of authority over undergraduates.  In particular, he would be forever grateful that his cramped desk, where he was expected to review hundreds of essays written by said graduates, was located in one of the corners of Professor Stokes’ office.  It was at this desk, observing Professor Stokes in action, where Paul learned more about authority and control than he ever would learn through classroom observation.

The first time it happened, Paul was shocked and gratified in a way he never thought possible.  He had been working his way through a stack of papers when there had been a knock on Professor’s door.  After getting the nod of approval from Professor Stokes, he opened the door to find a tearful young co-ed.  The professor waved her in but Paul could tell her was immensely irritated at being interrupted.

“Yes, what is it?” Professor Stokes asked, barely glancing up from his work.

“You said to come and see you,” she said, trembling, staring at the floor.

“And just who are you?” Professor Stokes asked.

“I’m Annabelle,” she said softly, staring at her feet.

“Oh, you are, are you?” Professor Stokes said calmly, his voice deep.  “Well, Annabelle, why don’t you tell me why you were asked to come to see me in person.”

The tone of Professor Stokes’ voice had Paul watching from over his papers.

“Well, you, you said to come and see you to discuss my essay,” she said, voice quaking.

The Professor gave her a hard stare, raising one eye brow.

She went on, nervously. “You wrote that you, that you were concerned about some of my sources.”

When she looked away, Professor Spokes addressed her sharply. “Young lady, you were told to come and see me because you falsely cited sources and submitted work that was not entirely yours, did you not?”

A single tear slid down the young co-ed’s cheek.  “Yes, Sir, that is correct”.

“You have missed several lectures this semester and then you dared to submit plagiarized work in my classroom?” The Professor stared at the squirming student hard.

“I’m so sorry, Sir.  Please don’t expel me, I will do anything.” She said earnestly.

The Professor sat back in his chair, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“Well, this is no laughing matter, Annabelle.  So I will give you a choice.  You may, one, choose to take the University punishment which is immediate expulsion from my class and permanent marks on your record.  Your parents will obviously be made aware of this situation.  Or,” he said sternly, “You can choose to be punished here in this office, by me, right now.”

The young co-ed began to shake like a leaf.  “Wh—at punishment, Sir?”

“A spanking, young lady”, the Professor said in a hard voice.  “You may choose to take a spanking right now as a punishment for your offense.  You will then be allowed to re-write your essay and continue forward in my class”.

Paul couldn’t believe his ears.  A spanking?  He felt himself grow hard just at the thought of it.

The young co-ed stood there trembling, staring at the floor.

“Well, what will it be Miss?  Don’t waste my time, please”, Professor Stokes said sternly.

“I will take the spanking,” the young girl mumbled, quietly.

“What was that?  Speak up” Professor Stokes ordered.

“Please, I’ll take the spanking”, she said, louder and more clearly.

“Alright then, young lady.  Please know that I am going to spank you quite soundly and that by the time you leave this office you will wish you had never plagiarized that essay. Now, come here,” he said as he pushed back his chair.

Annabelle walked slowly around his desk and stood timidly by his side.

“Annabelle, why are you receiving this spanking today?” Professor Stokes asked her.

“Be—ecause I cheated on my essay, Sir” she answered meekly.

“That’s right, young lady.  You cheated and now you will pay the price.  I am going to make sure that you don’t sit comfortably for a week, do you understand me?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir…I understand,” she whimpered.

“Over my knee, please,” he said, guiding her by placing his hand on the small of his back.  Soon, she was placed perfectly over his knee, head down and bottom up, ready for correction.  Paul could not believe his eyes when Professor Stokes began to lift up her dress, her panty-clad bottom was in full view.

“Please no” she whimpered.

“Quiet, young lady!” he ordered, giving her a sharp smack low on one cheek.  “You will accept the discipline that you have earned and I am certainly not going to waste my time spanking the back of your skirt.  Oh no, you will feel every lick of this punishment, I will make certain”.

And without further ado, Professor Stokes began to administer a very stern spanking.  He alternated cheeks, spanking hardest at the crease of her bottom, where her panties met her thighs.  Annabelle struggled to stay in place, crying almost immediately as the Professor continued to spank her.  Several minutes later, the Professor stopped, addressing the crying young girl over his knee.

