An unexpected surprise!

Daddy and I were watching the series Godless on Netflix last night.  If you haven’t watched it yet, it is set in the 1880’s American West and incorporates all that that entails…gun fighters, whores, and hard living.  As a self-proclaimed spanko, I got the most unexpected, pleasant surprise when suddenly on our large screen before us, a young lady (probably late teens, if not older) was getting a pretty good whipping from her Daddy for being a little flirt with the town deputy.  The spanking was non-consensual, performed on the bare bottom, and included quite a few shots of the young lady in question crying her eyes out as her Daddy soundly spanked her.

Now obviously, I am not condoning the spanking of children, though this was commonplace and accepted in this era.  But, the idea of non-consensual spanking in theory (fantasy), is a huge turn on for me.  One of the elements in the scene that I found so arousing was her submission.  Though she was crying loudly in protest, she didn’t dare get up off the table or try to protect her bottom with her hands.  She sobbed like a baby, but she took every lick her Daddy dished out to her.  It was hard to tell what the spanking implement was, but it looked like some kind of small whip.

That is all…if this isn’t your cup of tea, please don’t watch it.  But…if you are a die hard spanko like me, please enjoy!  And, consider following The Woodshed Writer here on WordPress for more stories about young ladies getting whippings for misbehavior.

Oh…and please share your favorite spanking scenes from books or movies!  Always fun to make new discoveries 🙂

Happy reading and writing, you all!

Love, nora

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    1. I was on the fence during the first two episodes, but was hooked by the third. That is when the characters started becoming meaningful to me. The spanking scene is in the 4th episode if you continue watching 🙂

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      1. Ah. I’ve only watched the first two. My wife wanted to watch it the other day and I said I wasn’t too interested. She hasn’t seen any episodes yet and the thought of rewatching wasn’t appealing.

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        1. I can see that. I wasn’t really interested at first either…kinda slow. Have you two watched Justified? That was probably one of our all time favorite Netflix’s shows. What are your favorites? Always looking for new recommendations 🙂

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              1. It was my wife’s suggestion—I wasn’t interested but she had a friend at work tell her it was fabulous. So we watched and we were both hooked at the first episode.

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  1. Oh yes. Her father was a Buffalo Soldier. I am assuming he used a riding crop. I remember the scene because she submitting to the beating without disclosing her lover was just out of sight in the bushes. Meanwhile her lover, and wanna be gunslinger, watch rubbing the handle of his six shooter. I watch the scene and actually thought of your post and my understanding of submission. I was struck by the fact she was willing to accept the beating to protect her lover, but wondered if her on looking lover understood what she was doing. It is a very impactful, multilayered scene.

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            1. Well, in this case we are talking about a misbehaving daughter and her strict father…so her submission is most likely not a choice. But, I think submission is beautiful when it is given freely between lovers 🙂

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                1. I don’t believe that they are actually lovers at this point in the show, though they did share a kiss 🙂 But, back in those times, a young lady was not allowed to go around kissing boys and her Daddy saw to it that she was soundly punished.

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