Time with my thoughts

These last few days have been a peaceful break from the chaos that has consumed my life as of late.  I am momentarily in between big projects and find myself able to just breathe and sit awhile.  This gives me the time and space to reflect on where I am, who I am, and what I want for the future. 

As a couple, Daddy and I are strong.  We are both a bit worn out from all the home improvement projects we’ve undertaken but for the most part, we have been working well together.  I have been doing my best to speak to him respectfully but tend to fall short of this goal when I am feeling stressed or pressured for time.  Our DD has greatly subsided.  We haven’t done a maintenance session in a few weeks and I am having trouble recalling the last time he gave me a good spanking.  I know that this is part of the normal rhythm of power exchange dynamics, waxing and waning, but I feel that we can do better.  Yes, we have a lot going on at the moment, but we’ve been making time for sex…we can make time for our DD too, we just have to be more conscientious of it. 

But there is something else.  You all know that Daddy was fully on board with me exploring a D/s dynamic with another.  He was involved at every turn and we continue to talk through everything.  Sometimes I worry though that me having a power exchange dynamic with another man is too hard on him.  Daddy says he is okay.  He tells me that the discomfort he experiences around my dynamic with Sir is manageable and that if it ever becomes too much that he will be honest with me.  I know I need to trust in him to communicate his feelings, but as his wife… I do worry extensively about his well being.  Daddy means everything to me…he is my husband, my life partner, my best friend, and my lover.  He is my past, present, and future.  This gift he is giving me…allowing me to explore my submission with another dominant person…is profound.  I can only hope that me getting my needs met in this very unconventional way doesn’t cause him too much emotional turmoil.  But what is too much…how do I measure that? 

Meanwhile, my Dynamic with Sir is on a temporary hold, if you will.  He is traveling and together, we decided it might be easier to suspend our Dynamic, as we are unable to correspond in real time (only emails).  Sir has been very sweet and consistent about sending emails, but I am finding the lack of structure and guidance from him to be something I greatly miss. I am still required to follow my health and safety rules, but everything else is on hiatus.  I imagine we will pick up where we left off when he returns, but for now…all’s quiet on the D/s front.

So there you have it….one naughty girl, two Doms, and a whole lot of nothing going on in the submission department at the moment!  This girl really needs a spanking….



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  1. I hope you get it soon! I ask for one when I’m feeling that way. And Sir is always willing to oblige.

    I feel that way when Sir tells me he’s OK when I play with someone else. I have limits and boundaries that don’t get crossed. There hasn’t been much opportunities to play with others, with Covid, but on the occasions I have, and even just thinking about it happening, all those doubts and worry you express here I also feel. Even though he always assures me he will be ok with it.

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    1. Hi Miss D! I probably should just ask Daddy for one. Of course, he will see this post and read the responses (Hi Daddy!)…and I am guessing that a sore bottom will be in my near future. Thank you for sharing about the feelings you experience when Sir allows you to play with another. These are complicated emotions but I am trying not to overthink it and take my husband at his word (which is that he is okay with everything). I am really glad to know that I am not alone in this struggle. Thank you, Miss D 🙂

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  2. It’s probably not bad to have a break once in awhile. When the D/s dynamics fall back in line, everyone should be even more energized. I like the picture of the naked girl in a peaceful moment enjoying the scenery out her window. She may be thinking of the spanking she has coming in her very near future. 🙂

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    1. I am sure you are right, my friend. A short break gives everyone a chance to recoup. With how busy we’ve been lately, it has freed my mind up to not be considering my submission at every turn. I do miss the release of a spanking though….and I agree, the girl in the window is definitely pondering that….

