He said yes!

As my husband and I are pretty new to domestic discipline, we are still experimenting with different implements for him to discipline me with.  He has implements that he likes because he feels they are most effective.  I have implements that I prefer, which tend to be more stingy and less “thud”.  Basically, the instruments he likes tend to leave bruises and make it hard for a misbehaving wife to sit down the next day and the instruments I prefer are stingy and leave welts on my bottom.  I don’t typically get to choose what I am spanked with…it is always Daddy’s preference.  At this stage, Daddy has spanked me with his belt, a wooden hairbrush, a stiff round leather paddle with holes in it, a rectangular wooden paddle with holes in it, a carpet beater, a cane, a switch, and the strap.  But, my naughty little self couldn’t help but wonder if there weren’t other implements we should try.  So, I asked Daddy permission today to visit our spanking implement website and he said yes!  I am to surprise him by picking out my own punishment implements.

I won’t reveal yet what I chose, as Daddy checks my blog, but I have a feeling I will be one, sore, submissive little lady (just how my Daddy likes me) after this package arrives.

If you haven’t visited their site yet, http://www.cane-iac.com/ can fulfill all of your spanking needs (well, ours at least).  This is the only implement website we have used so I can’t compare it to others, but the items are shipped out quickly, the package is discreet, and the quality of the products is amazing.  In my opinion, they have a pretty large selection.

So…what is your favorite implement to be spanked with, or for those Head of Households/Dominants reading, what do you prefer to spank a bottom with?

Happy shopping!

~ naughty nora

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  1. oooh lucky lucky!. I cant shop with caneiac, they refuse discrete shiping to My location (abroad the USA) , and I cant afford to be outed in teh village I live in a very rular and kink unfriendly community, so even though they have a superb collection of implements at fair prices, I cannot endorse their services. But, I can endorse the paddleguy and especially Miss Rose from Compassrosecreations.com ho handcrafts in excellent craftmanship especially wooden implemnts like paddles and canes to an excellence. craftmanship, discretion, fair prices, best woods, ingenious designs, one of the stores I can highly recommend, plus it supports a small American business. I personally very much prefer exotic hard wood paddles, that cut the air nicely and dont hurt My sensitive hand. 😉 #StrictMotivation

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    1. Thank you for the recommendations, strictmotivation! I will definitely check out these sites. I am looking for a site that sells a good, wooden hairbrush. We had one that I bought on Amazon, but it cracked after my husband used it a few times. It’s hard to find a brush made of solid wood and not wood veneer.

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      1. both compassrose and tehpaddleguy have hairbrushstyle paddles. I have bought the Tressa (hairbrushstyle) paddle made of rose-wood from compassrose. It is very light weight, for the Top, but a very effective paddle for any bottom. It produces a very distinct ouch; the form makes for thud and the wood for sting. A tressa in purple heart, cocobolo or other such hardwoods would not disappoint. but if you talk to Miss Rose (and do give her My best if you do) she is an expert on her products and get you exactly what you are after #StrictMotivation

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        1. Thank you! We have a hairbrush style paddle, but my Daddy likes to have a real hairbrush to take with us on trips 🙂


  2. Well Nora you appear to have experienced a considerable array of implements already, so go you!!
    I do like the ‘giddy’ approach to shopping for new implements to spank with ..made me smile!
    Best wishes to you both,

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  3. I am old school. I like the belt and the hair brush. A former girlfriend bought me a nice slick hair brush I used on her bare bottom, sometimes, 4 or 5 times a day. And I have a nice wide REAL leather belt. I like them.

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  4. The acrylic/lexan canes are very “stingy” & leave narrow welts. Ideal for a quick smacking. They are relatively inexpensive, seldom break and come in a variety of lengths. They take up a small space when traveling.

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    1. We’ve never tried an acrylic paddle and would like to…do you have experience with this? When we received our first order through Cane-iac, they included a 10 inch “cane” that was acrylic as a sampler. It’s pretty short to really use as an actual cane, but my husband did apply a few stripes to my bottom with it. It was very stingy!!!


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