Guest Post: All-Weather Daddy — The Cerebral Sir

Hello, my kinky friends!

I follow a good number of talented bloggers. Recently, I found the blog of the Cerebral Sir. I have been busy catching up on his blog as there are several months worth of content. But what I can tell you is this… his posts speak directly to my submissive heart. At times, I feel like he has somehow peeked right into my mind and my most private thoughts…and put it all on the page. This blog is definitely for D/s practitioners, and especially for little girls who love their Daddy Doms.

I hope you enjoy!



All-Weather Daddy — The Cerebral Sir

Do you think I don’t know? I knew before I entered the room. I knew before I saw your sunken head. I knew before I heard your voice. I knew before I came home. I knew before I woke up. Little girl, I’m your Daddy. I understand before me there were men in your life […]

All-Weather Daddy — The Cerebral Sir

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: All-Weather Daddy — The Cerebral Sir

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us. You are right, it is hot. And given my submissive heart is a kaleidoscope of genders, and sometimes I call Mistress “Daddy”, I can fit right in…

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    1. I LOVE that, my friend! I am so glad that you enjoyed his post. I have been busy catching up on his blog, but I will be back to my regular routine shortly. I need to get caught up on your blog this morning! I do hope you have a great day 🙂 XOXO

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