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  3. Girl same on the needing a spanking part. My life is pretty quiet too. My boss won’t let me take on any big cases this close to having the baby (Contrary to what you see in the movies court cases drag on and on) My family has been in and out of my house which has been great. My brother, Grayson, and I don’t see each other much so this time together without all of the stress of the rest of the family has been great. My cousin Lindsey and her husband Corbitt are coming on Saturday which is going to be lovely. They’re helping me with the nursery. I’m sitting on my back porch enjoying the dark and my tea with my dog on my lap and my brother sitting next to me. And I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

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    1. I am really glad to hear that you are feeling happy, Grace Marie. It sounds like your family has been incredibly supportive during this time. While I am sorry to hear that your boss doesn’t want you taking on any big cases right now, it sounds like that is probably best for you and the baby… I imagine the end of July will come very quickly (that is when you are due, yes?). As always, thank you for your readership…it means so much ❤

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  4. I can totally understand as a wife you worry about your husband, and in this it is the best to trust him when he says he’s okay, and he will tell you when it’s not. He’s a generous man to allow you to be in the D/s dynamic. Good to see you have a bit of breathing space in between busy times 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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    1. He IS incredibly generous! Sometimes it just blows me away what he is willing to endure for my happiness. I am so blessed to be married to such a man. And…you are right…it is good to have a bit of a breather…things have been intense (in a good way) and it is nice to have a bit of space to self-reflect. Thinking of you and Master T and hoping you are both well ❤

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  5. You have an amazing Husband/Daddy I’m sure he will oblige you whatever it is you need. But I so get it, I wish I could find someone, even a professional to spank me. I want to be purged of everything and I think a good spanking could help. I’m sure once thigs get back to normal you’re going to miss this down time just a little lol

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  6. I believe Daddy reads your blog, so I’m sure you’ll have a sore bottom soon! If you don’t already since this was posted 2 days ago 😉

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  7. I really believe your Daddy is not fine with Sir’s influence over you. Or even with your need to be with someone else as you do say Daddy is the love of your life. The thing is… I believe you’re not fine with this situation as well and that’s why you’re feeling like this. In my humble opinion, you’re feeling guilty and also lacking the guts to admit that having sir in your life was (and I believe it is) a huge mistake.
    Sorry if I talked too much, but I had to be honest.

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    1. Hi Posh! I always appreciate honesty and thank you for sharing. Daddy IS definitely the love of my life and always will be. While I don’t feel like I am repressing any feelings of guilt, I readily admit these are complicated emotions. I will tell you that I will never see Sir as a mistake as he has positively impacted my life in so many ways. But, if Daddy ever indicates this is too much for him, I would have to end things with him. Daddy and I had a long talk the other night and he assured me he is very much on board with me getting my needs met in this way. Thank you for commenting and I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your readership🙂

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  8. I love your very honest reflections of what is going on in your life. I think that a lot of people can probably echo the sentiments of wanting things to get back to some sort of normal, or whatever our new normal is. Here is hoping that you can cope without the more direct, hands on discipline of your other Sir and that you also make time with your husband, ie. Daddy to discipline you or maybe even a maintenance spanking when necessary.

    As someone who is so curious and maybe even a bit envious of your relationships with dominants, I can understand your desire to make more time for it in your life. As you said, it isn’t always about finding time, sometimes it is just about making time and making it a priority. I know work, family, bills and other life responsibilities are super important as well. But our mental well being is also of great importance and when we aren’t getting our needs met in terms of spanking, we can find ourselves of balance. As someone who doesn’t have a significant other to play with or even a professional disciplinarian in my life for that matter, I can confess to having a bit of a hole in my life in regards to those desires. A hole I will hopefully be able to remedy sooner rather than later.

    Always enjoy reading your posts Nora!! Go talk to your husband/Daddy and get that spanking you desire and need!!

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    1. Hello, my friend! It is wonderful to see you here in this space. I promise to get over to see what you are up to soon on your new site. It sounds like you are very interested in meeting a dominant woman. May I make a suggestion? There is a website, that you can use for free, intended for spanking enthusiast. Perhaps you are already familiar with it…Spanko.net. It is a great place to meet others who enjoy talking about spanking, and there are lots of people there looking to meet other spanking enthusiasts (for face-to-face relationships and for on-line dynamics like I have with my Sir). I hope this is helpful! I would love to see you enjoying some spanking experiences 🙂

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      1. We’re good. But WordPress kicked me off today. I have two weeks to find another host and download/recover my stuff. They were pretty nasty.


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