Mantras & Self-growth

Hello, my kinky friends~ Some time ago, I had a very special mantra that was written for me by special friends.  When they went out of my life, I tossed the mantra out too (in this case, the baby did need to be thrown out with the bath water).  Eight months later, I find myself... Continue Reading →

I am me

At times, I am sugar and spice and everything nice…what a good girl should be.  At other times, I am a hurricane, hurtling through your life, casting my emotional turmoil this way and that, hell bent on self-destruction.  Self-reflection typically blows in after the storm has settled, attempting to soothe away the damages.  The only... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Submission- Day 2

Learning submission has been greatly challenging for me but also greatly rewarding in many ways. My husband is the only person that I truly submit to, and he expects my submission both in and out of the bedroom, 24/7. As a couple, D/s is fairly new to us, but we have found that both of us are much happier in more traditional male and female roles.

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