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Taste of my tears…

This is not the blog post that I thought I would be writing this morning.  I had hoped to introduce a great man to my readers, Implacable, the man whom I would now submit to, alongside my husband.  Notwithstanding yesterday, this week was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

After the negotiation phase, and a commitment by all parties involved to give this D/s dynamic a go (me, Daddy, him, and his wife), the real journey began with the most awkward phone call you can imagine.  A Dominant, and a hopeful submissive who was so nervous she could barely breathe (that’s me!), joining on the phone, oceans apart.  We’d been corresponding for a year as friends, and yet… hearing his voice, and his lovely wife’s voice, changed everything for me.  The second call was a bit easier (at least I found my voice this time!), but we still mostly focused on introductions and pleasantries.  The third call…that is where the magic began to happen.

Sir found his footing, I had found my voice, and we began to discuss the D/s dynamic we were entering into.  The first time he mentioned “consequences” a thrill shot through me like nothing I’ve ever felt.  Assignments were given, rules were set, consequences laid out, and he explained to me how he was less interested in disciplining me (though, if I broke the rules there definitely would have been strict discipline) and more interested in the gift of my pain.  What he meant by this was he wanted me to submit to spankings not because I had done anything wrong (in fact, he assured me that my behavior had been quite satisfactory) but because he wanted me to choose to suffer under the cane for his pleasure.  While this would be something new and foreign for me to experience, I readily agreed.  I was more than willing to follow wherever he would lead.  He explained to me that he would be emailing my husband and outlining what he would like to happen (as we live on different continents, my husband agreed to carry out any physical discipline that Implacable requested).  This session would include dressing up for him and submitting to six painful strokes with the cane.  We would then speak directly after.

I’m not entirely sure what happened after this life changing conversation.  I say life changing, at least for me, because he had already begun to change my life… I was happier, I was abiding by boundaries he put in place that were contributing to better health and wellness, I felt safe and cared for, and my need for this type of dynamic was finally being met (after a good 25 years of fantasizing about it).  But, and this is where it is still foggy for me, something happened on his end.

Yesterday, I received a message from him that he needed to speak to me and that it was urgent.  Implacable doesn’t act on a whim, so I immediately knew the moment that I read his message, that this was coming to an end.  My husband and I came inside and logged on to Zoom to meet with him.  He explained that his wife was having a difficult time with our arrangement, that she felt jealous, and that he must honor the commitment he made to her to call this off if it all became too much.  She tearfully came on the line and apologized, and hearing her voice broke my heart.  She owes me no apologies.  All four of us agreed that we would call this off immediately if it were to negatively impact either of our marriages.  I know that I tried to say something supportive, but I really can’t recall the words.  My heart was breaking as the new world we had built came crashing down around me.  And then, as quickly as he came into my life as my Dominant, he was gone.

I know what you are thinking…it had only been a week!  Stop being so dramatic.  And, you are probably right.  But this meant something to me.  Similar to many of you, I have craved this lifestyle my entire adult life in some form or another.  My husband gives me what he is capable of, which is probably more than I deserve.  But, he knows and accepts that he lacks the organization and the consistency to give me the type of dynamic that I truly long for.  My husband is great with the physical stuff….he dominates me physically in the bedroom and he gives me pain when I need it.  But he isn’t inclined to set rules and ensure that I am following them.  And, when it comes to things such as diet, exercise, laying off the booze…he has about the same amount of willpower as I do, so he can’t help me that way.  When Implacable and I met by happenstance, it seemed the appropriate solution for both parties.  We could enjoy a D/s relationship, long distance, with no hope or agenda of ever meeting in person.  We could stay true to our spouses, yet, also get our unconventional needs met.  We would not be sleeping together, hell, we wouldn’t even be discussing sex (as decided in negotiations).  His need to control another would be met, and my need to submit to his strong will would be met.  It seemed like the perfect solution.

Well, it wasn’t.

After the heartbreaking phone call, I cried a lot.  My husband held me and commiserated with me.  He promised to try harder to give me what he’d never been able to give me before, and I love him for that.  He is the sweetest man and I don’t know what I did to deserve him.  Then, I picked myself up off the floor, dried my tears, and wrote a letter to my dear friends.  I wanted Implacable and his wife to know that I hold no regrets and that, despite the outcomes, I would not change a thing.  In just three phone sessions, he changed my life for the better.

