Reflecting on 30 Days of D/s- Day 30

Hello fellow bloggers! I have decided to partake in the 30 Days of D/s, which I will utilize as a writing exercise, presented by John Brownstone and Kayla Lords at Loving BDSM.  As suggested by the title, this free activity explores topics surrounding D/s relationships.  I know that there are many of us in this particular circle of writers who are engaged in this writing activity at the moment, so bear with me.  I think that this will be a useful endeavor in further exploring this new lifestyle that Daddy and I have set out on.  As always, thank you for reading!


Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s – Day 30

Prompt: What is this last day about? Well, no resources, nothing to read or listen to, this is all about what you’ve discovered over the last month. Take a look back at any posts or emails you wrote, notes you took. Think back to conversations you’ve had.

  • Did you figure out anything new about yourself and your needs?
  • Do you have a plan for future D/s relationships?
  • Do you understand things that seemed confusing before?
  • Are you ready to talk to your partner, look for a partner, or move in a new direction?
  • Did you go through the program and realize that you’re already on the right track and you understood more about D/s than you thought? That’s a win, too, by the way!

Use what you’ve learned in the past month and put it all together. Write a list of what you want. Write a list of what you don’t want. Make a list of questions to ask your partner. Make a list of things you can’t wait to try or things to research more.

I find myself both proud to have faithfully completed my 30 Days of D/s journaling, yet a bit sad that this part of the journey has concluded.  These daily prompts have enriched Daddy and I’s marriage by prompting us to have discussions that we otherwise may not have had.  We’ve learned more about ourselves and each other by reflecting on assigned topics that opened our eyes to new (and exciting!) elements of D/s.  I will now address each of the following prompts:

1) Yes, I absolutely discovered new aspects about my needs and myself.  Namely, is that I long to (and I do) belong to Daddy…mind, body, and soul.  I want him to have complete authority over me and I want more than anything to give him my complete submission.  This is still a bit surprising to me, as I have never had these types of feelings in the past, but the peace and contentment that comes during my submission is incredible.

2) My only plan for a future D/s relationship is with Daddy.  I look forward to continuing to grow during this journey with him.

3) Yes, I do have a greater understanding of things that used to be confusing.  For one, I have realized that labels are not important within the context of our D/s dynamic.  Second, I have learned that Daddy and I will do things the way we want to, regardless if that differs from “norms” in this lifestyle.  Third, I’ve realized that while my feelings confused me a bit at first (I used to wonder why I needed to be dominated), that I accept my needs, and that my husband fully accepts me for who I am and that he doesn’t think any of what I desire is “strange”.

4) This one is easy…Daddy and I have great communication, and will continue to talk through everything as we move forward in this journey.

5) I feel that yes, as we went through the program we both realized that we are already on the right track…our track.  I definitely learned more about D/s and got some great ideas from those with more experience. I want to send out a big thank you to everyone who contributed to these discussions and furthering my understanding of D/s concepts.

A List of What I Want

I want to learn to fully submit to Daddy, in how I think and how I behave, at all times.

I want to experience the peace and freedom that comes from my complete submission.

I want to better learn how to anticipate Daddy’s needs.

I want to make Daddy feel loved like he has never been loved before.

I want to make Daddy feel respected like he has never been respected before.

I want to be challenged and pushed past my current limitations…emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I want to further explore various acts of being dominated, both in the bedroom and out.

I want to give Daddy mind-blowing orgasms, more powerful than he has ever experienced.

I want to experience more mind-blowing orgasms with Daddy.

I would like Daddy to continue to work on his lecturing skills as I have found that his lectures move me toward change even more so than physical discipline.

A List of What I Don’t Want

I don’t want to lose the intimacy that my husband and I have found through DD and D/s.

I don’t want to lose our D/s dynamic when I go back to work full-time.

I don’t want to disappoint Daddy by becoming lazy in my submission.

I don’t want Daddy to become lazy or less consistent in my discipline.

A List of Questions for Daddy

Is there anything I am not doing that you would like me to be doing?

Would you please continue to articulate how this new dynamic makes you feel?

A List of Things I Would Like to Try or Research

I would like to continue to further explore bondage.  Being restrained, that lack of control (coupled with my own claustrophobia), brings me to a very scary edge and I would like to further explore those feelings, that loss of control, with Daddy.

I would like to at some point, explore orgasm restraint upon Daddy’s direction.  This is something that I feel would be incredibly challenging for me but that might also offer great reward in the end.


Well…that concludes my 30 Days of D/s…thank you for reading about and participating in my journey!  It’s been a time of great learning for Daddy and I.

Happy writing 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much for you openness. I too have learned a great deal from your experience. Hoping you and your hubby the best! You are awesome double N!

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  2. Dear Nora,
    I came across your blog and the first thing I saw was the “Reflecting on 30 Days of D/s” group of posts, so I have been working through your posts under that heading. I was tempted to comment on a number of individual posts but thought I should wait until I had finished the whole group. Now I’m here, and it has been a marvellous journey.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful, articulate and comprehensive posts. I’m sure it must at times have seemed a daunting challenge to respond on a daily basis for a whole month, particularly in areas that were not directly in your experience. I admire the consistent high quality of your writing and congratulate you on being able to adroitly address each area, even when you were less familiar with the subject. You made each post so enjoyable to read. I have had to exercise some discipline of my own, not reading “just one more post” when I was required to apply myself to other tasks (such as work!).

