Daddy & me

Hello, my kinky friends~

I hope that these words find you happy and healthy.  I wanted to share that Daddy’s health has been on a positive trend as of late, and we are busy taking care of all the springtime chores around our place.  There is much work to be done on this kind of acreage.  And while Daddy is still out of commission, with regard to assaulting me with his friendly weapon (that means sex, by the way 😊), we DO engage in other naughty activities.

For example, just this morning he fucked me with his thick fingers until I came all over his hand.  He had quite the proud expression on his face as he watched the pleasure course through my body.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that after twenty years this man still cares about giving me sexual pleasure…especially when his own libido is on hiatus.  Thank you, Daddy! ❤

Someday, I hope to be able to repay the favors… I will owe him big time.  There are lots of blowjobs in his future, and hopefully a threesome if we can find just the right third party.   

I wish I had more to share on the kink front… but things are pretty mellow in that department between Daddy and me.  We did play with the spanking dice recently.  I suppose it is rather naughty of me not to share that experience with you, but I’ve written about our antics with the dice in the past.  There was LOTS of spanking action, and my bottom was sore for a good while after.  I still remember the pleased look Daddy shot me when I rolled a 28, with the strap, bent over.  That was a doozy!

Other than those naughty escapades, I am trying to get in a good head space.  Unfortunately… a good deal of time, I spend feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious about the future.  Sir has been helping me in this department and I am learning a lot from him and his wisdom in how he sees the world.  I am grateful for his guidance and his patience.

I miss you, my fellow kinksters.  But I hope your libidos are running rampant and that your hearts burn hot with desire. 

Trying to keep things kinky,


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      1. I’m doing great! My baby is literally huge! I feel like every time I come home from work she’s bigger. I’m officially divorced!!! Randy and I broke up. He wanted to be base commander. And for that he needed a wife. And I’m not trying to get married any time soon. (He proposed on Valentine’s Day and I said no) But now I’m casually seeing people again which is so fun. Casually dating makes me feel so young and so hot. I’ve been one a few dates with a guy named Josh, who’s lovely and I could see the relationship going somewhere.

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        1. I am so glad to hear that things are well in your world, Grace Marie. At the age your daughter is, I bet she looks bigger each day! They grow like weeds at that age. Glad to hear all is well on the romance front as well. Hopefully Josh is a fan of giving naughty girls the spankings they need 😉 XOXO


  1. Glad to hear your Daddy is doing better! Hopefully He continues to improve and Y/ you both can resume a more adventurous lifestyle again! It’s good that your Sir is there to help you keep a level head on your shoulders also! Sending all the love and positive healing vibes to you both! 😘💞

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    1. Thank you, mystiquegirl! Great to hear from you. Someday we hope to return to the kinky lifestyle again. I still have my shenanigans with Sir, but I do miss that connection with Daddy. Hope you are well…sending you lots of love! XOXO


      1. My work schedule is finally evening out so i’m actually getting days off, i forgot what it was like to actually be able to do things and have me time! Getting some much needed help at my site was BEYOND overdue! So yes i can truly say things are going better!

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  2. SO pleased to hear this positive update on your Daddy! Keep the faith, as the Desertarata (spelling?) says, “no doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should. Strive to be happy.”
    Jean Marie

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  3. It is good that you are handling this situation with such a positive attitude. That can be difficult to do, but it is very much needed. I am hoping for the best, for you both.

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  4. It is great to hear that Daddy is on the up, let’s hope that continues.

    About finding just the right third party for a threesome – I’m sorry, but my medical insurance company will not let me fly to your side of the pond due to the risk of thromboses, from my blood condition 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    1. Ha! You really made me smile here, Prefect. While I would be perfectly happy to have a second male here to roger me good, I’m pretty sure Daddy will choose a second female for this particular threesome😘❤️

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  5. So happy you could have some intimate time like that between your Daddy and you sweet young lady..Celebrate the wins 🙌🏻🎉🔥
    As to your good Man’s healing, slow and steady wins the race along with LOTS of extra rest, it’s what got me through a brain bleed / concussion I got from an explosion in Iraq…unfortunately for Men like me ego is a real thing and I had to have people who cared for and about me just about sit on me to keep me from taking on / working too much and making myself worse off…Nothing humbles pride like a serious medical issue 🙏🏻…Slow and steady and lotsa rest and OF COURSE the Love of a good Woman like he has from you 💗

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment, Big K! And I am really sorry to hear about the brain injury that you suffered. This is a good reminder to me to show Daddy extra patience as he deals with these chronic health issues. Lot of love your way! XOXO


  6. Hello you beautiful human! What a sweet post. It is nice to hear that Daddy is on the mend and also feeling up for being so kinky. Let’s hope that this is just a smell step towards a return to a fully well life. Have a beautiful day!

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      1. Am I asking any wrong thing? Relationship between dad and daughter is very respect and I don’t think a father can do this with his daughter, Right? This is very embarrassing thing there are you wrote in your blog. I can’t believe and accept this physical relationship between father and daughter. This is my thinking. I can’t stop you. I am asking these things because you asked you story was real. I am requesting to you to do not do these things. I am 100% sure you are not a real girl because a girl never did this. Please reply me soon as possible. Told me true please. I am waiting.

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        1. Hi there! So, in the D/s lifestyle, and sometimes in vanilla relationships, there are women who call their husbands “Daddy”. My “Daddy” is not my real father, but my husband. Hope that clears things up.


  7. Dear nora, lovely news! I really do understand the frustration of lacking shenanigans due to external and health issues. Please know that you inspire naughty activitis beyond borders and oceans, thank you for that! I often visit your kinky little corner of the world to warm up body and mind for playtime, both for solo and collective joy. Hope you have a lovely Easter week! Perhaps with an Easter Birch applied to your naughty bottom?

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    1. This message gave me the biggest smile, Scandi… thank you! I am glad that my blog helps to warm up your body and mind sometimes. There is honestly no greater compliment that you could pay me. Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully Daddy and I will be back to our naughty shenanigans at some point. We are both hopeful for that. And I will certainly mention the Easter Birch! Now THAT sounds like a good time to this girl 🙂


  8. I empathize with your situation. Kitten’s libido has been dampened, time is full of kid’s school activities, work schedule conflicts, and just about everything. Makes for little to no sexy time. Rough!
    Sounds like you both are finding ways to cope and communication is key. Thank you for the example and reminder. Now to go have a conversation on wants and needs.


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