Turn down service

The BEST thing happened Friday night!

I was giving myself a good sugar scrub in the tub (yes…of course, I was naked…but that’s not the best part 😉 ) when Daddy came in to put his pajamas on.  I saw his face light up when he noticed that his pajamas were neatly folded and waiting for him on his side of the bed.

Like many guys, Daddy can be a bit negligent about where his pajamas end up at night.  Usually, I find them on the floor somewhere in the house…either on his side of the bed, or by the door that leads to the hot tub on the back patio. 

In any case, one day last week…instead of feeling irritated when I found his pajamas laying about… I smiled.  I thought of Daddy stripping his jammies off at the door to get a quick dip in the hot tub in before bed…and how he always crawls into bed naked with me after.  And, instead of feeling irritated, I suddenly felt deeply submissive.  I picked up his pajamas and I took great care folding them and then I placed them by his pillow on his side of the bed.

This went on for a few days before I saw his huge smile Friday night.  As he picked his pajamas up off the bed, he turned and gave me the biggest smile.

“I love that you started doing this for me baby girl,“ he said, real joy in his eyes.  “It’s like a special kind of turn down service, and it makes me feel very special inside.”

Beaming at him, I blew him a kiss.

“You are welcome, Daddy.”

It’s these sorts of moments, these occurrences that happen organically that make for an incredible connection between two people. 

And you can bet that I will take great pleasure each morning in neatly folding his pajamas for him and leaving them out on the bed. 

Come to think of it though, on the weekends I might offer him a different kind of turn down service… 😉.

Stay kinky, my friends!




PS… I love you, Daddy…here is the picture you liked ❤

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  1. This is great. We do these little things for each other. Like sometimes I’ll notice he’s still out cold. And I’ll go make breakfast. And he wakes up and goes into the kitchen. And we have breakfast together. And sometimes he’ll notice I left my documents all over my office. And hell neatly place them in a stack on my desk. It’s the little things that count.

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  2. I love finding little ways to spoil Ben – oh my! He never wears PJs, but I love pressing everything he owns. I love tidying his bathroom cabinet, arranging everything neatly in his closet and drawers, making him lunches that look appetising, charging his i-phone, just anything I can do to make life easier and more pleasant. I am not all obsessive about things like that, but the motivation purely comes from wanting to make Ben smile and know how much I love him.

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              1. I do it sometimes when I go to work. So when he gets up (in residency he had to work nights for a while) he smells me. And when I get home. We get to have sexy time!

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  3. I watched a video today that dealt with love and leadership (they do have similarities…). The fellow started with asking “When did you fall in love?” He then pointed out that it was unlikely that you could answer with a definitive moment. Rather it’s a collection of the little things that over time turn to love…such as leaving pj’s out and ready for someone. Or making them a coffee unasked and just the way they like it. Little things add up over time and one day you realize you love that person and can’t bear not to have them in your life!

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