And now… I am going to do what I need to do.  I need to express the depth of my pain, and I did not do this on the phone with them, nor did I write it in the email that I sent to them.  But here it goes…I deserve to get to say my piece, no matter how unfair it might be or how immature…

The little girl inside me feels quite lost right now, Implacable.  How could you abandon me so soon?  You know that I need what you were giving me.  And now, I’ve been discarded, like I meant absolutely nothing.  Like my submission meant nothing.  I threw myself into this 100% and was willing to do whatever was required to please you…and yet, here I am…left to pick up the broken pieces without you to guide me.  You requested that I share everything…the hardest parts of myself, the humiliating parts of myself… and I did that for you.  How could you let me do that?  How did you not see this coming?  Why couldn’t you have protected us all better?  My only recourse is to hurl my pain at you, to lash out with hurtful questions, that I know you cannot answer.  And yet, I also long to come to you, on my knees, and beg you to somehow make this right and…to come back to me.  Please, show me mercy, Sir.

There, I said it.  I really don’t feel any better for it.  And, I’m sorry for my unkind, and desperate words, Sir.  Despite my pain, I know you deserve better.  I just need to feel that my pain matters too.

One thing that I know for certain is the world will right itself again.  No matter how hard I cry myself to sleep, the sun always comes up the next day.  I will let the sun shine on my life, and put myself in the hands of fate.  I will be happy in the knowledge that he did the right thing, and I cannot express enough how much I admire his integrity.  He has the sweetest wife, with whom he has shared a lifetime, and she deserves nothing less.  While I might be lost in my own pain, I recognize that hers is greater, and I can only hope that over time she will forgive the pain that my needs (and his) caused her.

I share with you this music video, called “Silent Lucidity”, by Queensryche.  It is a song that my husband introduced to me, and I must brag that it is quite possible that he sings it better that the group that performs it.  In any case, this song will always remind me of the experiences I had this week.  There is something about the sound of this song that touches me deeply.

Silent Lucidity by Queensryche 


Stay true to yourselves, my friends.

Love, nora

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Blowing you…some kisses….. 18+, NSFW

Hello, my friends!

There has been quite a bit of excitement in my world lately (this is a HUGE understatement)… the kind that causes you to lose sleep at night because your mind is a continuous, pleasurable reel, and the kind that keeps you in a constant state of arousal and anticipation.  I know, I know, Michael… I am the worst kind of tease…but I promise you, details are coming!  In fact, one of the requirements in pleasing Sir is that I begin regularly posting on my blog.

That’s right… there is now a “Sir” on scene.

If you haven’t been following, I am now officially submitting to both my husband (whom I lovingly refer to as Daddy), and a gentleman-turned friend-turned into implacable Dominant who I will refer to as Sir.

But, sorry, those are all the details you get today!  The past few days have been a whirlwind and I need just a bit of time to collect my thoughts into something coherent (but not too much time or I will be risking a sore bottom!).

What I do want to use this space for today is to give my husband the sincerest Thank You that I can offer.  Daddy…thank you for having the trust in me to allow me to engage in this dynamic.  Thank you for wanting to help me fulfill every fantasy I have ever had.  Thank you for stepping way outside your comfort zone and allowing our world to be opened up to a third party.  Thank you for everything, husband of mine.  You and only you, hold this girl’s heart.  I belong to you, forever and always.

And…please expect a blowjob of epic proportions when you return home from your trip this weekend.  I long to kneel before you and show you just how much your trust and your efforts are appreciated.



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Butterflies 18+, NSFW

If you’ve been following my blog recently, you know that Daddy and I have been giving great consideration to having me submit to a dear friend of ours.  Well, negotiations have taken place, and all parties are on board.  I will continue to submit to my husband, in and out of the bedroom.  And, I will now submit to Sir, long-distance, who will see to managing my day to day routine, my health and wellness, and my mind.  The term “micro-manage” was discussed…

You might be wondering….why?  Why submit to a second Dom when your husband is there to manage you in person?  This is the million-dollar question.  Our current answer to that is that Daddy and I both feel that his strengths lie elsewhere.  Don’t get me wrong…nobody dominates me and makes my fantasies come true like he does.  And, he delivers one heck of a spanking, whether it is at my request or because I have shown him disrespect!  However, he has neither the time (due to the stressful nature of his job which has him traveling away from home quite a bit), nor really the inclination to manage my time in such a way to keep me in a submissive mindset.  It is our hopes that through my submission to Sir, I will become a better, more submissive wife to my husband.

We are starting this journey with a one-month commitment.  Scheduling is a bit difficult as there is quite a large time difference, but we have come to an agreement on a general schedule.  Tomorrow, I will speak with my new Dominant for the first time on the phone.  The butterflies in my stomach are fluttering about at full speed.  To say that I am nervous is an understatement.  I am so worried that I will disappoint him in some way, or that I’ll come off in a manner that is displeasing or off-putting.

