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52 facts about nora’s Daddy #NSFW, 18+

Hello my friends!  Daddy agreed to participate in this little game (there may have been some eye rolling)…these are 52 facts about my Dom…enjoy reading!



  1. I like seeing my baby girl’s bottom red (of course he started with this!)
  2. I love being outside
  3. I am what I am
  4. I love to BBQ
  5. I love to karaoke with my girl
  6. My favorite movie is Red Dawn (the original)
  7. The first concert that I ever went to was George Straight… ewww!
  8. I love our fur babies
  9. I like fucking my baby girl’s mouth
  10. I have a beard
  11. I love a clear night sky
  12. I am not good at looking inward
  13. I like helping people
  14. Creating this list is hard for me
  15. I used to be a wildland firefighter
  16. I love having sex in front of the fire on a rainy day
  17. I express my emotions through music
  18. I am not artistic
  19. I experienced hiking on top of a glacier and it was amazing
  20. I was invited to a fancy dinner in the middle of the forest by a Jeep Co. vice president while off roading
  21. I enjoy swimming
  22. I hate hypocrisy
  23. I love being my baby girl’s dominant
  24. I really enjoy traveling
  25. The number one travel related item on my bucket list is to step foot on all seven continents
  26. I hate drama
  27. I like beer
  28. I also like a really good scotch
  29. I love my family
  30. I despise the heat
  31. My least favorite foods are brussel sprouts, lima beans, and asparagus
  32. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  33. To me, Christmas is happiness
  34. I love the deafening silence of snow falling
  35. My favorite spanking implement to use on my baby girl is the wooden paddle. It has the best of everything.  A good sound, a good feel, and produces good redness and good pain.
  36. I love the way my baby girl takes care of our home
  37. I really miss my grandma and grandpa
  38. I like playing video games
  39. I feel most dominant when I put a plug in my baby girl’s bottom
  40. I have a dark sense of humor
  41. To me there are no jokes that are “too soon”
  42. I would like to learn to communicate better
  43. I enjoy my job
  44. I try to avoid conflict
  45. I love my girl’s eyes and her smile…her smile lights me up.  Her boobs are pretty fantastic too.
  46. I like to fuck my girl with her legs on my shoulders. Of course, there is something about doggy style that makes a man feel powerful.
  47. My favorite bands are Volbeat, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed
  48. I loved visiting Alaska
  49. I also loved England, Ireland, and Scotland
  50. I once charted a boat in Greece with my family to cruise the islands
  51. I feel that I have good work ethic
  52. To nora’s audience…I read all of her posts and all of the comments. Keep the suggestions coming


P.S.  Daddy selected the image as well!  Happy blogging 🙂


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Through porn colored glasses… #NSFW, 18+

My Daddy does not allow me to post pictures of my body here on WordPress, and believe me, he takes plenty of photos for his personal albums.  However, in an effort to protect our privacy from the unforeseen, strict rules…no pictures, no real names, etc. (you didn’t really think that my parents named me naughty nora, did you?).  I am fine with that, most of the time.  But, occasionally I see the succulent body parts of my naughty friends here on WordPress and I wish that I too could indulge in enjoying the beauty of my body publicly.  In any case…recently, my Daddy sent me a picture of a porn star (Yara Eggimann).  He remarked on how much we looked alike and how we had the same little grin in our smiles.  Honestly, he is far too kind and may need to get his glasses checked (wait, he doesn’t wear glasses!), but I appreciated the compliment and I do see what he means about the expression.  There are other pictures of her where she is truly smiling, but I used this one as it fits nicely with my D/s themed blog.

So there you go, collaredmichael!  I wish the real life me looked this perfect!  I will tell you this though…that is exactly how I wear my hair (the hair on my head, you perv!)


naughty nora

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Favorite position? #NSFW, 18+

What is your favorite spanking position?

Personally, it is hard to commit to just one as there are so many delicious ways that a naughty submissive can be positioned for discipline.  Pictured above is one of my many favorites.  I love that sense of humility when you are ordered face down over a piece of furniture, with your bare bottom raised behind you, ready for a thrashing.  Knowing that you are very much “on display” to your disciplinarian….

Happy Sunday, my friends!  Would love to hear about your favorite position 😊

Love, nora

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Who am I?

I am intelligent, hardworking, capable…

But, I am also sometimes a bit of an airhead, lazy, and incredibly needy.

I am level-headed, kind, and empathetic…

And yet, sometimes I make poor decisions, am mean-spirited, and cold.

I can be incredibly insightful as to my own feelings, thoughts, emotions,

and yet, sometimes I lose sight of the forest for the trees.

I desire to be unlocked from the chains of grief and depression,

only to feel the weight of the chains you restrain me to the bed with.

I am beautiful in your eyes,

But like many, see a different image in the mirror.

I long to experience peace in my emotions,

and yet, I let chaos in time and again.

I long to be free,

yet more than anything, I want to submit to your control.

All these descriptors, all accurate to some degree,

But yet, I find myself still asking, is that really me?

Who am I?


Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Love, nora