“Are you learning your lesson, Annabelle?” he asked, one hand firm across her lower back and the other resting on her warmed bottom.

“Yes, Sir, Please, I have learned my lesson, I promise” she looked back over her shoulder, trying to rise from her position, but his left hand kept her firmly in place.

“I’m glad to hear that you are learning your lesson, Annabelle, but your spanking is far from over.  In fact, let’s get these panties down where they belong,” he said, using his right hand to lower Annabelle’s panties to mid-thigh.

Paul couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  He couldn’t take his eyes away from Annabelle’s spanked bottom, lying in wait over his Professor’s knees.

Annabelle wailed in protest as her panties were taken down, leaving a very bare, vulnerable bottom under her Professor’s stern hand.

“I hope you remember this, Annabelle”, he said as he resumed her spanking.  He spanked harder now, being sure not to miss one inch of the naughty bottom across his knee.  He was going to make sure that this little girl never thought of cheating ever again.  As he spanked, Annabelle’s bottom turned a scarlet red and she cried out in pain and regret.  Nothing existed for her other than the sting of her Professor’s hand upon her bottom.  She had certainly forgot that her punishment was being witnessed by the handsome graduate assistant in her class.  She was held firmly in place despite her kicking and squirming and nothing stopped the repeated smacking across her backside.  Soon, she lay limply across his knee in submission, absorbing every spank on her fiery behind and sobbing in true regret.

Shortly after, the Professor stopped the spanking and allowed Annabelle a moment to cry over his knee.

“I believe you are beginning to see the error in your ways, young lady”, he said has he rested his hand upon her burning cheeks.

Paul was completely absorbed in the scene before him.  He had just witnessed a very stern spanking and now there was a very contrite girl over Professor’s lap with a very red, sore bottom.  He was a bit disappointed that the spanking was over.

“However, I think we will complete your lesson now.  Stand up, please,” he ordered, helping the crying girl off his lap.

“Wha—at?” she asked, fearfully.

“We will complete your punishment now, “the Professor repeated.  “I’ve found like there is nothing that drives a lesson home better than a firm paddling on a soundly spanked bottom.  You will now lean over my desk and receive a dozen strokes with my paddle”.

Both Paul and Annabelle’s eyes went wide as the Professor pulled a wooden paddle from his top desk drawer.

Professor helped a reluctant Annabelle into position across the side of his desk.  When her upper body rested across the desk and her toes barely touched the floor, he again lifted her skirt well off her freshly spanked behind.  He adjusted her panties a bit lower, leaving more exposed thigh to be punished.

“Alright young lady,” The Professor began, raising his paddle high. “Stay in position and count out your licks.”

“Yes Sir,” she whimpered.

The first crack of the paddle on Annabelle’s bare bottom made Paul jump.  He could not take his eyes away from the scene playing out in front of him.  The Professor repeatedly brought down the heavy oak paddle repeatedly on the bare bottom in front of him, eliciting wails, sobs, and the count of each lick.

“Last one, Annabelle,” the Professor said. “I hope you have learned a lesson from this.”

Annabelle lay sobbing across the desk in wait, her crimson bottom awaiting the final lick of the paddle.


Annabelle cried out “Twelve, Sir” and sobbed and kicked her legs.  Her bottom stung like she had been stung by a million bees and she longed to rub some of the sting out.  But the Professor was not going to let that happen.

“Up you go girl,” he said, taking Annabelle by the arm and into the corner, directly across from Paul’s desk.  “Hands behind your back and hold up that skirt”.  When he was satisfied that she was displayed properly in the corner he returned to his desk.  Only briefly did he look over at Paul.  And then he winked and returned to his papers.

Paul was glad to be sitting as there was no way he could hide his erection.  He unabashedly stared at the well-spanked bottom that had been placed firmly in the corner, listening to the girl quietly sob.  And he knew that life would never be the same.

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    1. LOL…absolutely not! That’s why I love writing fiction…where naughty girls can get the spankings they need 🙂


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