Wish me luck.  I have not felt this nervous about something since my first interview to become a college professor.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Stay kinky, friends!

With love,


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Negotiating submission… 18+ only, please

If you read my previous post, you know that Daddy and I are currently in negotiations with another party to share my submission.  In a nutshell, I would serve two Dominants.  I would serve my husband, first and foremost.  He will remain the only man whom I share my body with, and he would be the one to enact any discipline required by either of them.  I would also serve our Friend (I apologize that I clumsily continue to refer to him as “our Friend” but I have failed to ask him how he would prefer me to refer to him in this space as of yet.  As a sign of respect, I will capitalize the “F” in friend, until I have received further instruction).  Exactly how I would serve him, and to what extent, is currently being negotiated…but at this point, all parties involved (Daddy and I, and my Friend and his wife) are on board.

At this time, Daddy and I have sent over our initial proposal for this dynamic.  Last night, I received a letter in return, with our Friend outlining his proposal for our power exchange.  This was an eight-page document (in Word), outlining his vision for my submission.  Two of the characteristics in our Friend that I admire most is how forward thinking and thorough he is.  Honestly, my initial reaction was to be terrified!  Why in my right mind would I consider handing over control of my mind and my daily activities to a man who is so incredibly perceptive, intuitive, wicked smart, and thoroughly dominant?  Well, if you have been reading my blog for any length of time…you already know the answer to this question…

While I cannot reveal the contents of His proposal at this time, I will share this one tidbit (and hope it doesn’t earn me a spanking!).  A direct quote from His letter, “By the way, I did mention that I am a sadist, didn’t I?  Just wanted to be sure that is understood and that you know what you are asking for.”  Be honest…. all of you subs out there just got a little bit squirmy 😊

Hope all is well in your world, and I want to thank you for your continued readership!

Stay kinky, my friends 😊



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Serving two Dominants….?

For those here who know me, you know that I am crazy in love with my husband.  Our life has been no fairytale, please don’t get me wrong.  We have loved hard, we have hurt one another deeply, and we have rebuilt when necessary.  But neither of us have ever wavered for even a second in our lifetime commitment to one another.  We both try to lift the other up and support one another as we navigate this life together.

That is largely how this blog was born.  My husband committed to becoming my Dominant and I needed somewhere to share the overwhelming excitement that came with that journey!  And what a journey we have had.  Well, you’ve read my posts…we have had some fun with this 😊

It has also been challenging at times.  We have learned that while I yearn for a 24/7 dynamic that this takes an incredible amount of time and energy on the behalf of the Dominant.  This type of consistency is not always compatible with my husband’s personality and schedule.  This has led to stops and starts with our D/s and to some frustration on both sides.

But, we are not giving up!  My husband very much wants to see me satisfied and living my lifelong fantasy.  So…this is where the possibility of a second Dominant comes in…

You see, about a year ago, I met a friend through this blog.  He has been incredibly supportive of my D/s journey with my husband and has made me privy to his D/s adventures with his very lovely wife.  Both my husband and his wife know of our communication and are supportive of our friendship.  Despite the length of time that we have been corresponding, I have retained my anonymity.  It is truly a connection of two minds who share an infatuation for all that is D/s.

So…when Daddy and I came to the conclusion that we needed to come at our D/s dynamic in a different way, one of the ideas was to ask our dear friend if he may be willing to help.  I made a very respectful request to my friend and his wife that they might consider my submission, and permission was granted to send a proposal for what my husband and I have in mind.  Please note, this would be a long-distance dynamic and carried out entirely on-line.  My husband would continue to be the only man to make love to me, and to spank my naughty bottom when I deserve it.

So, there you have it!  I am waiting on pins and needles to hear back from my friend, to see if he and his wife might be willing to negotiate the terms of my submission.  I feel energized and alive.  No matter what their decision is, I am a lucky girl.

Stay kinky, friends!



Out of the darkness!

This title is intended quite literally…we have been cast out of the darkness at last!  For those unaware of the craziness happening in the state of California, Daddy and I have been without power off and on over the last four weeks.  In total, we lost power for 12 days.  Living in the mountains, that means no power AND no water.  I am grateful that by the time the third power outage hit, we were able to buy a generator to power our well, much of our kitchen, and some lights and outlets to keep electronics charged.  I know that life has been much bleaker for many of those near us, and for the poor souls dealing with evacuations from wildfires all over the state.

