College girl woes (#18+, NSFW)

Hello, my kinky friends! Just a little spanking story for your enjoyment! Thank you for reading 🙂 XOXO, nora My tummy was in knots as I stared at the large D- score scrawled across my latest history exam.  Two months ago, I would have laughed this off and gone about my merry way.  But that... Continue Reading →

The Spanking Machine- fiction, 18+ NSFW

Hello, my naughty friends, This story is a bit unlike the spanking stories you are used to seeing from me.  Typically, I keep things rather light and simple...focusing on the most important parts... a naughty girl receiving a well-earned spanking for her misbehavior!  Well, there is a naughty girl in this story, and of course,... Continue Reading →

Old-fashioned discipline- A spanking story #18+, NSFW

Jenny and John were high school sweethearts.  In a rush to get married, they were newlyweds by Fall of 1941.  Their lives together were a whirlwind of adventure…discovering sex together, learning to be husband and wife, and making plans for the future.  John signing up to go to war was NOT part of Jenny’s plans,... Continue Reading →

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