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Sizzlin’ Saturdays writing prompt #NSFW, 18+

Hello all!  Welcome back to Sizzlin’ Saturdays!  It has been quite a while since I have created one of these writing prompts. Hope you will participate and reveal some of your sexy secrets!  If you’d like to play along, feel free to address the prompt in my comments section, or steal away and use this on your own blog (though I do hope you’ll use the Sizzlin’ Saturdays clip art and leave me a comment letting me know to check out your blog) 😊

Here’s to keeping it hot! Sizzle sizzle!

Love, nora

Sizzlin’ Saturdays Writing Prompt

  1. What is the sexiest thing your partner can say to you?
  2. What is one of your soft limits…something you might like to explore, but haven’t found the courage to yet?
  3. What are your thoughts on anal sex?
  4. Describe an erotic moment that sticks out in your mind…
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52 facts about nora’s Daddy #NSFW, 18+

Hello my friends!  Daddy agreed to participate in this little game (there may have been some eye rolling)…these are 52 facts about my Dom…enjoy reading!



  1. I like seeing my baby girl’s bottom red (of course he started with this!)
  2. I love being outside
  3. I am what I am
  4. I love to BBQ
  5. I love to karaoke with my girl
  6. My favorite movie is Red Dawn (the original)
  7. The first concert that I ever went to was George Straight… ewww!
  8. I love our fur babies
  9. I like fucking my baby girl’s mouth
  10. I have a beard
  11. I love a clear night sky
  12. I am not good at looking inward
  13. I like helping people
  14. Creating this list is hard for me
  15. I used to be a wildland firefighter
  16. I love having sex in front of the fire on a rainy day
  17. I express my emotions through music
  18. I am not artistic
  19. I experienced hiking on top of a glacier and it was amazing
  20. I was invited to a fancy dinner in the middle of the forest by a Jeep Co. vice president while off roading
  21. I enjoy swimming
  22. I hate hypocrisy
  23. I love being my baby girl’s dominant
  24. I really enjoy traveling
  25. The number one travel related item on my bucket list is to step foot on all seven continents
  26. I hate drama
  27. I like beer
  28. I also like a really good scotch
  29. I love my family
  30. I despise the heat
  31. My least favorite foods are brussel sprouts, lima beans, and asparagus
  32. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  33. To me, Christmas is happiness
  34. I love the deafening silence of snow falling
  35. My favorite spanking implement to use on my baby girl is the wooden paddle. It has the best of everything.  A good sound, a good feel, and produces good redness and good pain.
  36. I love the way my baby girl takes care of our home
  37. I really miss my grandma and grandpa
  38. I like playing video games
  39. I feel most dominant when I put a plug in my baby girl’s bottom
  40. I have a dark sense of humor
  41. To me there are no jokes that are “too soon”
  42. I would like to learn to communicate better
  43. I enjoy my job
  44. I try to avoid conflict
  45. I love my girl’s eyes and her smile…her smile lights me up.  Her boobs are pretty fantastic too.
  46. I like to fuck my girl with her legs on my shoulders. Of course, there is something about doggy style that makes a man feel powerful.
  47. My favorite bands are Volbeat, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed
  48. I loved visiting Alaska
  49. I also loved England, Ireland, and Scotland
  50. I once charted a boat in Greece with my family to cruise the islands
  51. I feel that I have good work ethic
  52. To nora’s audience…I read all of her posts and all of the comments. Keep the suggestions coming


P.S.  Daddy selected the image as well!  Happy blogging 🙂


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Crash, into me… #18+, NSFW

I’m no stranger to the orgasm…but this…today….was just sheer ecstasy and I feel compelled to attempt to describe it…

After a lazy morning spent lounging in the sun and water, tanning the best parts of my body… I relaxed under the covered patio, about to enjoy my coffee and a new Nora Roberts’ I picked up recently.  I had barely begun reading, when I heard my husband come out the sliding glass door.  My senses heightened as I heard him slowly coming up behind me.  He bent over my chair, his calloused fingers slipping under the sheer black tank top that I was wearing to sunbathe in, bringing my nipples to quick attention.  As my head fell to the side with a moan, his lips found my neck…his warm breath on my skin making me tremble as his fingers manipulated great pleasure.

“Inside,” he whispered, roughly.  “Now”.

His words fed my yearning submissive side and I eagerly joined him my hands at the button of his shorts.  Somehow, we found our way down the hallway and to the bedroom, ripping off clothes like two over-eager teenagers.  When his fingers finally found that sweet, sweet spot, I purred like a kitten and lightly bit his lip, wrapping my body around his.