    Apart from your eloquence and the erotic dimension to your posts, your joy in the unfolding relationship as your journey has progressed has shone through throughout as has your love and commitment to your husband. That there are such obvious smiles regardless (because?) of your tears, that this is a story of happiness, is evident in every post and that makes reading them so much more enjoyable.

    I apologise for intruding, but I wanted to express my sorrow for the loss of your mother and brother. To lose two close family members must be so devastating. It is heartening that you were able to discover a means of combating your grief and for that change to blossom into such a positive for both you and your husband.

    I note that only one comment throughout the series was inappropriate. I thought you dealt with it beautifully. I was surprised how much that inappropriate comment impacted on me, it reeally jarred me. I guess because it was so completely at odds with the tone of both your writing and the comments from others. I would compliment those others who did comment, particularly for their supportiveness and helpfulness. Normally I wouldn’t read them all, but I found the process so engaging that I did read them all!

    My apologies for the extended rave but I really wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your work. I shall now set about the task of reading your blog from the start. It is a task very much to look forward to. I thank you for sharing your intimate life with us and your husband for allowing you to do so.

    I wish you and your husband all the very best Nora. May your voyage of discovery continue to bring you both much joy.

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    1. implacableone,
      Welcome, my new friend! I want to thank you for your very thoughtful response on my 30 Days of D/s journey. I have learned much about myself along the way and had the opportunity to converse with some very fine people. Your condolences are also greatly appreciated. Those wounds still run very deep.
      You have found yourself here…immersed in a D/s blog. Might you share a bit about your own journey? Very intriguing screen name…
      Warmest regards,
      ~ nora


      1. Nora,
        Thank you for your kind reply. Though I’d be happy to be more expansive in a private email, I’m comfortable to give a brief outline of me here (turns out it’s not that brief!).

        The screen name is a variation of the nom de plume “Implacable” that I adopted for a naughty book I wrote some years ago about a fictional D/s relationship. While I have writen a few other stories, that was the only one I ever put on-line. I haven’t written anything else for years though I keep thinking I should. The basic name Implacable was already taken when I set up the gmail account, hence implacableone.

        I’m an older gent (early 60’s). I have a wonderful loving wife. We celebrated our 40th anniversary earlier this year. We live in the state of New South Wales in Australia in a charming small town. Our children are long gone to raise families of their own and we live with an adorable over-fed Labrador/Staffordshire Terrier cross dog (looks more Lab than anything else) about 10 y.o. I am close to retirement.

        I have had a life long desire to dominate a woman. I think of myself as a sadist, and unlike your husband (as per your interview in mid 2017) greatly enjoy the idea of giving phyiscal pain particularly through corporal punishment. Though the story perhaps deserves a somewhat more expansive treatment, suffice to say my wife and I do not currently engage in that sort of play, nor do we have a D/s relationship more generally, though we have had a somewhat traditional marriage where she has been a stay-at-home homemaker (and bringer up of children) and I have been the breadwinner. There are a number of reasons for this that I won’t cover here. As you can imagine, the inability to give physical expression to something that is deeply embedded in my core leads to a degree of frustration and angst for both of us. However, my commitment to my dear wife and our marriage requires that my desires must give way to the health of our relationship. It is perhaps a paradox that if steadfastness and dependability are a core requirenment of a dominant, in my case it is those very attributes that prevent the fulfilment of domination by a commitment to relationship that is not founded on a D/s principle. Thus my sadism (I wield a wicked cane and tawse in my head) is practiced on a mental level. Thus I am afraid I must be a mere member of your audience rather someone who could contribute usefully. My apologies if I have been boring.

        Given the above, you will appreciate the delight that I have found in your blog. I have found your descriptions of a journey starting out in DD which morphs into D/s entrancing and most profoundly erotic. Your story has absolutely captivated me, pushing quite a number of my buttons. I have resisted the temptation to go straight to the current posts as I have wanted to follow your journey from the outset. I am hoping that things are continuing positively for you and your husband (and your two fur babies) – I promise it is an exercise in self-discipline to not take a peep at current affairs. I have just about reached the end of 2017 and it delights me that there is so much more to come! To say that I have been gorging my inner voyeur is an undestatement. Bless you dear Nora from bringing such joy to me and to your other readers. As I have said in another comment, given that I am wildly out of step with your contemporary life, I have been trying to refrain from commenting (though failing a few times) on old posts. But a spanking in a castle eh! How absolutely delightful.

        Thank you again for being so wonderfully generous in sharing your life with us.

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        1. Implacableone,
          You are anything but boring! In fact, it has been quite some time that I have found someone as intriguing and witty to converse with. I place great value on the ability to communicate and your communications have been quite delightful! I do hope that you won’t be too disappointed as you continue to read my blog. At some point, I veered off course from “sexy spanking fun” to more “the realities of life”, which is just not as fun to read about. Somehow, many of my readers have stuck by me, which is something I will be eternally grateful for.
          If I may be so bold….perhaps we could be pen pals in a more private forum? My email is I hope to hear from you.
          Warmest regards,


  3. Nora, thank you for those kind comments. Even if the story morphs, I suspect your writing talents will continue to make the journey fascinating. Email is coming …

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    1. Implacableone,
      I believe that you are mid-day there…while we are just winding down the day here. I will look forward to receiving your email 🙂
      Take good care,


  4. Thank your Daddy for me for allowing you to explore and expose your relationship in this way. I read all 30days and I found it fascinating and informative, sometimes in ways I found quite surprising.

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