Oh, the waiting…

It isn’t always easy, waiting for your lover to come and take you.  I find myself here, Saturday morning, hungry for his attention, needing him, but knowing that he needs to rest.  I give him this time to sleep like one gives a gift, though I check on him occasionally…seeing his hard, masculine form lying in our bed…oh how I want to join him, but I know I must wait.  The waiting is good for me…it gives me time to consider my submission to him.  What can I do to please him today?  What can I do that will make his day just a little bit better?  What can I do to ensure that he feels confident and respected throughout the day?

I try to distract myself with other things, reading the blogs of my like-minded peers here on WordPress.  But that only serves to make me want him more as many of you are posting some very sexy writings this morning.  I long to touch myself- he hasn’t forbid this- but, I would rather save myself for him, to be used at his will when he wakes as there is nothing my Daddy loves more than morning sex on the weekends (and me too!).

And so, I will wait.  I will sit in this chair, waiting, squirming, fully nude though wrapped in a soft blanket to keep warm on this chilly morning, and wait to hear his footsteps down the hall.  I will anticipate that moment when he comes in and sees the hunger in my eyes, the passion I have for him.  I will hope that he will lead me to our marriage bed and I will do all of the things he enjoys and finds pleasing…driving him to the brink…

Oh, the waiting…

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  1. well thank you very much, now I need a cold shower too!!! Not jus for the obvious reasons. But the way you desribe your active submission, the act of finding it in yourself, to set aside your own (valid) desires and just do, in the hopes it to please Him, meaning the true, less selfish kind of submission… cold shower time it is!#StrictMotivation

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  2. Omg love this! Again it’s like you are reading thoughts of my very own and verbalizing them in such a beautiful way. Also I don’t know or talk to anybody else in d/s relationships so reading this and knowing there really are others like me out there is very much comforting 😄

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    1. Heather Anne…I am pretty new to this, and new to blogging….it is such a great forum to be able to talk to others about this lifestyle! What is your situation…are you married to your dominant?

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      1. God I wish we were Married! lol. We’re just kinda dating I guess you could say. We met about a year ago and the basis of our relationship is this d/s lifestyle but we’ve been moving slowly and since I am very new to this as well I just love reading and learning more about it any chance I get and I agree with you about blogs being a great forum for just that.

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        1. I wish you the best of luck in your relationship! My husband and I have been together for 14 years…we incorporated domestic discipline into our marriage about 3 months ago…we are like newlyweds all over again and have a much greater respect for each other. I look forward to reading your blogs!

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          1. Aww that’s so great getting to be like newlyweds again, very inspiring! I also look forward to reading more of your posts, I’ve loved every thing I’ve read so far!! I plan on getting a lot more writing done soon. It’s been hard finding time since I’ve been working a lot and I’m definitely not complaining but master has been requiring a lot of my attention lately ☺️ hehe.

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            1. Master comes first, always 🙂 But, I will look forward to hearing your thoughts when you have time to write…some of my favorite blogs that I have written were done on a hot, sore bottom. Happy writing!

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