Let me be your mirror

Hello, my friends,

Life sure has a callous edge sometimes.  This crazy ride we are on has incredible ups and downs…at times, hurtling us towards the sun where we close our eyes and savor the warmth on our faces, and at others…that feeling that we are plummeting toward the abyss, spiraling out of control.  Sometimes, even in a crowd of people, we feel lonely.  We feel “unseen”. 

I see you.  And, I hope you see me.

For this girl, blogging is about putting myself out there…my true, authentic self.  In this space, I get to connect with others without the false pretenses that society demands.  You may not know my real name (no, my parents did not name me naughty nora!), but I am hoping that you know that I have a great big heart which I wear on my sleeve, that I have an affinity for all things spanking, and that I try to meet others where they are.  I like to think I am open minded, accepting, and that I might be that “safe” on-line friend with whom you can share your naughty secrets.

This song came on the radio yesterday, as Daddy and I were driving along down the road.  He was drawn to her voice (which is amazing) and I was drawn to the message. 

If you need to hear this today…. you are an incredible being.  Let me be your mirror and reflect back to you the wonderful human that I have come to know in our interactions.  Thank you for being you.

With much love and in deep reflection,


18 thoughts on “Let me be your mirror

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  1. This is a favourite song of mine, she has such clarity and pureness to her voice, I can listen to her all day and not get bored. Thanks for this and the sentiments, they are always appreciated by this on-line friend and fellow spanking lover!
    What you mean your parents didn’t name you Naughty Nora? They should have! I can’t imagine you’ve changed much in attitude over the years, I know I haven’t! Still as naughty and unrepentant as I ever was just with more smarts these days! (I don’t get caught quite as often as I used to)
    Love you my naughty, sexy friend! You always bring a smile to my face and warm this girl’s heart with your thoughtfulness.

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    1. Thank you for this thoughtful response, Gemma! I feel such kinship to you! LOL… I have to admit, I was much better behaved as a child. I was definitely NOT naughty nora back then. But I sure enjoy being her now! But, me and you…we are two peas in a pod now! I am sure loving following your earlier posts… I have no idea how I missed those! 🙂


  2. Your name is not Naughty Nora?? What?? I have to believe you are as fabulous in person as you are here. This affords is an unrestrained environment to exercise those muscles we choose to restrain normally. It would be outstanding to know you in real life, but I can satisfy myself with the chats we have here. Let me know.

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  3. Nora- your true authentic self is beautiful, naughty, and so supportive. You are a pillar of this blogging community and it makes me feel better that you are in it. When I leave my house I panickly pat my pockets making sure keys, wallet, and phone are there. When I come to blog it is the same thing. I pat myself to make sure you are there. Probably a terrible analogy but it’s what came to my mind. You are that important. Thank you for your voice in your story and in your comments.

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    1. Smiles at you. That is the best compliment, Matt….thank you! I love the little blogging community we have here and I hope you know that I always check to see you if you have posted too. I am really enjoying following your journey. I admire your ability to deeply self-reflect on where you have been and where you are going. Proud to be able to call you a friend 🙂

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    1. No, thank you, Marie! I have been greatly enjoying your blog and really value your comments on my work. I am glad you enjoyed the song! It was new to me and it felt like it needed to be shared 🙂


  4. Anonymity can be an irony, in that we share more of the real us than if we were face-to-face. I don’t doubt this blog is your true, authentic self. That person shines here so beautifully.

    I love that song – the music, the lyrics, the voice. I hadn’t heard it before.

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    1. Thank you, franzcoughka! I do strive to be my authentic (naughty) self here with my readers and I am glad that is coming through. I am also glad to hear you enjoyed the song… she has such a strong voice!!! Have a wonderful day, my friend 🙂

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  5. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring post Nora! Finding your blog has helped me know I’m not alone. And it is obvious that you have a huge heart! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

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