The World’s a Better Place

Good day, my WordPress friends!

There is a song in my heart this morning and I cannot resist the urge to thank those who put it there.  As of late, this girl has been re-discovering her sparkle and is experiencing a lightness in her heart where darkness once reigned.  I feel so happy, so cherished, and so motivated to live this life fully.  As I know that the sunshine cannot last forever, I will bask in its glow today, contenting myself with the joy and gratitude that I feel.  This is a turning point in my life, my dear readers.  Where fear of loss once ruled, my Warrior Heart now seeks to connect with all this Universe has to offer.

There is a smile on my lips and submission in my heart ❤

And so, I offer my gratitude,

To my readers~  Thank you for your continued support, my friends!  Your readership, your comments, your “likes”, all contribute toward the motivation this girl feels to write and express herself creatively.  Many of us have been friends for years and we continue to show mutual support on our respective journeys.  And to my newer friends and followers… you are such a blessing in my life!

To my Daddy~  I love you, my dear husband.  We both have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to share this life and to support one another.  You are my rock.  I promise to always lean into your support and your love in the harder times, and to laugh loudly and smile with you in the better times.  I have never known a love like yours and I will always respect and cherish our bond.  I am forever yours.  I love you, Daddy. 

To my sweet lady~ You have helped restore joy to my heart, and the friendship we share is like no other that I have ever known.  Thank you for letting me in, for taking my hand, and for sharing in this journey with me.  You have allowed me to be vulnerable and you have encouraged my strength.  I stand by my assertion that I have so much to learn from you, my sweetest friend.

And, finally…to Implacable~ You found the light in me that I couldn’t find.  Your friendship, and your steady guidance, led me out of the darkness which was my world.  The time you have dedicated to my well being and restoration leaves me in awe, and I know that there is no other like you.  This girl will be forever grateful for your presence in her life.

I dedicate this song to all of you!  May it bring joy and peace to your heart as you go about your day.

With love,


10 thoughts on “The World’s a Better Place

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  1. Dear Nora,

    Thank you for your beautiful words. They have truly touched me and I am overwhelmed with the joy and friendship you have brought into my heart. It is I who should be thanking you my friend. To be able to share such deep feelings and secrets is the meaning of true friendship.

    I am so absolutely delighted that our paths have crossed and are now entwined as we walk this journey together.

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    1. Her Ladyship,
      It is I that am overwhelmed, my sweet lady. I’ve never known friendship like ours where I felt truly accepted, with no judgment.
      I read this quote this morning… “A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself”…you have given me this gift and I only hope that I given it in return.

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  2. My dear friend,
    If I found the light in you, it was because that light was there to be found. It is so generous and kind of you to credit me as you have, but please know that Her Ladyship and I are in awe of you, your wonderful creativity, the love and generosity of spirit that you share with us and the steadfast friendship you display in all weathers.

    The Rachael Platten song is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us. And thank you also for the marvellous picture – you always have such sensational taste in the pictures you choose, it is a real skill. The sense of complete enjoyment of nature and the innocense is so evocative allowing true beauty to shine through.

    Bless you dear angel, 🦡🥰😘

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    1. Implacable,
      Meeting you was the beginning of a turning point in my life. Yes…the light was always there inside me, but I was lost in the darkness. And suddenly…there was this hand, reaching out, reminding me that there was so much more.
      In everything I do, I want to make you proud. Your opinion of me matters to me greatly. Thank you for being my friend, and my unofficial mentor.
      Forever grateful,
      PS. You are most welcome for the song and the picture…I aim to please😉😘💋

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    1. Thank you, my beautiful friend with the beautiful name! I am so glad that we met here in this space and can share our stories together. I have no doubt that we both have warrior hearts. You are one special lady, Gem! XOXO ~ Nora ❤

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