If you have no idea to what I am referencing (as many of you are on other continents!), a quick Google will bring you up to date on the dire state of our electrical company, PG&E.  Last year, PG&E was found responsible for faulty equipment starting a fire which killed many and burned down an entire town near us.  Now, facing bankruptcy, the company is coping with high fire danger weather (north wind events) by shutting down power all together, leaving 2 million Californians in the dark.  I do not find much joy in discussing politics, but that is the situation in a nutshell.  There is much more to the story if you should care to research this nuttiness.

In any case, I am blogging this morning to provide myself a way to organize my thoughts about Daddy and I’s D/s lifestyle…or lack there of.  We have failed miserably during this time of high stress to maintain any resemblance to the lifestyle which usually brings us much joy and peace.  You may have noted that I bolded the word “We” as this is very much a failing on both of our parts.  While I recognize that the burden of maintaining D/s lies on both of our shoulders, I feel that the failing in more mine than his, however.

In times of high stress, I become a bit like a commander.  At the time, I feel like my leadership skills are helping.  I work quickly, and efficiently, and I have little tolerance for anything that I perceive to be hindering the process.  This is not helpful to my husband.  His personality is very different and he does not respond well to this Napoleon-like leadership style (really can’t blame the guy!).  Combine the high stress situation, with his wife going all Mussolini, and he begins to deteriorate a bit.  His confidence drops, he starts making mistakes, and meanwhile…I am right there telling him everything he is doing wrong.

It pains me to write this.  I look back on my own behavior and I cringe.  I hate this part of myself.  I want to be the loving, supportive spouse that builds my husband up…instead, I am the one who tears him down during stressful times.  And obviously, this does not work well for him or our dynamic.

So…where to go from here?  I do not feel that I can ask anything of him at this moment.  I feel that the burden is on my shoulders to prove to him that I can change.  I tell him that I want him to be more dominant, but I do nothing to feed that dominance…instead, I challenge him at every turn.

To Daddy…. I am truly sorry.  Your baby girl is trying to get back on track.  I long to learn to submit to you better, to build you up, and to follow where you will lead.  I don’t know why it is so hard for me, but it is a gift that I desire to give to you.

To my readers…thank you for sticking with me!  This road to submissiveness is long and winding, at least for this girl.  I hope to be able share some naughty adventures or at least a good spanking story soon!

Happy blogging 😊




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Encouraging dominance

Hi all,

How to encourage dominance in one’s significant other is something that I have been researching for quite awhile.  Tonight, I opened WordPress to find the most articulate and well-written article that I have seen on the subject, written by one of my favorite bloggers, submissy.   This is an easy read, succinct, and intuitive.

Please visit her website to read 5 things that encourage Dominance

Happy reading, ya’all!



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52 facts about nora’s Daddy #NSFW, 18+

Hello my friends!  Daddy agreed to participate in this little game (there may have been some eye rolling)…these are 52 facts about my Dom…enjoy reading!



  1. I like seeing my baby girl’s bottom red (of course he started with this!)
  2. I love being outside
  3. I am what I am
  4. I love to BBQ
  5. I love to karaoke with my girl
  6. My favorite movie is Red Dawn (the original)
  7. The first concert that I ever went to was George Straight… ewww!
  8. I love our fur babies
  9. I like fucking my baby girl’s mouth
  10. I have a beard
  11. I love a clear night sky
  12. I am not good at looking inward
  13. I like helping people
  14. Creating this list is hard for me
  15. I used to be a wildland firefighter
  16. I love having sex in front of the fire on a rainy day
  17. I express my emotions through music
  18. I am not artistic
  19. I experienced hiking on top of a glacier and it was amazing
  20. I was invited to a fancy dinner in the middle of the forest by a Jeep Co. vice president while off roading
  21. I enjoy swimming
  22. I hate hypocrisy
  23. I love being my baby girl’s dominant
  24. I really enjoy traveling
  25. The number one travel related item on my bucket list is to step foot on all seven continents
  26. I hate drama
  27. I like beer
  28. I also like a really good scotch
  29. I love my family
  30. I despise the heat
  31. My least favorite foods are brussel sprouts, lima beans, and asparagus
  32. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  33. To me, Christmas is happiness
  34. I love the deafening silence of snow falling
  35. My favorite spanking implement to use on my baby girl is the wooden paddle. It has the best of everything.  A good sound, a good feel, and produces good redness and good pain.
  36. I love the way my baby girl takes care of our home
  37. I really miss my grandma and grandpa
  38. I like playing video games
  39. I feel most dominant when I put a plug in my baby girl’s bottom
  40. I have a dark sense of humor
  41. To me there are no jokes that are “too soon”
  42. I would like to learn to communicate better
  43. I enjoy my job
  44. I try to avoid conflict
  45. I love my girl’s eyes and her smile…her smile lights me up.  Her boobs are pretty fantastic too.
  46. I like to fuck my girl with her legs on my shoulders. Of course, there is something about doggy style that makes a man feel powerful.
  47. My favorite bands are Volbeat, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed
  48. I loved visiting Alaska
  49. I also loved England, Ireland, and Scotland
  50. I once charted a boat in Greece with my family to cruise the islands
  51. I feel that I have good work ethic
  52. To nora’s audience…I read all of her posts and all of the comments. Keep the suggestions coming