What happened next, is almost impossible to describe with words.  Like all of you I am sure, I am a big fan of the orgasm…whatever the type.  Some come on fast and hard, some roll over you likes waves…. but this…this one was sheer, unearthly bliss.  It came on slowly but building steadily.  My body felt like it was humming with electricity.  My mind was lost in a sea of pleasure, my wanton moans filling the space around us.  When the orgasm hit…it was all consuming.  I felt overwhelming pleasure in every cell in my body…this continuous surge through my veins, sending me right over the edge…the sensations, the colors in my mind, the wild abandonment….

After, I laid there in my husband’s arms…unable to focus, completely spent, entirely relaxed…body and mind absent of all stressors or thoughts of this world…

I was free.  It was just what I needed.

“I love you, baby girl,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Daddy, “ I somehow managed to respond, my eyes closing and the world fading to dark….

It was a fucking amazing Sunday afternoon.

Love, nora

P.S.  Hope you all had equally lovely weekends!

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This morning… #NSFW, 18+

I felt a bit shy as I lay there besides him, waiting for him to wake.  His gentle breathing, his bare shoulder…I felt myself growing wet with desire for this man, my husband…thinking about his fingers inside me.  I was suddenly startled to see that he was staring at me, his hand coming from beneath the covers to stroke my breast.

“Good morning, baby girl,” he said, softly.

“Good morning, Daddy,” I replied, blushing, my heart so full of love for this man.

And that is how our first sexual escapade since resuming our 24/7 D/s dynamic began this morning.

He began by making me edge myself in front of him.  This is something that surprisingly, we have never done.  Under his stare, I fingered my clit and used the glass rod he allowed me to play with.  In my mind, I played out a scene where a young bride receives a sound spanking from her new husband at their reception.  As I felt myself about to cum…. I forced myself to stop.  In the moment, this was incredibly difficult.   I have never edged myself before and hope not to have to do it often…talk about frustration!!!

Now, it was his turn.

Like many men, Daddy has always fantasized about me and another woman.  While neither of us actually wants to open that particular door, I thought I would try to give Daddy elements of his fantasy.  I quickly synced my phone with our Smart TV and suddenly the screen was full of two beautiful women, both desiring to suck the cock of the handsome man in front of them.

While Daddy watched the three groping, sexy bodies on the screen, I sucked Daddy’s cock.  I licked it, from base to tip, stroked it with my tongue, and sucked it like a lolly pop.  The moaning sounds from the TV only fueled my desire as I fucked Daddy’s cock with my mouth.  He lightly fisted my hair, gently controlling the rhythm of my mouth.

Suddenly, his grip in my hair tightened and he pulled my mouth from his cock.

“On your stomach,” he ordered.

I obeyed, the anticipation overwhelming me.

With great deliberation, he rose from the bed, taking the glass rod I had been playing with earlier and lubing it up.  He then set the rod down, right in front of my face and he took my phone and started a different video.  This one featured a very sexy blond who had apparently spent too much money on shoes and was in dire need of a spanking from her husband.  Over his knee she went, panties came down…

As I watched the video, Daddy fucked my bottom with the rod.  I moaned, cried out, squirmed, but he did not stop.  He whispered in my ear that I belonged to him, that he was my Daddy, and that I would obey him.  He also told me how much he loved me.  But he did not stop fucking my ass until I was almost in tears from the sensation.  Not bad tears…tears of surrender.

He rolled me over and climbed on top and he slowly and gently fucked me.  Our bodies in rhythm together felt incredible (and sweaty!).  Even with the air conditioning on, we were making quite the mess of our sheets.  I was close to climax when he stopped and rolled over on his side next to me.

“Go get your favorite toy”, he ordered.

I all but ran to our toy chest in the closet and pulled out the pink jelly toy.  I returned, laying down next to Daddy.  He slid the toy inside me, commenting on how wet I was for him.  And then he turned his attention to gently suckling my nipple as he fucked my pussy with the dildo.  He knows this is my favorite way to cum…

Not long after, I was cumming…and cumming hard.  And soon, Daddy was on top of me again, inside me, fucking me until he came.

Sated, we lay there….sweaty, a bit out of breath, but in sync.

This is what I have been needing.

I love you, Daddy.

