Oddly Intimate…

Oddly Intimate…

A few weeks ago, my best friend went to a professional salon and got herself waxed.  And I do mean waxed…all the hair, everywhere, gone.  I believe it is called a Brazilian.  She said it was painful but that she was incredibly smooth “down there” and that her husband loved it.  Intrigued, I pondered this for a few days.  My Daddy loves me to be completely bare in my naughty areas and I shave often to please him.  However, as any of you with experience shaving “down there” know, there can be some redness and itching and the hair grows back surprisingly quickly.

Not really wanting to go to a salon and bare all for the willing Waxologist, I decided to try a home waxing kit instead.  I read a bunch of reviews on-line and made my selection at the pharmacy. I read and re-read the directions and gave it a try…and wow!  It really worked.  Hair immediately gone and left me feeling silky smooth.  However, I began to run into problems in some of those hard to reach places.  Getting the wax strip on was easy enough, but it was challenging to pull the strip off in the opposite direction quickly enough to actually remove the hair.  This happened to be a Sunday and Daddy didn’t seem too busy…so I asked for his help.

Daddy, pleased that I wanted to please him by being completely bare for him, read the directions and instructed me to lay down on the chaise lounge in our bedroom which is in front of a large window…lots of natural light.  I was completely nude but we’ve got lots of privacy so that wasn’t an issue.  Daddy began to inspect me, moving me this way and that, spreading my legs wider with me both on my back and tummy.  I felt very much on display, slightly mortified, and pretty turned on.  And then, he began to wax me.

The sensations of being waxed by Daddy were delightful.  First, I would feel his probing fingers as he applied the warm wax strip to a sensitive area of my nether regions.  Then, he would smooth the strip down in the direction of the hair growth, fingers straying where they may.  Next, he would ask me in his sexy Daddy voice if I was ready and when I consented, he would forcefully rip the wax strip (and hair) from my skin causing a rush of pain.  And repeat…repeat…repeat…until I was a bare as a baby’s bottom.  And yes, Daddy waxed my bottom and between my cheeks as well.

This oddly intimate experience is one I would like to repeat someday.  It was sensual and something I would only want to do with Daddy…I doubt I will ever visit a professional waxing salon.  Prior to beginning this D/s journey, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to ask Daddy to help me in this way as it made me feel incredibly vulnerable…which also felt sexy.

Thank you Daddy!



29 thoughts on “Oddly Intimate…

  1. i used to use Brazilian ‘hard wax’ it was easier to work with by myself, even whilst standing on my head!! 😛

    Now I use a laser hair removal, professionally twice (which was less intimate than one might think) and I have an at home kit that Sir uses to help with those hard to reach parts! 😉

    I’m almost completely and permanently hair free!

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  2. Sir and I tried the waxing but with less success than you had. Sir’s salon was not a place to revisit often lol. I have a laser hair remover now and that is working well. I have the tria one 😊

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  3. This ia actually a fantasy of mine. My wife goes to a “waxologist” but I have always wanted to do it. BTW….like the pic choice.

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