Thoughts on life and domestic discipline

From my perspective, life is a journey with many ups and downs.  Sometimes, you are high on that mountain, enjoying all life has to offer, content with where you are.  And other times, you are low in the valley, wanting to escape the wind and rain at your back, with no reprieve in sight.  I am in that valley now, struggling though the grief of losing my brother a few short weeks ago, and losing my mother last summer.  Some days, it as if a dark cloud is pressing down upon me, holding me back, suffocating me.

But then, a little ray of sunshine makes its way through the clouds.  For me, this is typically in the form of my husband, coming to rescue me from my pain.  At other times, it is an unexpected flower popping up in my garden, or one of my dogs doing something ridiculously cute.  But typically, it is my husband, my Daddy, coming to help me.  My husband sees my pain and he does his best to help me through it.  We both feel that this new lifestyle, domestic discipline, has helped us immensely on this journey of life.  By living a domestic discipline relationship, he is able to guide me and provide me structure, which helps rescue me from the pain.  I’ll share a brief example.  Last night, after an especially rough day, I was lying in our bed at about seven o’clock in the evening.  I was horribly sad.  But he came in, turned on the light, and told me that he really wanted the pleasure of my company that evening and he took the blanket off of me.  I resisted… I wanted to stay right there, and be sad, and listen to sad songs on my phone (because that is so good for me).  In response to my disobedience to his request, he spanked me…just two hard slaps to my behind, but it was enough to pull me out of the fog.  I got up, joined him, and we had a very pleasant evening together.  This wouldn’t have happened in the past, before we began this journey…I would have stayed sad and lonely in bed, and he would have gone on about his evening, probably a little angry and a little lonely too.

If you are new to domestic discipline, it is not about the sex (though you may definitely experience a boost in this area!).  To me, it is about being set free from your old life, being set free from dysfunctional patterns in your relationship, being set free from undesirable qualities in yourself.  Despite the grief that I have been experiencing, I can honestly say that my marriage is the healthiest it has ever been.  And, I feel more loved by my husband than I ever have….he thinks of me, he takes care of me, he dedicates his time to me even after a long day at work.  Just as importantly, I show him more love than I ever have, I think of him, I dedicate to my time to him, and I submit to his authority which is so beneficial to both of us.

If you are considering implementing domestic discipline into your relationship (and chances are, you are considering it as you just googled “domestic discipline”), consider the vast benefits which you and your partner may experience.  It is a lot of hard work, on both sides, but it is also an incredible learning experience which brings two people closer.

Happy reading and writing, fellow bloggers!

~ nora

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  1. if it doesnt harm and works, who is to say that it is wrong? as you put it very well. you could have walloped in the pain, and that ceratinly is a valid path, but you could also find comfort in knowing you arent left to your own devices with this. you have a marred partner for worse and better, and I am very happy you have the structure and discipline to help you pull through when going gets tough! awesome blog #StrictMotivation

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  2. I agree that there are times when just staying in your bedroom and being sad is not healthy for you. I think that he was right to make you join him. I understand the grief from the loss of your brother, and I am sorry. I grieved over my dad’s passing for a little over 6 years. But I had to go on living and not let it drag me down to where I hibernated wasn’t beneficial to my attitude or my emotions. So I am happy that her got you to join him. You probably knew that you would have jopined him anyway and could have avoided the spanking, though it was only a couple smacks.

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