P.S.  Daddy selected the image as well!  Happy blogging 🙂


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Through porn colored glasses… #NSFW, 18+

My Daddy does not allow me to post pictures of my body here on WordPress, and believe me, he takes plenty of photos for his personal albums.  However, in an effort to protect our privacy from the unforeseen, strict rules…no pictures, no real names, etc. (you didn’t really think that my parents named me naughty nora, did you?).  I am fine with that, most of the time.  But, occasionally I see the succulent body parts of my naughty friends here on WordPress and I wish that I too could indulge in enjoying the beauty of my body publicly.  In any case…recently, my Daddy sent me a picture of a porn star (Yara Eggimann).  He remarked on how much we looked alike and how we had the same little grin in our smiles.  Honestly, he is far too kind and may need to get his glasses checked (wait, he doesn’t wear glasses!), but I appreciated the compliment and I do see what he means about the expression.  There are other pictures of her where she is truly smiling, but I used this one as it fits nicely with my D/s themed blog.

So there you go, collaredmichael!  I wish the real life me looked this perfect!  I will tell you this though…that is exactly how I wear my hair (the hair on my head, you perv!)


naughty nora

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Where pleasure meets pain #NSFW, 18+

Daddy and I had one of those rare, beautifully perfect days yesterday.  It began with our morning ritual of coffee and hot cocoa, which we lingered over till almost noon.  It was then that Daddy told me there would be no sexual escapades that afternoon…I would have be a good girl and earn this privilege.  This concept is fairly new to us (pleasure being withheld), but I did my best not to pout.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch at one of our favorite restaurants (the lobster artichoke dip is phenomenal!) and spent time at the craft store selecting a few new fall decorations.  At the end of the day, Daddy told me that I had been a very good girl and that I would get my reward in the morning.

And boy did I ever!

He ordered me to our bedroom, to strip off everything except the leather cuffs he put me to bed in, and to lay face up on our bed with my legs spread.  I obeyed, the fantasies building in my mind, until I finally heard his footsteps in the hall.

“Good girl,” he told me, running his finger from my ankle to my hip causing me to shiver from the thrill.  He spread my legs even wider and began inspecting my freshly shaved lady parts.  Recently, Daddy has re-instated the rule that I must shave myself bare twice per month, ensuring that I am well-groomed to his liking.

“Roll over unto your tummy,” he said, heading to our walk-in closet.

I complied immediately, ensuring my thighs were spread so that I was fully exposed to his advances.  He was gone for several minutes and the anticipation was stirring great desire in this little girl.

When he returned he began to immediately strike my bare behind with an implement that I couldn’t recognize.  In some ways it felt like the cane, as it was unyielding and felt rattan.  He spanked me with this implement several times eliciting my cries and lighting fire to my backside.  He set the implement in front of me and I was dismayed to see the rattan carpet beater.  This is a fierce implement if you have never had the pleasure (I say this facetiously) of suffering under its wrath…

Next, he began to lightly run the leather flogger up and down my legs, letting the leather tease out pleasure.  He paused for a moment and I feared he might return to the carpet beater, but instead, he placed a vibrator underneath me, gently pulsing against my most sensitive pleasure button.  He resumed lightly flogging my thighs and my buttocks.  Switching positions, he began to flog me in such a way that the leather strands wrapped around my bottom and down between my legs…which was quite delicious.  Though I was a bit fearful that he might start striking with more force to that sensitive area…

I began to lose myself in the pleasure when he set the flogger down and began spanking me with his bare hand again.  When he switched to the wooden paddle with holes in it, tears came to my eyes and the pain began to consume me.  Just as suddenly he was back to lightly flogging me, producing the loveliest sensations.

It was then that he picked up the strap.  He tanned my bottom a glorious shade of red before ordering me onto my back.  He moved the vibrator down towards my naughty hole as he began to expertly manipulate my clitoris with his fingers, while sucking on my nipple.  The arousal that had been escalating all morning exploded and I was launched into the abyss…where all that existed was an all-encompassing feeling of pleasure.

I must say, earning this reward was far more satisfying than simply receiving it.  Perhaps I am growing in my submission!

Happy writing, my friends!  Hope life treats you well today 😊