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Day 4 of Sex & Submission, Letter “D” #NSFW 18+

Day 4 of Sex & Submission, Letter D

Picture this…I’m lying in bed besides Daddy as the sun comes up this morning.  Before I even open my eyes, I feel the sticky wetness between my thighs and I know that I have been having naughty dreams.  I look over at him and his sexy bare shoulder coming out of the covers, the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes.  Oh how I long to start suckling on his neck, my yearning form pressed against his glorious back and ass, as I reach around to fondle his…

Yep, you guessed it.

My “D” word is DICK.  Or, dick-o-licious.  Or, dick-tastic.  But for me, on this beautiful morning…it is all about the dick.

Long, hard, pink…amazing. And, ready for action.

I want to ride that dick.  I want to suck that dick. I want that dick to fuck me in every hole until I see stars and beg for mercy.

I am squirming in my seat as I write this.  I am not allowed to wake Daddy up on weekends; I am to let him wake naturally so he is well-rested.  But the moment I sense he is awake…I am going to pounce that dick….I am going to worship that dick.

Hope your Saturday morning is as lovely as I am hoping mine will be 😊

Happy reading and writing!

Love, nora

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Special Instructions #NSFW, 18+

Daddy is taking me away for the weekend, a quick get-a-way to the coast.  Earlier, as he was packing his suitcase he sent me from the room so that he could pack some naughty things to bring for us without me knowing.  I am under strict orders not to peek inside his luggage.

What in the world did he bring…?  Vibrating things? Leather restraints? Paddles, straps…perhaps the tawse?  Something for my naughty hole…

He also sent me special instructions earlier.  “You will be completely bare, everywhere.”

Yes, Daddy!

Now I am waiting patiently for him to come home so that we can begin our journey…I am smooth and bare, everywhere, as requested.  All this anticipation has me squirming in my chair!  Seeing his luggage sitting there by the door, so innocently…and yet I know that Daddy has planned an exciting, sexy weekend for us.

Hope you all have a good one!  I know I plan to 😊

Love, nora

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What a girl wants, what a girl needs #NSFW, 18++

As I sit here by the fire, pining away for my Daddy who is away on business, I started thinking about what I want.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I love what I have going on with Daddy.  Over the past year, we’ve found this new path together, a path that has brought both of us much fulfillment and a lot of sexy adventures.  But, sometimes the little girl in me just wants more!  So, here is my naughty wish list for 2018.  This list is not intended to be disrespectful toward my Daddy in any way, nor does it mean that I don’t already get these things to some degree.  But, a girl wants what a girl wants!

  1. More sex.

Who doesn’t want more sex?  Specifically, I want more penetration…in all three places.  We’ve done a lot of experimenting with toys over the last year, and trust me, that has been fun.  But, sometimes a girl just needs a good dose of her husband’s throbbing manhood inside her.  Like I said, not picky…for Daddy I will spread my legs wide, get down on my knees and open my naughty mouth, or bend over the foot of the bed and give him access to my most forbidden place.  Just penetrate me with that hard cock, please!

  1. More discipline

Sexy spankings are fun, but what I crave is being held accountable for my misbehavior.  Should I talk back to my Daddy, I should fully expect a good mouth soaping and a spanking that will leave me sore for days.  If I forget to do my workout?  A painful caning should be delivered to my bare backside, before being sent to make up that workout.  If I disrespect my husband in public?  I can only hope he will punish me with both his cock and his belt, at the same time (if this sounds appealing to you just google video “passionate spanking blowjob”.  You can thank me later).

  1. More strictness from my Daddy

Please don’t misconstrue, my Daddy is plenty strict at times.  However, I wouldn’t mind if he kicked it up a notch, especially with regard to my tone and my behavior toward him.  I want him to call me out on EVERY little thing that I do wrong.  And, no more second chances.  I’ve had almost a year to shape up.  It is time to get serious.

  1. More sex- that is just about Him

This is different than the first item.  I crave being ordered to give a random blow job…in the car, while watching television, in the bathroom at the nightclub, etc.  Sometimes, I want the sex to be just about him.  My Daddy is very much the gentleman, and more often than not, he sees to my pleasure first.  But, I desire him to fuck me from behind until he sees stars and then leave me begging for more, hot and bothered, while he relaxes after orgasm.


Damn…just re-reading my list is getting me a bit hot and bothered.  Looking forward to hearing Daddy’s reaction when he sees this post.  And again, this is not meant to be disrespectful or suggest in any way that I don’t already experience these things with my husband to some degree…I just want MORE!  The spirit of my post is intended to be playful 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy writing 🙂

Love, nora