His discipline (#NSFW, 18+, spanking fiction)

Sunlight poured into the bedroom through the partly open blinds, bathing her skin in golden beams.  She knelt at his bedside, waiting as patiently as she could…but she ached to feel his hands on her as she kneeled.  Head bowed and thighs parted as he had taught her, she waited, anticipation dancing over her bare... Continue Reading →

The Spanking Machine- fiction, 18+ NSFW

Hello, my naughty friends, This story is a bit unlike the spanking stories you are used to seeing from me.  Typically, I keep things rather light and simple...focusing on the most important parts... a naughty girl receiving a well-earned spanking for her misbehavior!  Well, there is a naughty girl in this story, and of course,... Continue Reading →

A lesson to be learned #18+, NSFW

A bit of spanking fiction, for your enjoyment 🙂 “Okay, goodbye, Sarah.  Hopefully I’ll be in tomorrow.” Fresh from the shower, Ted only heard the last bit of conversation as his girlfriend hung up the phone. “You aren’t going into work today, honey?” he asked, his frame filling the bathroom door, one eyebrow raised. Cindy... Continue Reading →

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